Fall Entryway Décor

Fall Entryway Décor: 5 Cozy Essentials

Welcome family & friends home with cozy, neutral, fall entryway décor essentials with a little help from my friends at Birch Lane.

Fall Entryway Décor
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The entryway is one of the most important spaces in any home. It’s the first space guests see when they enter your home, and it’s the last thing you’ll see when leaving for the day. Entryway’s should be functional & practical but also warm & welcoming just like any other part of the home.

Fall Entrance

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, I am teaming up with Birch Lane to show you how to create a cozy, neutral fall entryway to welcome your guests home for the holidays. It doesn’t matter how big or small your entryway is (ours is tiny!). All you need are a few cozy essentials to express big hospitality in a small space.

Fall Entryway Décor

For this blog post, I wanted to share with you a side entrance to our home that leads into our kitchen. It’s a small space and one I don’t share very often. However, I thought it would be fun to share with you that even a small side entrance can be a beautiful & functional space too.

Here are 5 cozy, fall entryway décor essentials to consider when welcoming guests to your home, big or small, this fall and Thanksgiving.

Fall Décor

Fall Entryway Décor: Doormats

A door mat is not just for wiping dirty shoes and feet. It’s also a great way to dress up the entrance of a home. A door mat should be practical and stylish; matching the aesthetic of your home.

Fall Entryway Décor

I added this cozy farmhouse style 2’x3′ black & white plaid indoor/outdoor doormat to the side entrance of our home. The plaid black & white pattern of this rug worked well with the white mum, orange pumpkins, and green gourds we already had on our porch.

I also loved the versatility of this doormat. This doormat can be used on either the inside or the outside of an entryway and can also be layered underneath another doormat. I love products that are not only beautiful but multi-functional too!

Fall Entryway Décor

A Couple of Things to Consider When Shopping for Doormats

  • Consider where the doormat will be used. Is the mat you’re shopping for made for inside or outdoor use, or both?
  • Check the size. Doormats come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find a mat that fits the size of your door and space.
  • Layer the doormats. I like to do this at our front entrance, because it has the most foot traffic into our home. Place a washable patterned mat down, and then layer a natural coir doormat on top. The coir mat removes dirt & debris while the washable mat soaks up moisture.
Fall Entryway

Shop Cozy Fall Doormats From Birch Lane

Black & White Plaid Doormat
Fall Entryway Décor
Fall Entryway Décor
Black & White Stripped Rug
Striped Doormat

Fall Entryway Décor: Wreaths

Hanging a seasonal wreath on the front door instantly makes a home feel welcoming & inviting and adds the perfect festive touch.

Fall Wreath

A wreath is a fun way to accessorize the outside of your home either for the season or the holidays. It gives your home personality as well as a pop of color.

I love to change the wreaths on our outside doors seasonally; it’s a fun & relatively inexpensive way to change up the outside of our home.

Fall Entryway Décor

Make the store bought wreath special by adding ribbon. (This is the ribbon I added to our fall wreath.) Use ribbon as a way to hang to your wreath from the door or by simply tying a bow to the wreath. There are thousands of different ribbons to choose from and hundreds of different ways to add ribbon to a wreath. Have fun selecting and adding ribbon!

Fall Entryway Wreath

Shop Cozy Fall Wreaths From Birch Lane

Fall Wreath
Faux Olive Silk Wreath
Fall Wreath
Bittersweet Wreath
Faux Willow Wreath

Pro Tip: Make sure when shopping for a wreath that will hang on the outside of your front door, that the wreath is weather resistant. Good quality, weather resistant wreaths can be used and repurposed for many years.

Fall Entryway Décor

Fall Entryway Décor: Baskets

Entryways are notorious for collecting clutter (well in our house anyways)!

Fall Entryway Style

Baskets offer a creative solution to declutter while adding storage to the entryway of a home. Baskets in an entryway can used to hold shoes, hats, mail, dog accessories, keys, winter apparel, or even firewood. So versatile, right?!

Basket of Wood
Basket of Wood

Baskets can be placed anywhere in an entryway from hanging from hooks, to tucked under benches, or even hung on walls.

I love how this handled seagrass basket full of firewood looks sitting next to the door. We are ready to stay cozy by the fire all fall & winter long!

