New Throw Pillows to Transition Our Home From Winter to Spring

If you’ve been following along here for even short amount of time, you know that comfortable and cozy is key in our home. That means that there is always an abundance of pillows and blankets on the living room couch and throughout the house that anyone can grab and snuggle with at any time (including Miss Eleanor). Let’s be honest…can you ever have too many pillows (please do not ask my husband this question)?! Cozy throw pillows are key to a couch that everybody wants to sit and relax on. We recently added a few new throw pillows to our living room that are cozy, will easily transition our home from winter to spring, and did not break the bank.

Before we dive into the new pillows we purchased for our living room, I want to share with you a few of the tips I use before making a throw pillow purchase. Follow these tips and you will have a couch filled with beautiful, cozy pillows too!

  • Purchase throw pillows that have a zipper or button closure. This way you can easily remove the cover for washing whenever it gets dirty.
  • Look at the materials. What type of fabric is the cover? Cotton and linen are the only two fabrics I purchase for spring, summer, and fall because of their durability and breathability.
  • Verify the size of the throw pillow (especially if purchasing online). I only purchase throw pillows that are 20×20 or larger. The larger the pillow, the cozier it will be!
  • Shop for neutral colored pillows. Purchase throw pillows with warm, neutral tones that can be utilized for multiple seasons. This means less money spent on new pillows each time the season or holiday changes.
  • When in-store shopping, test out the filling of the pillow. Bounce the pillow around and karate chop it to make sure the pillow insert isn’t too stiff. Just ignore the looks and glances of fellow shoppers when testing out the pillows! If shopping online, read the product details. Look for inserts that are made with down or down alternatives.
  • If you have pillow inserts, consider only purchasing the pillow covers. This way, you are not filling up closet space with multiple throw pillows and your inserts will be used year-round.

One of my favorite after Christmas purchases is this palampore, block print pillow cover from Pottery Barn. I love mixing pillow patterns and textures on our couch for coziness. What I love about this pillow cover is the neutral colors and the block print floral pattern (I am obsessed with block prints lately!). It is sophisticated and goes perfectly with the stripped pillows we already had on the couch from the Studio McGee line at Target. Pottery Barn is one of my favorite places to shop for pillow covers. Pottery Barn typically sells the pillow covers as one purchase (some of their outdoor pillows come with both the cover and insert) with the pillow insert another purchase. However, once you have the pillow inserts, you can switch the covers as often as you like without having to purchase the inserts again. Pottery Barn can be a bit of an investment, but their products are high quality and can last for years. I knew I would use the pillow covers I purchased for multiple seasons, so for me, the cost was worth the investment. If you are looking for pillow covers and Pottery Barn seems a little too expensive for you, H&M is my other favorite go to for pillow covers. H&M’s pillow covers are high quality for very little money. We have this linen pillow cover in our home and this ruffled pillow cover too, both from H&M!

Note: When shopping for pillow inserts, always buy the next size up from your pillow cover. If you are purchasing a 20×20 pillow cover, your insert should be 22×22. One of my favorite pillow inserts is this 22×22 down filled insert from Amazon, which can be found here.

If you have not seen the new spring arrivals from the Threshold with Studio McGee line at Target, you are missing out (well…your wallet will be happy you haven’t found it)! This newest collection from Studio McGee is by far my favorite to date. My first purchase from the spring collection was this oversized striped throw pillow. What I love about this throw pillow is the size (24×24), the beautiful striped detail, and the coziness. It’s soft and plush with just the right amount of filling that is not too soft or too hard. I love how perfectly this stripped pillow coordinates with the floral pillow cover from Pottery Barn. A few of other throw pillows I am loving from this collection (that I may need in my life) is this woven jacquard pillow , this oversized mini windowpane square pillow, and this euro etched neutral floral pillow.

I’ve been wanting to add a pillow to our window seats for the past few months, after having no pillows here for while. Last winter, I had about three to four pillows styled on each window seat, but Eleanor had a hard time seeing out the windows with all the pillows and each time someone wanted something from the storage inside the window seat, the pillows would end up all over the floor (that drives me nuts!). I had been looking for a lumber pillow for our window seats that easily be picked up and moved, and one that Eleanor could easily see over for quite sometime. When I saw this oversized oblong boucle woven lumbar pillow online, I knew I had to have it! The size (36″ wide) is perfect for these small seats, and the style of these pillows fit in nicely with the rest of the living room. This lumbar pillow is actually part of the new spring Threshold Studio McGee bedroom collection. That’s another great tip! Don’t let the label of something stop you from doing what you want with it. This pillow was labeled “bedroom pillow” but I thought it would perfect in our living room, so I added it! Remember in your home you can do what you want and what you love. Do not limit yourself, use your imagination when styling your home, and most importantly, have fun!

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