Neutral Kitchen

Cozy Kitchen Corner

My love of a cozy home is apparent! For those of you that have been here for a while, you know that there are certain areas of our home that I love to style and update frequently. This cozy kitchen corner is one of them.

I am not entirely sure why this kitchen corner is one of my favorite spaces in our home. It just makes me feel cozy and happy. When we recently installed beadboard in this area, the cozy meter flew off the charts for me!

Summer Style

Our original plan for this cozy kitchen corner was to add wooden hanging pegs to the trim piece going along the top of the beadboard (similar to this shelf we installed in another part of the kitchen). However, when I stumbled upon these gold sweet home signs with hooks at Target, I began to imagine something slightly different here. Instead of installing the hanging pegs on the trim, we hung 3 of the sweet home wall signs on the beadboard (I always like to group items in odd numbers). I absolutely adore the character, the pop of gold, and the functionality these signs add to this little corner.

Market Bag
Summer Home
View From the Kitchen

The signs include 2 gold screws and 2 anchors each, however the signs I purchased were missing a couple of each. Instead of returning the signs or searching for gold screws, we used regular black screws and applied Rub ‘n Buff in European Gold to match the screws to the color of the signs.

We did not anchor the screws into the wall because we screwed the signs into the beadboard. However, I would recommend using anchors if you install these signs on drywall or sheetrock.

Rub 'n Buff
Sweet Home Sign

I kept the styling of this kitchen corner very simple for summer by adding a market bag and a couple of towels for the pool. The French door in this corner of our kitchen leads out to the pool area so this is a great spot to hang essentials for swimming and sunbathing. These wall hooks have become very convenient!

Summer View

I hung these blue stripped towels from Hearth & Hand by Magnolia on two of the hooks. The fringe detail on the towels is so pretty and the blue stripes are absolutely perfect for summer! Blue is one of my favorite colors to use in our home during the summer months. You can see more ways I incorporate blue into our home for summer, here.

Kitchen Corner
Summer Home View

The market bag I hung on one of the hooks is also from the Hearth & Hand by Magnolia line. It’s a great summer bag for the beach, or a trip to the farmer’s market, or for packing a picnic. I love the organic texture of this bag and the coziness it adds to this corner.

Kitchen Corner

These sweet home signs would look amazing hung by a front door as a single sign or grouped together in multiples. The hooks are the ideal size to hang keys, leashes, hats, bags or coats.

Summer View

To complete this kitchen corner (for now!) I added a new, neutral area rug. I wanted a rug here that was sturdy enough to soak up wet feet coming in from the pool, but a rug that was cozy too. This rug is the perfect fit for this corner!

Kitchen Rug
Cozy Kitchen Corner

This cozy kitchen corner is not finished! We will be installing wallpaper above the beadboard by the end of the summer. I cannot wait to show you the wallpaper that we chose for our kitchen and entryway. Stay tuned. It is going to make this space even cozier…if that’s even possible!

View of Our Home

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Summer Bedroom

Farmhouse Cottage Bedroom: Summer Refresh

It’s summer and that means it’s time to refresh your bedroom! Summer decorating is at it’s finest when it’s simplified, relaxed, airy, and peaceful. This is especially true for the room we spend about a third of our lives in, the bedroom. Our summer bedroom continues the same decorating theme as the rest of our home, cozy minimalism. Less equals more. Remove the heavy blankets, flannel sheets, store away the winter clothes, and your bedroom will begin to feel cooler, calmer, and more collected. Your bedroom will become the perfect space for enjoying a restful night’s sleep on a hot summer night.

Summer Quilt
Summer Bedroom

Whenever I think of summer, I am brought back to the summer I had turned sixteen and traveled to Iowa. I am originally from Iowa, and was sent to Iowa to de-tassel corn. That year, the weather had other ideas. Instead of working, I had a 4 week vacation that left me with lasting memories of time spent with extended family.

I spent most of that summer at my paternal grandparents. One of the memories that sticks out in my mind the most, was a night spent at my maternal grandmother’s. It was an incredibly hot and sticky night in Iowa. I was spending the night at grandma’s after spending the day at the farm. The only guest bedroom was on the second floor. The second floor was essentially an attic with two bedrooms that were used by my mother and her siblings growing up. The air could get thick and hot on the second floor. There was no air conditioning or ceiling fans.

As I think back on that night, I don’t remember the heat. What I do remember, is how cozy and peaceful I felt. I distinctly remember the smell of my grandparents home, the sound of the cicadas through the open windows, the curtains billowing in the breeze, and the texture of the knobby quilt that I laid underneath. These are the things I remember and that cozy, peaceful feeling is what I try to evoke in our bedroom.