Fall Basket of Wood

Shop Cozy Baskets From Birch Lane

Fall Entryway Décor
Farmhouse Baskets
Fall Entryway Décor
Set of 3 Baskets
Low Baskets

Fall Entryway Décor: Seating

Have a spot in your entryway for guests to be able to sit down to remove or put on their shoes and jackets.

Fall Entrance to Our Home

Both of the entrances in our home are tiny, so having a spot in the entryway for someone to sit is challenging. However, this stool is the perfect option for our small space. This accent stool is not so big that it takes up the entire entryway and it’s not too small for someone to plop their bones coming in from the outside.

Accent Stool Seating

I love the natural wood tone and style of this stool. Spindled legs just get me every time! It fits our cozy cottage farmhouse décor perfectly. This stool looks so cute with a few pumpkins stacked on top too!

Fall Entrance

Shop Cozy Entryway Seating from Birch Lane

Accent Stool
Accent Stool
Fall Entryway Décor
Accent Stool
Fall Entryway Décor

Fall Entryway Décor: Artwork

The entryway sets the tone of your home and reflects your taste & personality. Adding artwork to your entryway tells guests who you are and what you love.

Just like the rest of your home, art adds depth and texture to your walls, so don’t neglect the wall space in your entryway!

Autumn Entryway

We added this vintage inspired landscape print to our entryway. I loved the cozy, country scene and the dark frame really made the artwork pop against the light neutral wallpaper.

Shop Cozy Artwork From Birch Lane

Vintage Landscape
Gallery Prints
Vintage Artwork
Fall Entryway Décor
Lemon Artwork

More Cozy Fall Entryway Décor From Birch Lane

Here are a few more neutral fall décor ideas that you could use to create the coziest entryway.

Cozy Throw Blanket
Cozy Blanket
Floor Lantern
Beeswax Candles
Cozy Throw Pillow

Don’t forget to check out the fall & Thanksgiving décor at Birch Lane! They offer everything you need to create a cozy home from furniture, rugs, lighting, to what I’ve got on my eyes on…holiday décor!

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Fall Home Décor

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Fall Entryway Décor: 5 Cozy Essentials
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Country Cottage Wallpaper

Country Cottage Wallpaper in the Kitchen & Entryway

Country cottage wallpaper is the newest update to our cottage farmhouse kitchen & entryway.

Country Cottage Wallpaper

I can happily say that we have officially checked one more thing off the checklist when it comes to kitchen renovation…our country cottage wallpaper! It felt like this paper was never going to be hanging on the walls in our kitchen/entryway, but alas it is finally up. And, to say I’m OBSESSED with our new wallpaper would be an understatement!

There is so much to love about our new country cottage wallpaper from the neutral colors, to the beautiful print! If you look closely you will see groups of acorns, budding & blooming flowers, and oak leaves.

Country Cottage Wallpaper

I’m sure you remember the wallpaper we had in our entryway previously, if not you can check it out here.

The old peel & stick olive branch wallpaper from Magnolia Home (which Dave & I had installed ourselves a couple of years ago) needed to go. As much as I had loved it at one time, it was beginning to bubble, it felt like it was not matching the aesthetic of the rest of our home, and I wanted a neutral wallpaper we could wrap around the entire kitchen.

Country Cottage Wallpaper

If you’ve been thinking of adding wallpaper to your home, here are some things to consider and how to choose the right wallpaper for your space.

In full discloser, I am not an expert on wallpaper or wallpaper installation. My views, suggestions, and opinions in this blog post are simply from my love and limited knowledge & experience with wallpaper.

Country Cottage Wallpaper Things to Consider

  • Measurements: Take good, accurate measurements of the area you want to wallpaper. This will give you an idea of how much wallpaper you will need and to create a budget. (A wallpaper installer can help with final measurements to ensure enough rolls of wallpaper are ordered.)
  • Budget: Once you know how much wallpaper is needed for the area, decide on a budget. Wallpaper can range anywhere from $10 to $600+ per roll. You do not want to fall in love with a wallpaper that is outside of your budget! Also, consider if you want to hire a professional installer. The cost of labor for your project should be factored into your budget as well.
  • Hiring a Professional: Hire an experienced, professional wallpaper installer. It is the best decision Dave and I ever made (and possibly saved our marriage)!
  • Type of Wallpaper: There are a ton of different types of wallpaper from vinyl, painted, bamboo, peel & stick, etc. Decide which type of wallpaper will work best for your project (your wallpaper installer can help with this too).
  • Where is the Wallpaper Being Installed: Some types of wallpapers are not ideal for certain spaces. For instance, grass cloth is not an ideal wallpaper choice for a kitchen or bathroom because of humidity & cleanability. So, make sure you take the room the wallpaper will be installed in, into account when deciding on the type of wallpaper you want to install.
  • Order a Sample: Always order or take home a sample of wallpaper. Something that may look good online or in a store may not look the same in your home. Wallpaper is an investment so you want to make sure you’re making the right choice when it comes to the style, design, and color of the wallpaper you chose for your home.
Country Cottage Home

