DIY Mother’s Day Gift & Tablescape

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, are you ready?! If not, I’ve got another Mother’s Day gift idea for you! Last week, I shared gift ideas from some of my favorite retailers, you can read that post here. However, this week I wanted to share with you an inexpensive and easy gift that little ones can help with and one that mom will love.

Fresh herbs planted in aged terracotta pots. Each Mother’s Day, I ask Dave for herbs to plant in our planter we have on our back deck right next to the kitchen. I love having fresh herbs all summer long that I can easily access while I’m cooking. I use them in everything from salad dressings to sauces to marinades for meat & poultry, and even ice cream! (You can find my rosemary ice cream recipe, here.) One of the other great things about growing herbs is the delicious scents that eminent from them and the wonderful aromas that fill our deck and kitchen!

Instead of gifting mom an herb in the ugly plastic container that comes from the store with the ugly plastic plant label…let’s make it special by transplanting the herbs into beautiful aged terracotta pots (that we aged ourselves!) and adding super cute wooden plant labels! I had aged terracotta pots a few weeks ago for our front porch (read that post here) and had such a fun time doing that, I thought I would age more pots for these herb gifts. Some other fun ideas to dress up a basic terracotta pots besides aging them would be painting with acrylic paints or decoupaging (littles would have so much fun helping with any of these techniques!). Aging terracotta is super easy technique I found on Liz Marie Blog.

Mother's Day Gift Idea
Herb Labels

To age terracotta pots you only need a few things; organic garden lime, water, clay pots (for the herbs I bought 4″ pots), matching clay saucer, bowl for mixing, and a paint brush. To make the aging mixture, add 1 cup of lime to bowl and mix with 1 cup of water (ratio is 1:1). Stir until lime fully dissolves in water, mixture will resemble mud. To apply the lime mixture, use a paint brush to brush the mixture onto the clay pots & saucers, making sure to coat pot evenly. Allow to fully dry and if desired, apply 1 to 2 more coats (I applied 3 coats to the pots pictured here). That’s it!

Once your clay pots are fully dried from the aging process (should only take an hour or so) you can transplant your herbs into their new pots. You can use any herbs that you or mom like for this DIY. I purchased rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, chives, and mint. Note: You may need a handful or two of potting soil when transplanting (we like to use Miracle-Gro Potting Soil). Once you’ve transplanted your herbs, water in, and add the wooden herb tag. You can purchase the tags I used here (I also like these), or you can also make your own with popsicle sticks!

Mother's Day Gift Idea
Herbs in Terracotta Pots

Your DIY herb pots are now ready for gifting to mom, how easy was that! Let’s not stop there though…

I took the herb pots and made a tablescape with them! If you’re hosting a Mother’s Day breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner this would be the perfect tablescape to display your potted herb gifts and then have mom take the centerpiece when done!

Mother's Day Tablescape
Herb Centerpiece

For this tablescape, I started by adding a runner to the center of the table. Then, I centered two of the herb pots in the middle of the table and the runner. I added three mason jars on either side of the herb pots using a large, medium, and small mason jars on either side of the centered herb pots with a votive candle inside each mason jar. I then added another two herb pots on either end of the table (other side of mason jars) to complete the center of our tablescape.

Mother's Day Table
Place Setting
Candles in Mason Jars

I kept the place settings simple for this tablescape with white plates, clear drinking glasses, and gold utensils. I used a napkin that matched the table runner which I then tied with a simple twine bow and inserted an extra wooden plant tag into each napkin.

Light the candles and your table is ready to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day!

Herbs as a Centerpiece
Mother's Day Tablescape

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Mother’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt, or any other special lady in your life, Eleanor Rose Home has got you covered!

I’ve gathered some of my favorite items that I love to gift but also receive (I hope Dave is reading this!) for Mother’s Day in hopes that this helps you find the perfect gift for that special someone. I’ve included a wide range of gift ideas for mom’s mind, body, and soul ranging in price from $5 to over $100…I think there’s a little something for everyone! Links included for all featured items!

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.”

~Elder M. Russell Ballard

Candles for Mother’s Day

Lemon Candle
Mother's Day Candle Idea
Flowers & Candles

Candles are one my favorite gifts to give and also receive. It’s such a great gift to give to someone to freshen and cozy up their home any time of the year. Mother’s Day is a great time to give mom a new candle with scents of spring & summer. The scent of the candles burned in our home change with the seasons. I love burning flowery and fruity candles in the spring and summer. Some of my favorite scents this time of year are lemon, peach, lavender, and the classic, vanilla. One of my favorite candle companies is Antique Candle Co. Their candle scents are beyond delicious, packaged in adorable mason jars, and the best part…the candles are produced in Indiana with American natural soy wax & 100% lead free cotton wicks! You can rest assure that you are giving mom a quality candle without toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients. Not sure what scent to grab mom for Mother’s Day? Here are a few of my favorite scented candles; Momma’s Kitchen, Sweet Lemon, Lavender Vanilla, and Georgia Peach. If those scents don’t sound like one mom would like, check out the other scented candles from Antique Candle Co., here.

The Perfect Home Décor Books for Mom on Mother’s Day

Book Ideas to Gift Mom
Home Decor Books for Mom
Books to Gift Mom on Mother's Day

Give mom the gift of an inspirational book! If mom is a home décor lover like me, she will love any of the books pictured here. I find myself reading more in the summertime when lounging by the pool or hanging out at the beach than I do any other time of the year. I love picking up a home décor book and sometimes just flipping through the pages to look at the photos, and other times reading the pages thoroughly as if I’m reading gospel. Each of the books I am recommending here are my tried and true favorites (some of which I have read multiple times), and have helped me to fine tune my décor style and the way I approach styling our home.

Cosmetics to Gift Mom

Soaps & Lotions
Cosmetic Gift Idea for Mom
View of the Kitchen Sink

No, I don’t mean makeup! Treat mom to organic body lotions, soaps, scrubs, candles, and more from French company Panier Des Sens. All of their products are made from organic ingredients locally grown and sourced in Provence, France. Sounds so fancy, right?! I’ve been using their products for months now, and I am obsessed! The products are luscious with the most amazing scents all wrapped in beautiful packaging. Some of my favorite scents are Verbena, Rose, Lavender, and Honey My current favorite products are this hand soap, this body lotion, this lip balm, this hand cream, and this shower gel. They even have a Mother’s Day page with great gift ideas for mom, that can be found here. The best part…I’ve got a coupon code for you! Use code HEIDI20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase!

More Mother’s Day Gift Giving Ideas…

Mother's Day Anthropologie Gift Ideas
Target Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Pottery Barn Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I’ve rounded up more Mother’s Day gift giving ideas from Anthropologie, Target, and Pottery Barn! Click on each photo for links to featured items. Happy shopping!!!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog when I share a fun, inexpensive, and easy Mother’s Day DIY that even the kiddos can help with!

Links to products featured in this post can be found in our new “Shop Our Home” page. I hope this page makes shopping our home a little easier for you! I do earn a small commission when you make a purchase from one of our LTK links. Your support helps me continue to create meaningful content for you!

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