Fall Custom Framed Prints

I recently added a glass cabinet to this area in our home between the fireplace in the library and the window located in the living room. I knew I wanted to add a couple of large pieces of fall art above the cabinet, so when Frame It Easy reached out to me to collaborate with them, I was thrilled! For those of you like me, who may not have heard of Frame It Easy, let me explain. Frame It Easy is an online company that will create a custom frame for art you already have or you can upload a photo that they will print and frame with everything arriving to your doorstep ready to hang. Everything is customizable so you choose the size, style of frame, matting, and cover (glass-alternatives).

I went to my favorite online art store, BFF Print Shop to find digital art to purchase, download, and then frame with Frame It Easy. I use BFF Print Shop all the time to change out the art in our home. It’s an easy and low cost way to change the décor in your home according to the season or time of year. Digital downloads cost about $15, but once you purchase them, you own them and can print them and use them as many times as you want. I purchased the three prints below, for an autumn/Thanksgiving type feel for the top of the cabinet.

BFF Print Shop – Harvesting
BFF Print Shop – Oak Creek
BFF Print Shop – A Black Bird

Once I had my prints purchased and downloaded, it was time for the fun part, customizing the frames! I went to the Frame It Easy website, and started by choosing the sizes I wanted for the artwork. Since I was styling these in a group of three, I ordered each print in a different size. The largest print (Oak Creek) I ordered a 26″x32″, the medium print (Harvesting) I ordered a 18″x22″, and the smallest print (A Black Bird) I ordered a 10″x12″. Once you determine your size and add your print to the website, and then choose your frame. There are multiple frame options including wood or metal that include many color options. I decided on the Dayton natural wood frame in the color cocoa for all three prints, for a cohesive look. The next step is matting. I chose not to mat my prints but you can choose to mat yours for a more formal look. The final choice you will need to make is the cover. Frame It Easy has glass alternative options which include clear or non-glare. I decided on the clear option which is similar to glass and protects the art from UV light.

I did not know what to expect after I placed my order, since I had not shopped with this company before. But, I can say I was so impressed when the package arrived, I wish I took a picture! All of the prints arrived in one box with each one neatly and tightly secured. Each frame came with felt pads attached to the back to prevent the frame from rubbing on the wall, wire attached to the back for hanging, and a microfiber cloths for cleaning the glass. I stacked my prints on top of the cabinet, layering the tallest in the back working my way to the front with the smallest print. Frame It Easy made it so easy to order everything online, and adding these framed prints to this area of our home, gave us the exact look we were going for!

My friends at Frame It Easy have given me a special link to share with my friends so you can receive 10% off your purchase, click here for link (offer expires November 14, 2021)! Another plus ordering from this company; this is an American based company with American made products!

What do you think of my fall prints and frames? Do you like the deeper colors I chose for fall? I would love to know your thoughts and if you have ordered from Frame It Easy before. Leave me a comment!

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Xoxo ~ Heidi

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