Choosing a Country Cottage Wallpaper

With the decision made to install new wallpaper in the kitchen and the entryway, I began my quest to find the perfect wallpaper on Wallpaperdirect.com. What I liked about shopping wallpaperdirect.com was the large selection of wallpapers to choose from, along with a number of filters (type, color, style, brand, price point, etc.) to help narrow my search.

For our kitchen I knew I wanted a single colored, traditional, symmetrical patterned wallpaper. A print that almost looked like a stencil and would blend in seamlessly with the rest of our neutral colored walls downstairs (our entire downstairs is open concept).

Pure Acorn Wallpaper by Morris & Co

After doing a little searching, I ultimately found pure acorn wallpaper from the Morris Pure Wallpaper Collection. I instantly knew this was the country cottage wallpaper I wanted for our home. And, it fit within our budget! We ordered samples of 2 of the colors, pure acorn linen/ecru and pure acorn ivory/pearl. This way we could decide which color looked better in our home. Pure acorn in linen/ecru looked best once we placed the samples on the wall, so that is the color we ordered & installed.

Pure Acorn Wallpaper

Installing Country Cottage Wallpaper

There are 3 ways to install wallpaper based on the type of paper you purchase.

  • Peel & Stick: This is the least expensive wallpaper option. Most homeowners can install this wallpaper without the help of a professional installer. The benefit of peel & stick wallpaper is that it can easily be removed with little to no harm to painted walls. So, if you are afraid of making a long term commitment to wallpaper, this could be a good option for you. In all honesty, Dave and I have hung peel & stick wallpaper, and will never do it again (it almost lead to a divorce lol!).
  • Traditional Pasted: The traditional way of hanging wallpaper is by pasting the back of the wallpaper and then hanging the pasted paper on the wall. This can be messy and cumbersome if you’re not a professional.
  • Dry Hung: This is the newest way to hang wallpaper. Wallpaper paste is applied to the wall and the wallpaper is then placed on the pasted wall. Some of the higher end wallpaper brands have started manufacturing their wallpaper to be hung this way. It is an easier method for hanging wallpaper and one in which a homeowner could potentially do on their own. This is how our wallpaper was hung.
Country Cottage Wallpaper

I highly recommend hiring an experienced, knowledgeable, professional wallpaper installer. Not only will a professional make your life easier, but you can count on a nicely finished product that will be completed in about a quarter of the time it would take you. We were lucky enough to find David of boston.wallpaper several years ago and have used him for a total of 3 wallpaper projects now!

Pro Tip: A good wallpaper installer will cover all switch plates & electrical outlets with wallpaper that matches the pattern on the wall.

Pure Acorn Wallpaper

How to Pick the Right Country Cottage Wallpaper

The right country cottage wallpaper for your home really depends on what you love and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Take good measurements and come up with a budget. Once you know those things, you can begin to browse the internet or your local retailers for the right wallpaper. Order samples and hang those in the room you are thinking of wallpapering. Take your time and enjoy the process! The perfect wallpaper will speak to you and you will know when you have found the right one.

Country Cottage Wallpaper

Remember, wallpaper is not permanent! Although it’s an investment, it does not need to stay in your home forever. So, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and add a little country cottage wallpaper to the walls of your home, it can always be changed!

Other Country Cottage Wallpapers

Here are some other Morris & Co. wallpapers from Wallpaper Direct that would look beautiful in a country cottage home as well.

Fall Country Home
Country Cottage Wallpaper

I hope you love our new wallpaper as much as we do! I look forward to sharing it in our home with you for years to come.

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Country Cottage Home

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LIKEtoKNOW.it.

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Country Cottage Wallpaper in the Kitchen
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DIY Antique Mirror

DIY Antique Mirror Tutorial

Create your own antique mirror with this simple & easy DIY antique mirror tutorial.

