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I think one of the things we all have in common as human beings, is the love of home. Home is not just a physical location, it is also a feeling. Home is the place where we live, laugh, and learn. Where we are loved, respected, and cared for. We can live anywhere in the world; a small apartment in the city or a big farmhouse in the country. It’s the feeling we get when we walk through the front door that turns a house into home. We all have our own definition of home. I love returning home after a long day or a week away on vacation. The sights and smells of my home when I open the door is like a big sigh of relief, I can let my guard down and truly be me. Home to me is Eleanor running to greet me at the door, the smell of a candle on the counter, the background noise of a movie on while I work around the house, the cozy spot on the couch where I can rest my head and put my feet up. What does home mean to you? Fill your house with sights, sounds, and treasures that you and your family love and hold dear. This is truly what changes a place we live, into a place we call home.

So, how can you add the feeling of summer to your home without buying all of the seasonal decorations from the store?

The décor in our home stays the same throughout the year but I do like to change out a few things for each season. Summer is all about cooler fabrics, pops of greenery, and plenty of texture. I live by the mantra “less is more” in summer. With the heat of summer who wants to live in a house that feels “hot” with clutter? You can make your home feel like summer without all of the red, white, & blue decorations the stores put out or the lemon themed items that now seems to be a consistent summer trend. Making your home feel like summer can simply be changing your pillows and blankets from a heavy knit to a cool cotton/linen, adding pops of blue and/or green, bringing the outdoors in with stems of flowers or greenery, and adding different textures.

One of the first things I do when the warm weather arrives, is to change out all pillows, blankets, and sheets around the house. There is nothing worse on a hot day than laying your head down on a knitted or flannel pillow and instantly feeling 20 degrees hotter. I like to have pillows with covers so that I can easily wash them when they are dirty but also be able to change the covers when I so desire. (Tip: Buy pillow inserts so you can add your own cover or buy throw pillows with zipper or envelope enclosures so you can easily remove the cover. Also, you won’t be storing pillows when you change them out for the seasons.) Adding linen or cotton pillows to your home in summer will automatically make your home feel cooler.

Heavy blankets and flannel sheets from winter are stored away in the summer. Even though it is warm out, I still like to have blankets on the couch or the bed. Some nights, the house can feel cool from the a/c and I like having a blanket available to snuggle up with. A nice, soft cotton blanket does the trick on a summer night. Ideal summer fabrics are cotton or linen for their breathability. Linen is cool and breathable and has come a long way from the itchy, scratchy material I remember as a child.

I like to add pops of blue to our home during the summer. Blue reminds me of the water, which I think most of us associate with summer. Many summer vacations typically include some sort of body of water such as the ocean, a lake, a river, or a pool. Some of our favorite vacations have centered around Lake Winnipesaukee & the Saco River in New Hampshire, the Atlantic ocean off Maine or Cape Cod, and our very own pool in our backyard! Wherever I add blue to our home, it is typically somewhere that I can easily change out for the coming season. If there is a color you associate with summer, use that color to add the summer vibes to your home.

One of the most inexpensive ways to add summer to your home is to bring the outside in. Remove all the faux florals and greenery and bring in the real greens and flowers that are growing right in your yard. It is a great way to add nature to your décor, and it adds instant freshness and coziness to your home. Why not enjoy the roses, peonies, and hydrangeas you have growing outside, inside your home as well! There is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut flowers. Keep stems long and full so they explode out of the vase for a truly dramatic look.

To me, home is not just about the sights but also the smells. I have candles burning in our home year around; there is something about the ambiance of a candle and the fresh smells that I love. I change out our candle scents according to the season. Fall is all about pumpkin and apple crisp, winter is all about pine and cranberry, and summer is all about fresh fruits and florals. My favorite candle company is Antique Candle Co. They are a candle maker right here in the USA and their candles are made with 100% soy and essential oils and poured into mason jars. Not only do they smell amazing but they are beautiful too!

Adding texture is key when decorating for any season, it adds visual interest to any space. Texture can be added any number of ways from textiles to colors and from metals to wood. In summer, I like to add texture to our home by adding lots of woven baskets and trays in warm honey colors. The pop of color and texture of the baskets against our white furniture and walls adds a beachy, cottagey vibe, (again back to summer vacations by the water which evokes the feeling of summer to me) and the visual interest our home needs with our abundance of white/neutral décor.

I hope this helps you decorate and style your home for summer without feeling like you have to buy the seasonal décor that is presented to us every time we walk into a store. You don’t need the red, white, and blue plates, or the lemon hand towels, or the beach scene pillow to make your home feel like summer. Decorate with your heart and your house will feel like a home! Links to products I love, below.

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Xoxo ~ Heidi

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