Thursday Trouve – Wood Signs, Scalloped Rug, Pumpkin Candles, Quilt, Teddy Robe & Slippers

It’s week two of Thursday Trouve (that’s French for find)! Week one was so successful, that I am looking forward to continuing this weekly series. This week I’m featuring some cozy finds as our minds begin to wander from summer to fall and the coziness that autumn brings.

You can find the links to all products featured in this edition of Trouve on I may not be able to link all products in, so links to those products will be located in this blog. is a great resource for me to share products with you, and for you to have a quick and easy way to shop them. I receive a small commission for each item purchased through my links. Find me and follow me on here: Eleanor Rose Home

Here is the roundup of items featured in this week’s cozy edition of Thursday Trouve!

1.Wood Photo Sign (Joyfully Said Signs)

I love the large wooden signs that we have hanging behind our living room couch. When we installed the shiplap as an accent wall behind the couch a couple of years ago, I knew I wanted to hang large photos of the kids. The photo signs we have are 4′ tall by 2′ wide. The quality of these signs are top notch. The photo is printed on real wood (some sign companies print on thick poster board) and the frame is all wood too. You have the ability to choose your photo size and the frame color (there are multiple options). Not only does this small shop located in Indiana sell photo signs, they also sell printed signs; which I have sprinkled throughout our house. Click here for link to website to shop photo wood signs.

2.Jute Scalloped Rug (Etsy)

I love scallops! I mean how can you pass up that cute, cozy detail! I purchased this rug for our library, the room between the kitchen and the living room. This rug is made of jute and has a beautiful braided detail. It adds texture to the room, which I felt this in-between room was lacking. The rug I purchased is on the smaller side (4’x6′) but that size works for this small room, especially with the “walkways” going between the living room and kitchen. When choosing rug size and orientation, make sure the rug size is proportional to the space, and placed to match its dimensions. I like our rugs to go under the front legs of the couch with the back legs on the floor. Bigger and smaller sized rugs are available. We’ve had this rug for about 4 months and it has held up beautifully! Click here for link to website to shop jute rugs.

3.Pumpkin Spice Candle (Antique Candle Co.)

These are my favorite candles for multiple reasons! They are made in Indiana with wax from domestically grown soy beans, scented with non-toxic fragrance & essential oils, and clean cotton wicks. You do no have to worry about any toxic chemicals in your home when burning these candles. My favorite candle they sell for fall is Pumpkin Spice, but they do have other delicious autumnal scents. Also, the packaging! I love that the white candles (no artificial coloring) come in a mason like jar with a silver lid (so cute for decorating). I am voting for pumpkin spice candles all year long…who’s with me?! Click here for link to website to shop all fall candles.

4.Microstripe Quilt Sour Cream/Railroad Gray Hearth & Hand with Magnolia (Target)

We have this quilt on our couch for anyone who wants a blanket to cuddle with on a cool night while lounging or watching tv. It’s the perfect weight, not too heavy and not too light. We have the queen size on our couch, which is perfect for one or two people or in some cases just big enough for Ellie. I also love the pin stripe pattern on this quilt, it adds a little bit of print to the all white couch. We used this quilt all summer, so it’s perfect for multiple seasons. The hubby loves this quilt, so I consider that a win!

5.Teddy Faux Fur Trim Robe & Slippers (Pottery Barn)

Dave bought me this robe and slippers last year for Christmas and I thought it would be appropriate to add to this Thursday Trouve since I’m sharing all things cozy. This is my favorite robe and slippers…ever! If you were to come to my house any night of the week at anytime of the year, you would probably find me wearing this. I wear this robe constantly because it is incredibly warm and cozy (which is why I am not showing a picture of my robe, it’s really, really well loved!). Pottery Barn sells multiple faux teddy items such as pillow covers (featured in last week’s Trouve) ,blankets, and these robes and slippers. This robe and slippers are the epidemy of cozy.

6.Cozy White Cottage Seasons By: Liz Marie Galvan

Now that you have a cozy quilt, a burning pumpkin candle, and are snuggled in a comfy bathrobe; it’s time to cuddle up with a good book! This book is on pre-order and will not be available to ship until sometime November 2021. If you have Liz’s first book Cozy White Cottage and loved that, I highly suggest ordering this book, as she showcases how to make your home feel cozy for any season. Another plus for pre-ordering? Liz is offering 2 freebies for pre-ordering her book right now. The first freebie is a digital print of her Antique Cottage Block sign, and the second freebie is a Lightroom preset. She will continue to offer freebies until the book release, and once you’ve purchased the book, you have access to all freebies! Her books are also beautiful to display on a coffee table and should not be hidden away!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Thursday Trouve! To find the links to (most) products featured in this blog post click here:

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Xoxo ~ Heidi

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