Antique Mirror

Do you love the look of an antique mirror but have never found one that you really love? No worries, you can create your own DIY antique mirror with this easy tutorial!

Antique mirrors are one of the many things I search for when we go thrifting. You know the ones that have the beautifully distressed mirror framed in a gorgeous old, vintage frame? Needless to say, my searches have never yielded me the antique mirror I’ve had pictured in my mind. So, instead of continuing my endless search, I decided to make my own…with the help of hubby of course!

Antique Mirror

To start, I found an old framed piece of art at our local antique store. I fell in love with the frame, but the art not so much. I knew the frame and the glass would fit perfectly in this little wall in our entryway. I purchased the framed art for about $20.

Farmhouse Entryway

For this project, If you have a frame you love, but no glass. You can purchase a piece of glass cut to fit your frame from a local hardware store or glass company for this project as well.

DIY Antique Mirror

After doing a little research I found a simple & easy method to transform glass into an antique mirror.

What You Will Need to Make a DIY Antique Mirror

Items to Turn Glass into a Mirror

Steps to Make a DIY Antique Mirror

1. Prepare the Frame & Glass

We peeled the paper backing from the back of the frame very gently. The frame we purchased was old, so we were careful not to damage the frame. We removed the matting, artwork, and glass.

Vintage Art

At this point, you could paint the frame if you like. Or, you could add a little Rub n’ Buff if you wanted a metallic frame but purchased a brown wooden one like mine. I loved the warm brown tone of our frame, so we opted to leave it as is. We did wash it carefully with just a little soap and water to remove any dirt & debris.

Clean Glass

Then we cleaned the glass we removed from the frame. You could use Windex or vinegar to clean the glass. Just make sure there are no streaks on the glass as this will affect your finished product.

2. Spray on Black Paint

On one side of the glass, paint it with the black spray paint. The black will show through all the semi-transparent spots so make sure you give the glass a nice coat of black paint (not too thick though). Allow the black paint to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

3. Spray on Vinegar

Once the black spray paint is dry, flip the glass over.

Vinegar on Glass

We purchased a spray bottle (with a fine mist) and sprayed a mist of distilled white vinegar on the glass. I focused the vinegar mist on the outer edges for a realistic antique mirror look. I also added some random, larger droplets throughout. I made sure the vinegar spray looked natural and organic (the mirror should look like it was aged naturally).

DIY Antique Mirror

Dab any droplets that are too large or that you don’t like with a lint free cloth. Or, wipe the entire surface of glass to remove all of the vinegar, and add your spray and droplets again.

4. Spray on Mirror Paint

Spray the mirror paint directly over the vinegar, with several thin coats making sure all of the glass is covered.

This paint has a very strong smell, so make sure to do this in a well ventilated area or wear a mask!

5. Dab the Vinegar

This part of the antique mirror process goes really fast, so it was nice that Dave and I worked on this together.

Mirror Finish

The mirror paint dries very quickly, so give it a couple of seconds to dry, and then using a lint free cloth, lightly dab up the vinegar on areas where you want to distress the mirror paint. This is the tricky part! Dabbing the vinegar immediately on wet paint removed the mirror effect completely and dabbing the paint too late leaves a spotty finish.

You may need to try a few times to get the antique mirror result you like (continue reading for how to remove the mirror finish). It took us 4-5 tries to get the antique mirror result we liked.

Removing Mirror Finish

If you don’t like how the mirror finish turned out, redoing the same piece of glass is easy! Spray the mirror side of glass with a decent amount of Windex. Then scrub the finish off with paper towels, working until all of the mirror finish is removed. Again, we did this 4-5 times and the mirror finish came off the glass easily each time.

DIY Antique Mirror

6. The Final DIY Antique Mirror Step

Once your DIY antique mirror is done and you are happy with the result, it’s time to hang it!

Now, you could hang your mirror from a normal everyday sawtooth hanger but I decided to add a fun, whimsical detail to our mirror by hanging it from ribbon. I love using ribbon in our home décor, it adds another layer of depth and texture that I just can’t get enough of.

DIY Antique Mirror

To hang your mirror from ribbon, add eye hooks to the top left and right sides the mirror. Eye hooks simply screw into the wood frame, so they are very easy to use. Grab your favorite ribbon and thread one piece through the left eye hook and another ribbon through the right eye hook, then tie the ribbon in a knot around the eye hooks.