Floral Wallpaper

Here are a few simple tips that I use to turn our farmhouse cottage bedroom into a cozy, peaceful, relaxing retreat. Simply use these tips as a guide. These tips are completely customizable to your home and to your style!

Bedroom Refresh Tip #1: Change Your Sheets

Summer Bedding

Refresh your sheets to stay cool & comfortable while sleeping. For the summer, swap out your thick, winter flannel sheets with light, breathable cotton or linen sheets. Cotton or linen fabrics are perfect for summer because of their breathability.

Summer Bedding

Cotton/linen sheets are available at all price points. We currently have these these inexpensive sheets from Target on our bed. These cotton sheets from the Casaluna line at Target look heavenly. And, how amazing do these sheets look from Pottery Barn.

Tip: When making an online purchase, verify the material of the sheets before placing your order!

Bedroom Refresh Tip #2: Remove Heavy Bedding

Summer Quilt

Store away heavy comforters and blankets until next fall. Add lighter duvets and quilts to your bed for the summer. A lightweight duvet or quilt is perfect on a chilly night.

Summer Quilt

Have fun with your summer bedding! Summer is the perfect time to try out a new print or maybe a fun pop of color (pops of blue are perfect for summer). I added this block print/stripped quilt in pink and white to our bed. I love the block print of the quilt with the large floral wallpaper on our bedroom walls. This quilt is so fun, and something a little different than I normally would have in our bedroom!

Bedroom Refresh Tip #3: Declutter

Summer Bedroom

Spring is not the only cleaning season! At the start of each season, I like to go through our home and deep clean. Summer is no exception. Use the new season as a reason to declutter your bedroom. Clean up the pile of winter clothes that’s been hanging out in a corner of the room, dust furniture, vacuum under the bed, clean out sock & underwear drawers, go through your closet and purge old clothes that you don’t wear or that don’t fit anymore.

Declutter and get rid of the things you don’t need, your bedroom will begin to feel lighter and brighter!

For more tips on organizing your home, check out this blog post.

Bedroom Refresh Tip #4: Store Away Winter Clothes

Summer Bedroom

Take those heavy winter clothes and store them away! Bring those summer clothes to the forefront of your closet and dresser. In our home, we do not have a lot of storage space. What I like to do is move the winter clothes to the back of the closet and push my summer clothes to the front. This allows me to only focus on the clothes I can wear now.

Bedroom Refresh Tip #5: Add Fresh Flowers & Greenery

Summer Flowers

This tip goes for every room in our home! I love having fresh flowers and greenery throughout our entire home. They add a brightness and happiness to our bedroom! The best part about summer flowers and greenery, is that you don’t have to run to the grocery store. Head out to your backyard! You can prune greenery and flowers in your own landscape and bring them in.

Summer Flowers

Some of my favorite greens to cut are from along our woodline. I love clipping weeds & wildflowers in our yard as well and filling vases with those. We snipped these wild roses from our woods! Weeds & wildflowers can be just as beautiful styled in a vase as the more popular flowers.

Bedroom Refresh Tip #6: Remove Heavy Curtains

Summer Bedroom

We do not have curtains in our bedroom. I like the bright, open feel our bedroom has without them. We opted for blinds that can be opened or closed for privacy instead. If you do have curtains hanging in your bedroom, consider adding sheer or cotton panels for the summer. Thick curtains (velvets, polyesters, silks) can make your bedroom feel heavy.

Remember, a summer bedroom should feel light and airy!

Bedroom Refresh Tip #7: Make Your Bed

Summer Quilt
Summer Bedding

There is nothing better than crawling into a bed that’s been made at the end of a long day! I highly encourage (if you do not already) to get into the habit of making your bed each and every morning! Your room will look neat during the day and you will enjoy getting into a cool, crisp bed at night.

Bedroom Refresh Tip #8: Clean Off Nightstands

Bedroom Nightstands
Bedroom Nightstands

Each morning, after I make our bed, I clean off our nightstands. I clean off any drinks, stow away chargers, and throw away any tissues or trash from the previous night. Keeping your nightstand clean provides a fresh surface each night you go to bed.

The décor on your nightstands do not need to match. I love the look of mismatched nightstands. Style your nightstands based on who is sleeping on that side of the bed.

Bedroom Refresh Tip #9: Ditch the Bedroom Throw Pillows

Summer Bedroom

Think about ditching the bedroom throw pillows!

