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Do you ever get a random idea at the strangest time? Well I do! (I am someone who’s brain never stops working; it is always coming up with new ideas, especially about decorating and new things I can do in the house.) It was the middle of winter on a cold night. Dave and I were snuggled on the couch binging a Netflix documentary about serial killers. It was a really interesting show but somehow my mind started wandering and bam! I jumped up off the couch with an amazing idea. I knew what I wanted to do with the pantry! (Insert Dave’s eye roll and saying what is it now.) I had been trying to think of ways for us to utilize our pantry better. It is a very small space, never functioned properly, and was always filling up with junk. Once the episode of the documentary ended, I explained to Dave what I wanted to do, and I am pretty sure he rolled his eyes again.

Here are the (extremely embarrassing) before photos of the pantry:

Whenever I get ideas on updating a space, I typically start thinking about the big things I want to update or install first (i.e. cabinets, furniture, lighting) and then start working from there. Sometimes there might be a particular item I want to design a space around. For the pantry, I knew I wanted to make it a butlers pantry. This meant adding a countertop and cabinets.

The first step in transforming this space was painting. This room had not been painted in 10 years! I decided to paint the walls and trim Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I love this color by Sherwin Williams as it does not have gray tones and is a true white. I thought white walls would be pretty and cozy in this room due to its small size.

We picked out white shaker style cabinets from Lowes. Since this is a hidden space, I did not want to spend a lot on cabinets. We went with a shaker style, middle grade wood cabinet, with automatic closing doors and drawer. I do think if I was installing cabinets in a kitchen, I would go a higher grade cabinet, but these work fine for this room. For the top cabinet we ordered a taller one so that it would go all the way to the ceiling for added storage. We chose a butchers block for the countertop to add some warmth to the small room. I was worried adding a stone countertop would make the room feel cold with the white walls and white cabinets. Another layer of warmth is the gold cabinet drawer pulls and knobs. I found those at Battlecreek Hardware, which has amazing cabinet hardware at very affordable prices {cabinet hardware can be very pricey}. The upper cabinets are used for storing our wedding china {which I have to say is one thing I still like from 17 years ago!}, the lower cabinets are used for storing waters and paper towels, and the drawer is being designated as the “junk drawer”. I bought bamboo organizers to help organize the junk drawer along with a battery organizer both of which were bought on Amazon. We constantly have random batteries in the drawer so it nice to have them all in one contained spot.

For the lighting of this space, I wanted a vintage looking chandelier, without the vintage price. I found the chandelier for this space at Wayfair. I love that the light adds a layer of elegance to such a small space. The gold tones and glass beads are so pretty. I loved this light so much, I bought a similar for the library!

I wanted a space to hang tea towels and cutting boards in the pantry. So we installed two wooden peg racks (which I painted white) on one wall when you first walk into the pantry. It’s an easy place to grab something while working in the kitchen. I added a large basket above in a brown/grey tone to help add warmth and texture to this wall. I hung a picture frame from Anthropology to display recipes cards from my grandmother. Adding personal touches that mean something special to you adds coziness to your home and I love that I get to see a piece of my grandmother everyday.

The final and finishing touches are the best part of redesigning a room. I hope you love how the butlers pantry turned out as much as I do! Also, a big shout out to my hubby who listens to my crazy ideas and then makes them happen. I would not be able to do anything of this without him!

Let me know what you think and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Sources are linked, if there is something that I did not link that are interested in, please let me know!

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home!

Xoxo ~ Heidi

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