Meet the other ends of the ribbon in the center of the mirror and tie into a knot (make sure the knot is centered otherwise your mirror will hang crooked). Hang the ribbon from a nail.

Then take another length of ribbon and tie that into a bow around (and covering) the nail. Trim the ribbon tails so that they are at your desired length. How pretty is that?!

Decorative Mirror

Don’t forget, you could change the ribbon seasonally…which is exactly what I will be doing!

Antique Mirror

This DIY antique mirror was super easy, inexpensive, and honestly I wish we had done it sooner. The entire project took us about an hour from start to finish and was easier than we anticipated. The result is a gorgeous DIY antique mirror that looks like it’s been around for ages, and I love having a mirror hanging in our entryway.

Why have we not hung one here before?!

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DIY Antique Mirror

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DIY Antique Mirror Tutorial
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Neutral Fall Decor

Neutral Fall Décor Ideas

Neutral fall décor is one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to decorate your home for the season.

Fall Artwork

Decorating our home for fall is my absolute favorite! For me, fall equals warmth and coziness. I love to incorporate that cozy feeling into our home when I decorate for fall with lots of textures, natural elements, and warm tones. Neutral fall décor is effortless, timeless, and easily fits into an already existing color palette.

Fall Artwork

What is neutral fall décor?

Neutral fall décor is cozy, inviting, and comforting. It includes rich textures, natural elements, warm earthy tones, along with spicy autumnal scents. Fall décor should engage each of the five senses to create the coziest fall atmosphere.

Yes, fall décor should also include the sense of taste and smell! My family loves comfort food in the fall (this is a family favorite recipe) and the scent of fall is so delicious with a crock pot potpourri simmering on the kitchen counter.

Fall Farmhouse

5 Neutral Fall Décor Ideas

Here are five simple ways to decorate your home for the season using neutral fall décor.

Neutral Fall Décor

Real or Faux Pumpkins

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins! I love to add pumpkins not only to our outdoor décor but inside as well. They add that natural, organic element that I adore.

Olive Branches & Pumpkins

My favorite way to style real or faux pumpkins is by stacking them. It’s a little early in our area for real pumpkins so I stacked a couple of faux pumpkins from Michael’s at this side entrance to our home. Don’t be afraid of using faux natural elements! Faux pumpkins have come a long way over the years. There are some really nice, affordable, realistic looking pumpkins available these days.

Fall Entryway

My favorite real pumpkins to search for are Cinderella pumpkins. They are flatter and a little wider than the traditional Halloween pumpkin. I like to search for pumpkins that are a little misshapen (nothing in nature is perfect, right?!) with long curly stems. These faux ones reminded me of some of my favorite real pumpkins!

Pumpkins & Rain Boots

Typically I prefer white pumpkins, but I loved the shades of greens & yellows in these pumpkins! The colors worked well with the other neutral fall décor in our home.

Neutral Fall Entryway

To stack faux pumpkins, simply remove the stem from the pumpkin on the bottom of the stack. Easily remove the stem by gently twisting & pulling until the glue on the stem releases from the pumpkin. When you want to add the stem back on, just pop it right back in the hole with a little dollop of hot glue. So easy! You can watch the video I created of this pumpkin hack on Pinterest.

Neutral Fall Decor
Family Room

Cozy Throw Pillows

Transforming your living room into a comfy, relaxing space for fall is easy with the addition of cozy throw pillows.

Cozy Throw Pillows

I prefer to purchase pillow covers, instead of the entire throw pillow. This way, I can change the look and feel of our couch throughout the year without having to store pillows when they are not in use. I simply change the pillow cover and continuously reuse the same insert (my favorite down insert is linked here). Perfect for a home with the limited closet space!

Couch With Throw Pillows

Mix pillows of different sizes, patterns, and textures for extra coziness. I love to add thicker, textured pillow covers like this faux fur pillow cover and this oversized woven plaid pillow to our neutral fall décor. Thicker textured fabrics makes the house feel just a little bit warmer on the coolest of autumn days.

Pottery Barn Pumpkin Pillow

How adorable is this plush pumpkin pillow?! It is the perfect, cozy addition to our living room for fall.

And how cute is this smaller pumpkin pillow too…

Window Seat & Bookshelves

Amber Glass Bottles & Vases

Amber glass adds deep, rich, warm tones to neutral fall décor with it’s beautiful gold-brown color. Antique amber glass bottles & vases add character to fall décor with their unique shapes and distinctive lettering.