I did this years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I was spending way too much time in the morning styling the throw pillows on our bed only to have hubby throw them off like rag dolls. Now I can take those couple of minutes in the morning and work on something else!

Bedroom Refresh Tip #10: Turn Off the Television

Floral Wallpaper

Turn off the television to create a relaxing, calming bedroom. I struggle with this one. We have a tv in our bedroom and there are many nights where I get sucked into a television show. The nights I enjoy the most are ones that I leave the tv off and simply read a book. I fall asleep faster and have a much more restful night’s sleep.

My Summer Bedroom & It’s a Doppelganger

Did you know our bedroom has a doppelganger?! My friend Emily from LeCultivateur has a bedroom very similar to ours! Her cottage style bedroom is beautiful and cozy. Can you spot the similarities between Emily’s bedroom and ours?

Cottage Bedroom
Flower Centerpiece

Head over to Emily’s blog post, My Summer Bedroom & It’s Doppelganger. I know you will be inspired by Emily’s home just as much as I have!

Wallpaper Accent Wall
Cottage Bedroom

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Mother’s Day Gift Giving Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt, or any other special lady in your life, Eleanor Rose Home has got you covered!

I’ve gathered some of my favorite items that I love to gift but also receive (I hope Dave is reading this!) for Mother’s Day in hopes that this helps you find the perfect gift for that special someone. I’ve included a wide range of gift ideas for mom’s mind, body, and soul ranging in price from $5 to over $100…I think there’s a little something for everyone! Links included for all featured items!

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.”

~Elder M. Russell Ballard

Candles for Mother’s Day

Lemon Candle
Mother's Day Candle Idea
Flowers & Candles

Candles are one my favorite gifts to give and also receive. It’s such a great gift to give to someone to freshen and cozy up their home any time of the year. Mother’s Day is a great time to give mom a new candle with scents of spring & summer. The scent of the candles burned in our home change with the seasons. I love burning flowery and fruity candles in the spring and summer. Some of my favorite scents this time of year are lemon, peach, lavender, and the classic, vanilla. One of my favorite candle companies is Antique Candle Co. Their candle scents are beyond delicious, packaged in adorable mason jars, and the best part…the candles are produced in Indiana with American natural soy wax & 100% lead free cotton wicks! You can rest assure that you are giving mom a quality candle without toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients. Not sure what scent to grab mom for Mother’s Day? Here are a few of my favorite scented candles; Momma’s Kitchen, Sweet Lemon, Lavender Vanilla, and Georgia Peach. If those scents don’t sound like one mom would like, check out the other scented candles from Antique Candle Co., here.

The Perfect Home Décor Books for Mom on Mother’s Day

Book Ideas to Gift Mom
Home Decor Books for Mom
Books to Gift Mom on Mother's Day

Give mom the gift of an inspirational book! If mom is a home décor lover like me, she will love any of the books pictured here. I find myself reading more in the summertime when lounging by the pool or hanging out at the beach than I do any other time of the year. I love picking up a home décor book and sometimes just flipping through the pages to look at the photos, and other times reading the pages thoroughly as if I’m reading gospel. Each of the books I am recommending here are my tried and true favorites (some of which I have read multiple times), and have helped me to fine tune my décor style and the way I approach styling our home.

Cosmetics to Gift Mom

Soaps & Lotions
Cosmetic Gift Idea for Mom
View of the Kitchen Sink

No, I don’t mean makeup! Treat mom to organic body lotions, soaps, scrubs, candles, and more from French company Panier Des Sens. All of their products are made from organic ingredients locally grown and sourced in Provence, France. Sounds so fancy, right?! I’ve been using their products for months now, and I am obsessed! The products are luscious with the most amazing scents all wrapped in beautiful packaging. Some of my favorite scents are Verbena, Rose, Lavender, and Honey My current favorite products are this hand soap, this body lotion, this lip balm, this hand cream, and this shower gel. They even have a Mother’s Day page with great gift ideas for mom, that can be found here. The best part…I’ve got a coupon code for you! Use code HEIDI20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase!

More Mother’s Day Gift Giving Ideas…

Mother's Day Anthropologie Gift Ideas
Target Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Pottery Barn Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I’ve rounded up more Mother’s Day gift giving ideas from Anthropologie, Target, and Pottery Barn! Click on each photo for links to featured items. Happy shopping!!!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog when I share a fun, inexpensive, and easy Mother’s Day DIY that even the kiddos can help with!

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