Upstairs Bathroom Mini Makeover

The upstairs bathroom is the main bathroom in the house…it sees the most action. It is used constantly and was in desperate need of some TLC. I have grand plans to fully renovate this bathroom one day, but for now that is not on the agenda or the budget and so a small mini makeover was what was needed. The entire makeover centered around painting the cream bathroom vanity Sherwin Williams Pewter Green. We had some leftover paint from painting the mantle this color and I thought it would add a little pop of color to this small bathroom. All of the updates that were done, flowed around the color of the vanity; from the art work on the wall to the colors in the shower curtain. After painting the vanity, I realized the whole bathroom needed a good coat of paint. Dave filled holes in the walls, sanded, and installed new baseboard. We then painted the ceiling, walls, baseboard, and trim in one weekend. We painted the walls Pure White by Sherwin Williams. This is the same paint color we painted the butler pantry walls but looks slightly different in this room due to the lack of windows and different lighting.

We will be installing a new antique gold faucet to match the other gold accents in the bathroom (not pictured here but link to faucet is below). I found an inexpensive faucet on Amazon. I have not bought a faucet on Amazon before so I am curious to see how it will hold up in a bathroom that is used quite frequently. A new mirror was installed above the vanity. I had hard time finding a mirror I liked that would fit in the wall space available between the light switch and the light fixture. Everything I liked was either too big or too small. I found this “mantle” mirror at Target and it fits the space perfectly. (Tip: Don’t be turned away from something based on the description. Just because something says one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be used for another.) We changed the light fixture above the vanity from a three light fixture to a two, and opted for one that was both black and gold. I love the old farmhouse style and the milk glass lamp shades of the fixture we installed. My only regret is that we did not stick with a three light fixture like we had before.

We added 2 floating shelves above the toilet to help store items we use everyday. Dave made these wooden floating shelves last year for me for Mother’s Day. I knew I wanted to add shelves above the toilet and thought these shelves would be the perfect addition. I added faux greenery to the shelves along with items we use everyday for easy access. I placed the Q-tips and cotton balls in vintage inspired French canning jars. To decorate and store items on shelves, I like to layer items of different textures and heights to add visual interest and to make the shelves have dimension. (Tip: You don’t have to buy items to decorate your shelves. Use items you have in your home; for instance in the bathroom you can decorate with soaps, sponges, brushes, towels, etc.)

Currently, we do not have a lot of storage in this bathroom, which is one of the things I eventually want to fix. We removed the bi-fold door to this open shelving area a few years ago. I am thinking of having a large cabinet door made to enclose this area again but for now it still needs to be functional while looking neat and organized. This area holds all of our towels, face cloths, linens, and toilet paper. I added a few striped cloth bins for storage as well as a couple of open baskets. The striped storage bins compliment the floral pattern in the shower curtain. (Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Determine your color palette, style of room, and keep to 2-3 patterns to a room otherwise the space will feel cluttered.) I alternated each shelf with the baskets, towels, and bins. Again, adding different textures and alternating heights from one shelf to the next, helps the shelves to really pop and not feel one dimensional.

I added prints I downloaded from BFF Print Shop to the back wall of the bathroom. You simply purchase a digital file of a print, print the image at your local printer or online picture printer, and add the prints to frames. The prints can easily be changed out, and it is an inexpensive way to add art to any space.

The hardest part of putting this bathroom together was finding the right shower curtain. (Does anyone else have this problem, I can never seem to find exactly what I’m looking for?!) I wanted a floral shower curtain with a cotton/linen feel that did not break the bank. I finally saw these curtains at H&M and thought they were perfect. (Tip: Why can’t curtains become shower curtains?!) Instead of just hanging one “shower” curtain, I decided to hang both curtain panels on an antique-gold finished tension rod with matching gold shower curtain rings. I love the warmth this fabric gives to the room. White walls and white accents can feel cold, so adding these curtains really added the warmth to this room that it was lacking.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my bathroom makeover and I hope it inspires you to update a room in your home with colors and pieces that you love! What do you think of my bathroom makeover?

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Xoxo ~ Heidi

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  1. Very nice. You must have enjoyed the whole process. The end result is great.

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