Amber Glass Collection

My love of amber glass and specifically amber glass bottles started a little over a year ago. As I was strolling through an antique store, I noticed beautiful brown glass jars. Each jar unique in it’s own way with stories I could dream up of why and how these brown glass jars were used previously. And thus, my love and collection of amber glass began.

Amber Glass

I styled my small collection of antique amber glass bottles along with these new amber glass vases from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia on our sofa table. In some of the antique amber glass bottles I added candles. And in the new amber glass vases, I added bouquets of seasonal flowers.

This created a beautiful, charming centerpiece on our sofa console table perfect for the transition from summer to fall.

Neutral Fall Décor
Fall Flowers

These bottles filled with flowers and candles would make a great centerpiece on a fall tablescape as well!

Neutral Fall Decor

Copper Pots

Copper is a beautiful metal to decorate with all year, especially in the fall. It adds metallic texture and warm tones which mix in seamlessly with neutral fall décor.

Kitchen Shelf

I added a small copper pot to the shelf in our kitchen. The rich copper color pops against the white shelf and white walls.

Copper Pot
Fall Kitchen Shelf

I styled the copper pot very simply by placing on a stack of white dishes with the lid placed on top.

Neutral Fall Decor

There are so many fun & creative ways to style a copper pot. Leave the lid off and fill with fresh greens (seeded eucalyptus would look beautiful in this!), fresh seasonal fruit or veggies, or even add a collection of wooden spoons.

Neutral Fall Décor

Neutral Fall Artwork

Add fall artwork to your walls and shelves with scenes that depict fall landscapes or fall images.

Fall Artwork
Fall Cottage Farmhouse

I added fall artwork to this small wall in our home located between the kitchen and living room. I love the warm fall tones this print & the gold frame add to this area.

Neutral Fall Décor Farmhouse

Framed art does not need to cost a fortune. The framed art hung here was purchased at Target a couple of years ago. This new framed pear & apple art available at Target is a favorite of mine, both pieces extremely inexpensive.

Another inexpensive way to add artwork to your home is by purchasing a digital download, printing the print yourself, and then adding the art to a frame you already have in your home. My favorite online digital print store is BFF Print Shop. They have a large variety of prints to download and all are available for $20 or less. It’s such an easy, inexpensive way to change the art in your home throughout the seasons!

Artwork for Fall

Want to hang artwork a little differently?!

I decided to hang our fall framed art from a brown satin ribbon. I am loving how it looks! It adds a fun, whimsical touch to this wall.

Fall Cottage Farmhouse

To recreate this look, add two eye hooks to the left and right side of the back of your frame. Tie one piece of ribbon to the left eye hook, and another piece of ribbon to the right eye hook. Meet the ribbon ends in the middle of the print and tie in a knot. Hang from a nail. Then, tie another piece of ribbon around the nail and tie into a bow. Cut the tail ends of the ribbon in an upside down “V”.

A simple touch but so beautiful!

Neutral Fall Decor

Other Neutral Fall Décor Ideas

Some of my other favorite ways to decorate our home with neutral fall décor:

Neutral Fall Decor

Fall Inspiration on Pinterest

For even more neutral fall décor ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I am pinning fall inspiration daily, check out my fall décor board for more!

Neutral Fall Decor

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5 Neutral Fall Décor Ideas
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Living Room

Summer Home Tour

Welcome to our summer home tour! I am excited to be joining 30 talented bloggers this week to give you a little peak into our homes styled for summer. I love a little peak into people’s homes, don’t you?! Summer is our family’s favorite season! Summer for us is all about simplicity, relaxation, and comfort. I think you will find these same elements in the décor throughout our home.


If you are coming here from Kim at Shiplap & Shells beach cottage summer home tour…welcome! Kim’s home truly embraces the feeling of summer. I look forward to opening our home to you and showing you around our cozy home! A big thank you to Kelly at The Tattered Pew for including me in this summer home tour event!

After my home tour, I hope you will check out the other summer home tours linked at the end of this post. I know you will find endless inspiration in their beautiful blogs!

Blogger Home Tours

Welcome to Our Home

If you are new here, let me introduce me and my family! Hi, I’m Heidi! We are a family of four living on the south coast of Massachusetts. Our home is a labor of love, which we built from the ground up almost 15 years ago. We are DIYer’s, so the projects around our home are endless. Our latest DIY undertaking has been our kitchen. My husband says this will be the last major project in our home, but we will see about that (wink, wink!). We live about 20 minutes from historic Plymouth, Massachusetts and we enjoy heading there on hot summer nights for dinner and drinks by the ocean.

