DIY Dried Eucalyptus Garland

I recently added a garland to our fireplace mantle and the best part about it…I made it myself! When I was a stay at home mom, I used to craft all of the time. I would make my own wreaths, create homemade gifts at Christmas time (doing that again this year, stay tuned on that!), and shop AC Moore for anything I could do to keep creative. (Who remembers AC Moore?!) Once I started working full time with young children at home, the amount of crafts and projects I could work on became few and far between. But now that the kids are older and don’t need me all the time, I have a little more free time on my hands and my creative juices are flowing, I am finding myself being more “crafty”.

I thought it would be pretty to wrap part of the mirror that we have on our mantle above the pellet stove, with a garland that draped down past the mantle and towards the floor. Instead of scouring the internet to find my vision, I decided to head to Michaels’s to see if I could turn my vision into reality! I knew I wanted the materials for this to be dried, so I headed for the dried floral section. There was not much of a selection at the store that I went to, but they did have exactly what I was looking for, dried eucalyptus and natural dried lagurus (or bunny tails). I had a woman at the store give me a dirty look when she realized I took all of the bunny tails (sorry, not sorry)! I also, purchased a 6′ grapevine garland that had faux leaves glued to it to use as the base for the garland. With my loot purchased, it was time to get to work. The garland took about an hour to put together and style. I had a great time getting “crafty” again. Below is what you will need to recreate the exact garland I made, along with step by step instructions. I do want to mention that dried florals can be a little pricey. I always shop them when they are on sale or when I have a coupon. To make this garland, it cost me around $80. Feel free to take my idea and make it your own. There are plenty of other dried florals or faux florals that would look beautiful as a garland too!


– (1) 6′ Grapevine Garland

– (3) Bunches of Dried Eucalyptus (varying colors)

– (4) Bunches of Natural Dried Lagurus

– Green Floral Wire

Step 1

If you purchased a grapevine garland with items glued to it, remove those from the garland.

These are the items you will need for the garland.
Remove all of the faux leaves from the grapevine garland.
You are left with a skinny, flexible garland to attach your dried florals.

Step 2

Choose one end of your garland to start adding your dried florals too. I choose to start with the thicker end. Gather three to four eucalyptus stems and bundle them together. The eucalyptus I purchased were three different colors, so when making my bundles, I choose to put random colors together. (Remember, you want this to look organic and natural, nothing in nature is perfect or symmetrical.) Place the end of the eucalyptus stems at the end of the grapevine garland. (Note: This end of the garland does not need to be perfect since it’s going to be tucked behind the mirror.) Take about a 6″ long piece of the green wire and wrap the wire around the eucalyptus bundle leaving about 2-3″ on the end, so that the eucalyptus does not become loose and fall out. Wrap the wire as tight as you can. Continue adding your bunches of eucalyptus to the garland, adding bunches about 6″ apart all the way down. Make sure your garland looks full as you go, and if not adjust. Add more eucalyptus stems or place the bundles closer together on the garland if it’s looking sparse.

Bundle about 3 to 4 eucalyptus stems together (or more depending on how full your stems are).
Secure the eucalyptus bundle to the grapevine garland with green floral wire.

Step 3

Now that you have all of your eucalyptus bundles secured to your garland, it’s time to start adding the dried lagurus (bunny tails). Take about 10 stems of the bunny tails and bundle them together. Make sure the bunny tails are at varying heights so the bundle looks organic. Once you have your bundle together, cut the stems off the bunny tails so you only have about 4-5″ left of the stem. Holding that bundle tightly together, and starting at the top of your garland, place the bunny tail bundle between the eucalyptus bundles. Tuck the stems of the bunny tails into the garland so that they are not visible. Secure the bunny tail bundle to the garland with the green wire. Continue adding bunny tail bundles all the way down the garland, filling in holes between the eucalyptus. You should have some extra bunny tails at the end.

Bundle about 10 stems of the bunny tails together, trimming the stems until only about 4-5″ are left.
Place your bunny tail bundles throughout your garland, filling in holes where you can.

Step 4

Your garland should be full at this point and ready to be hung on your mirror and mantle. Tuck the top of your garland behind your mirror. Be careful! Make sure the mirror is still secure since you are tucking the garland behind it. Once secure, you can start playing around with the draping and making adjustments to the placement of the garland. Once I had it styled and draped how I liked, I thought it needed more bunny tails, so I made more bundles, and placed them throughout the garland where more were needed. The key is to have fun and just keep playing and adjusting to get the garland right where you want it!

And that’s it! Such a fun and easy project that anyone can do. The best part of having eucalyptus in the house…the amazing fragrance! My husband has commented multiple times about how good the house smells. I would love to know what you think of my DIY garland, and if you are rolling up your sleeves to give it a try!

I look forward to sharing more of my DIY projects with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Xoxo ~ Heidi

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