Thursday Trouve – 8 Fall Wreaths Under $70

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Thursday Trouve (that’s French for find)! This week, I’m bringing you eight fall wreaths that I love and all are under $70 each. Wreaths are generally an inexpensive and easy way to switch up your décor from time to time. With proper care, they can be used for multiple seasons and can last years. Also, consider the size of the wreath you are purchasing. Larger wreaths do make more of an impact, but smaller wreaths can be great for a small cozy location in your home. I would not buy one that it is any smaller than 18″, bigger is better! Wreaths are not just for front doors. I love hanging wreaths in our home in various locations, sometimes on the mantle, or maybe on a cabinet knob or hook. The possibilities are endless and you should not be limited with your imagination! I’ve listed each wreath below from least expensive to most expensive. I have two of the featured wreaths, and have shown how I’ve styled them in our home.

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Here is the roundup of items featured in this week’s wreath edition of Thursday Trouve!

Faux Rusted Eucalyptus Plant Wreath 24″ Hearth & Hand w/Magnolia $34.99 (Target)

I purchased this wreath last year and was excited to see they are carrying it again this year. It is a generously sized wreath for the price and the color is beautiful. I love how the rust colored leaves pop against the mostly neutral décor we have in our home. I’ve hung this wreath on a hook by our side door along with a tea towel, knit pot holders, and an antique copper pot. I did purchase this wreath last year, so you can see it has held up well. This wreath can be hung inside or outside, as the faux leaves can stand up to the elements.

Faux Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath 24″ Hearth & Hand w/Magnolia $34.99 (Target)

I love eucalyptus. I buy bunches of fresh eucalyptus at our local Trader Joe’s every week and add it to vases around our home. It’s a beautiful greenery that can be in a vase on it’s own or added to a bouquet of fresh flowers. Some people hang fresh eucalyptus in their shower to release the essential oils from the eucalyptus which helps to relieve inflammation and congestion. This wreath is faux eucalyptus, so you won’t receive the health benefits but this wreath will last you years and not just days or weeks like the real stuff! The eucalyptus seeds on this wreath add a nice little touch of white. This wreath can be hung inside or outside, as the faux leaves can stand up to the elements.

Faux Bleached Wheat Grass Plant Wreath 24″ Hearth & Hand w/Magnolia $34.99 (Target)

If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that when I see something I love from the Hearth & Hand collection at our local Target, I should buy it right then and there! When I saw this wheat grass wreath recently, and there was only 2 left on the shelf, so I immediately scooped it up. Hearth & Hand items can sell out quickly both in the stores and online. This may be one of my favorite fall finds of 2021. I love the neutral color (will go with any décor) and the organic grass stems. I decided to hang this wreath in our entryway, I thought the cream of the wreath looked pretty against the white bead board. This wreath can be hung inside or outside, as the faux grass stems can stand up to the elements.

Artificial Olive Leaves Wreath Green 26″ Threshold Designed w/Studio McGee $35.00 (Target)

I love olives (green & black) and olive leaves! I especially love using the leaves this transitional time of year when I’m not quite ready for all fall décor but am getting out of summer mode. I currently have olive stems on our fireplace mantle and on our sofa console table. I love the bunches of long skinny leaves with the different variations of greens and browns.

Dried Grass and Grain Hoop Grapevine Wreath 18″ $36.00 (Afloral)

This wreath is just the cutest! I love the simplicity and natural elements of this wreath. Grapevine wreaths are something I grew up with, my mother used to have them all over our house and she even used to make her own! The natural dried grass just makes this wreath the sweetest. It is on the smaller side, but would fit perfectly in a small cozy spot you might have in your home. I do not recommend hanging this outside due to the natural dried grass.

Autumn Pepperberry Wreath 22″ $55.00 (Purple Rose Home)

The wispiness and the texture of this wreath is what got me! This wreath would add just the right amount of “fall” anywhere in your home with it’s beautiful autumnal colors. The fuzziness of the pepperberrys and the natural looking wheat stems make this wreath pop. This wreath can be hung inside or outside, as the faux materials can stand up to the elements.

Pampas Grass Wreath 18″ $59.00 (Pottery Barn)

Who doesn’t love pampas grass? Pampas grass is a continuing trend from last year. It is so beautiful and adds great texture to any home when adding to a vase, vessel, or hanging a wreath. This wreath is beautiful with real pampas grass, other dried natural grasses, and wheat mixed throughout. One thing to note about pampas grass is that it can shed. You will want to handle this gently and should be stored carefully in order to enjoy this wreath for many more seasons. This wreath should only be hung inside. I do not recommend hanging this outdoors, the rain and elements will not be kind to this wreath.

Pumpkin Pod Wreath 24″ $65.00 (Purple Rose Home)

Hanging this wreath will instantly turn your home from summer fun to cozy fall. The pops of orange blooms & pumpkins against the brown twigs is what I love about this wreath. And how cute are the tiny pumpkins?! This is great wreath option if you love decorating with oranges, reds, and yellows for the fall. I do not recommend hanging this wreath outdoors, it would be beautiful hung on mirror or hook inside your home.

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Xoxo ~ Heidi

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  1. I love the pampas grass. In the wild it is one of the fairest grasses with its silky soft shoots. And yet it endures some of the harshest elements of the open prairie.

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