Our Family

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, “Where did the name Eleanor Rose Home come from?” Eleanor Rose Home is named after our dachshund-mix rescue, Eleanor Roosevelt. She is the apple of our eyes and the epitome of love, homeliness, coziness, and togetherness. Eleanor embodies all things I wanted the blog to represent! You can read more about me and the story of Eleanor Rose Home here.

Eleanor Rose Home

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about our family, it’s time to get this summer home tour started!

Kitchen Summer Home Tour

The kitchen is the heart of our home.

Farmhouse Kitchen

When you walk through the front door into our home, you enter the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier, our kitchen is currently under renovation. We still have a few things left to do including building the oven vent hood, painting & hardware updates to the cabinets, and wallpaper to hang. But for now, I am enjoying all that we have accomplished so far!

You can view the progress of our renovation in my Instagram highlight labeled Kitchen Renovation.

My hope is to have the kitchen completely finished by the end of this summer (fingers crossed)!

Flowers & Muffins

My vision for our kitchen remodel was an open & airy farmhouse-cottage style kitchen with a combination of warm woods & cozy whites. It has been so fun seeing our vision slowly come to life!


To create that cottage vibe, we installed beadboard around the entire kitchen including the backsplash. I love the texture the beadboard adds to the entire room. We painted all of the beadboard Alabaster in an eggshell finish by Sherwin Williams. Picking a shade of white paint was no easy task, but I am so happy with the color we decided upon! Alabaster is the perfect creamy shade of white for our home.

Summer View

My favorite part of the entire kitchen renovation is this open shelf area with hanging pegs! I wanted to have an open shelf in the kitchen so we removed the cabinet that was here. It was amazing how much lighter and brighter the kitchen became by simply removing that cabinet!

To style this shelf for summer, I placed a few red ranunculus in a cream colored planter and added a couple of blue & white striped hand towels for just a small touch of red, white, and blue.

I loved the addition of the basket to the hanging pegs as well. The texture of the basket against the texture of the beadboard really makes this area pop. Also, who doesn’t love a little scallop detail?!

Kitchen Shelf
Framed Art

These glass bon bon jars are one of my favorite additions to the kitchen! I love the functionality and uniqueness they add to our countertops.

Glass Canisters
Kitchen Cabinets

In this corner of the kitchen by the stove, I have a cookbook holder. I like to leave a particular cookbook open to the page that contains a recipe of my grandmothers. I love that every time I walk by the open cookbook it reminds me of her and her delicious homecooked meals.

A great way to keep your home cozy is by adding items of sentimental value into your décor, pieces that are unique and special to you and your family.

Cooking in the Kitchen
Family Recipe

From this view in the kitchen you get a small glimpse into the rest of our downstairs, which includes the library and living room.

Homemade Muffins

Let’s head over to the next stop in our tour, the living room!

Living Room Summer Home Tour

Our living room is small and cozy. Just how we like it! We enjoy unwinding here at the end of a long day with our feet up with an exciting movie on the television or a good book in our hands.

Living Room

Our entire first floor is open. The sofa console table we have on the back of our living room sectional helps to create a more defined living room in an open downstairs.

This console table is one of my favorite pieces to style & play with in our home. I love changing the décor on this table often. For summer, I added an old white olive bucket with a mix of blue & white hydrangeas, chamomile, and stock along with a red bow for a festive 4th of July arrangement.

I added a few of my favorite books in shades of blue to our console table for another pop of my favorite summer color!

Summer Hydrangeas

When building our home, we added built-in bookcases along with two window seats to one wall in our living room. The window seats are one of Eleanor’s favorite places to nap and keep watch for mom’s deliveries (she is not a fan of delivery drivers!).

I like to keep our bookshelves simple for the summer with a collection of our favorite books, a couple of faux green plants, and a few baskets for texture. To add texture and dimension to the bookshelves, I face some of the books with the pages facing out and randomly alternate them on each shelf (this has been slightly controversial on social media!). I just love the the texture it adds to the bookshelves.

You may notice a few gold bunnies on the bookshelves as well. Gold bunny figurines are a year around décor staple in our home!

Living Room
Built-in Bookshelves

I love adding small pops of blue to our home for summer, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with throw pillows. I like to purchase pillow covers and change those on our throw pillows seasonally. The blue script pillow cover here, is the just the right amount of blue for summer in our neutral living room.

Above our living room sectional, we have three large wooden signs with photos of Nadalee & William from a couple of years ago. I love these photos of our children and the natural backdrops of the photos are perfect for a summer home.

Living Room Sofa
Summer Flowers

That completes the tour of the first floor. Let’s head upstairs to our master bedroom!

Master Bedroom Summer Home Tour

We did a small refresh of our bedroom a few years ago. The refresh included installing Summer Squall wallpaper by Ellie Cashman as an accent wall behind our bed. This wallpaper is absolutely stunning with it’s large bold flowers and it’s incredible lifelike attention to detail.

I love the challenge of keeping this wallpaper suitable for all seasons and holidays!

Master Bedroom

I added this pink & white block print/stripped quilt to our bed for the summer. The bright pink color is what sold me, and I loved how the small floral block print complimented the large floral print wallpaper.

Cozy Bedding

Summer is the perfect season to play around with bold colors and patterns that you might otherwise might be nervous about trying! Summer is full of bright, vibrant colors so it’s the perfect season to experiment with colors in your home.

Summer Quilt

To style our nightstands, we clipped wild roses from our woodline along with a few peonies we have growing in our backyard. Shopping our yard for natural décor is one of my favorite activities. It is like a treasure hunt and the bonus is it’s all budget friendly!

Floral Wallpaper

We purchased our bedroom furniture a few years ago from a local New England furniture store. The furniture gives the perfect French farmhouse-cottage vibe to our bedroom.

I wrote a blog post last week with 10 tips to refresh your bedroom for summer. You can check out that blog post here for a few great tips and to see more views of our bedroom!

Summer Bedding
Master Bedroom

Thank You for Stopping By

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our home as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. I would love for you to visit us again, it was so fun having you here!

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Cindy at Cloches & Lavender is the next stop on this summer home tour. Cindy is a fellow dachshund lover and her home is filled with beautiful, unique, vintage pieces which makes her home feel warm and inviting. Be sure to visit the other homes in our summer home tour too, links included below. Happy Summer!!!


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3 Easy Ways to Update Your Front Porch for Spring

It’s that time of the year here in New England when the warmer temperatures arrive and us New Englanders can’t wait to get back outside and soak up the rays of sunshine after a long winter. Dave and I start getting the itch right around this time of year (more Dave than I) to head outside to start cleaning up the yard, freshening up the beds, and removing any old décor from the holidays. Living in the northeast, we know we need to enjoy any and all warm, sunny days because it doesn’t last long around here! We still have a lot to do to get the yard ready for the season, but a simple refresh to our front porch was a great way to get us started and is a beautiful way to welcome our guests. If you’re itching to get outside like we were to start freshening up your outdoor spaces, I have three simple updates that can be done to your entrance or porch this spring that will take no more than a trip to your local box store and couple hours of your time. Remember to enjoy the fresh air and getting your hands in the dirt, before you know it, Fall will be upon us again!

1. Add Pots or Planters with Fresh Flowers

Your front porch should reflect your home and how you want to present it to the world. It’s the place people see when driving by and it’s the first space someone sees before ever stepping foot in your home. The plants and the pots you select for your front porch should be a reflection of your style as well as an extension of your landscape. For our front porch, we added terracotta pots. I wanted a terracotta style pot but without the orange color, so I followed a simple aging technique I found on Liz Marie Blog last year for terracotta pots. This aging technique was so simple and gave the pots exactly the color and antique look I was going for. I absolutely loved the result and can’t wait to do this on more terracotta pots either this summer or next year! (Here is the link to the aging technique that I used: Aged Terra Cotta Pots.)The plants we selected to place in the pots were a Scarlett O’Hara Pieris (white flowers on the left of the door), Forsythia (yellow flowers to the right of the door), and a Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower (purple flowers to the right of the door). Each one of these plants we selected can be removed from the pots and transplanted somewhere else in our yard once they are done flowering or get too large for the pots. We also made sure each one of these plants prefer full sun, since this part of our home gets quite a bit of sunlight. The plants in your neck of the woods may vary from ours, so be sure to check the care instructions of any plants you are purchasing to make sure they will thrive where you are placing them in your landscape.

Here are a few more pots and planters I am loving for a front porch!

2. Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door