Vintage Wooden Dresser

How to Style a Dresser in the Living Room for Fall

Let me show you how to style a dresser in the living room for fall. I think you’ll find it’s easier than you think!

How to Style a Dresser in the Living Room

I think I may have won the lottery when I recently spotted this antique dresser for sale on Facebook Marketplace! I’d been on the hunt for an antique dresser like this for years, and to finally have found what I was looking for was like…the skies parting and angels singing Halleluiah.

That’s a bit dramatic but, you know what I mean! To finally find something you’ve been searching for, for so long, is exciting!

Antique Wooden Dresser

I’ve dreamed of adding an antique piece of furniture with loads of character to this exact spot. Do you remember the glass cabinet that was here previously? If not, check it out here. Although we loved the glass cabinet, it always felt a little cold and lacked the character I wanted in our living room. By removing the glass cabinet and adding the wooden dresser, I think we have added the warmth and coziness I was craving to this space.

How to Style a Dresser in the Living Room

Can you put a dresser in the living room?

I know what you must be thinking, “Can you really put a dresser in the living room?”

Dressers are typically found in the bedroom, however they absolutely can be used in any room in your house including the living room. Dresser drawers are great for storing frequently used items like board games, blankets, books, toys, electronics, etc.

Wooden Dresser

How to Style a Dresser in the Living Room

Once the antique wooden dresser was in place, my mind began to swirl with ideas on how to style a dresser in the living room for fall. Lately, I’ve been decorating our home with intention and trying (trying is the key word!) to keep the décor in our home simple, beautiful, and meaningful. I approached styling this dresser the same way.

Curious about what I mean by decorating with intention? You can read more about it in this blog post.

If you have a dresser or are thinking of adding a dresser to your living room, here area few tips to style a dresser for fall. All you need are a few pieces to create a beautiful, intentional, and meaningful space!

Living Room Décor

Hang a Mirror or Artwork on the Wall

I was lucky enough to have the mirror we hung on the wall behind the dresser in storage. I bought it years ago to place on our fireplace mantle, but unfortunately it was too tall. So, off to storage it went. Fast forward to now and I am so glad I never returned or sold this mirror! It fits perfectly in the space between the dresser and the ceiling.

Dresser in the Living Room

The wood tone of the mirror frame matches perfectly with the warm tones of the dresser. And, I love how the scallop detail at the top of the mirror mimics the scallop detail at the bottom of the dresser. It’s like they were made to be together!

This mirror is still sold at Target, you can shop it here. We actually have the smaller sister mirror in our upstairs bathroom. Can you tell how much I love the style of this mirror?!

A large piece of artwork would also look great above a dresser in the living room. Or a gallery wall would look really nice too!

Vintage Dictionary & Candles

Place an Anchor Piece on the Top of the Dresser

I talk about anchor pieces quite often when sharing how I style a shelf, table, or counter. Styling the top of a dresser is no different. By adding a larger item (the anchor) you can add smaller décor around that to create a cohesive group. The anchor piece holds everything together and helps to create balance.

For the anchor piece on the top of the dresser I added an old, vintage dictionary. Old books add warmth and character to fall décor, and are fun to read curled up on the couch on a cool autumn day. I placed the dictionary with the weathered pages facing out for extra texture & character on top of the dresser.

Dresser Top Styling

How to Style a Dresser With a Group of Candles

On top of the vintage dictionary, I added a group of three candles. I loved the simplicity of this grouping and the ambiance of the light reflecting off the mirror.

Group of Candles

The gold candlestick holders are simple and beautiful and were the perfect height for stacking on top of the dictionary. I added basic ivory taper candles to the candlestick holders to add a lighter color among all of the brown and tan hues.

Vintage Dresser

How to Style a Dresser With Garland

I always love to have an element of the outdoors in any space I style. This faux bay leaf garland added that element here.

The faux garland on the dresser is actually a happy accident! When this garland came in the mail, I tossed it on top of the dresser to get it out of my way. As I continued to walk by the dresser with the garland haphazardly placed on top…I thought, I actually like how this looks!

Vintage Wooden Dresser

This faux bay leaf garland was very easy to work with and manipulate with it’s wire base and flexible leaves. I just kept bending and fluffing the garland on the dresser until I was able to achieve the look I wanted. Faux florals & greenery should always appear real. So, I styled the garland to look organic and natural. Free-flowing up and over the dresser.

Here are a couple other garlands I am loving for fall:

Wooden Dresser

How to Style a Dresser With Ribbon

And finally the cherry on top…a satin ribbon tied in a bow!

I think I would tie a bow on anything and everything if I could. It adds the cutest, whimsical detail! Thick, brown, satin ribbon is my current favorite for fall. It adds the perfect pop of brown, and I think it could also work in Christmas décor as well (hmmm…you may be seeing this ribbon for quite a few months in our house!).

Brown Satin Ribbon

To create the prettiest, coziest bow, tie large loops in your ribbon that are floppy and leave long ribbon tails. You don’t want a bow that looks too structured & harsh. Instead, you want a bow that is flowing and blends in with the décor it’s accenting.

Finish styling your bow by folding the end of the ribbon in half (lengthwise) and cutting an upside down “V”. This creates a beautiful, finished edge to the end of the ribbon tail.

Ribbon Tied on Dresser

What looks good on a dresser in the living room?

There are so many ways to decorate the top of a dresser in the living room. Here are a few other ideas for accent pieces that would look great styled on a dresser.

  • Framed Photos
  • Decorative boxes
  • Vase With Fresh or Faux Stems
  • Potted Plants
  • Stack of Books
  • Basket or Tray With Collected Items
  • Cloche
Vintage Dresser

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Vintage Wooden Dresser

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How to Style a Dresser in the Living Room
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Countertop Décor for Fall

Countertop Décor for a Cozy Fall Kitchen

Countertop décor in the kitchen should be intentional, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the largest pieces of real estate in your home is your kitchen countertops. Countertops and what might be on them are the first thing someone sees when walking into a kitchen. Kitchen countertops serve so many purposes that they can easily become cluttered and unorganized. Let’s organize & style our counters and take a look at a few tips for adding the perfect countertop décor for a cozy fall kitchen!

Kitchen Counter Décor

Labor day is this coming weekend marking the unofficial start of fall. Can you believe that?! To get you in the spirit of fall, I am joining a few blogger friends to bring you inspiration for the upcoming season (keep reading to the end of this post!).

Fall Blog Hop Inspiration

If you are coming here from Marty at A Stroll Thru Life, welcome! I love how Marty easily transitioned her beautiful guest bedroom from summer to fall. Marty included so many great ideas in her blog post! I’d also like to thank Pasha from Pasha is Home for including me in this fall inspired blog hop!

View of the Kitchen

If this is your first time stopping by Eleanor Rose Home, hello! I’m so glad to have you! You can learn more about me (Hi, I’m Heidi!) and Eleanor Rose Home, here. And…don’t forget to download your copy of my eBook, “How to Style Shelves Like a Pro“!

For even more inspiration, continue to the end of the post for links to additional fall inspired blog posts from my talented blogger friends.

Fall Countertop Décor

Countertop Décor for a Cozy Fall Kitchen

You guys know I love fall décor and adding that to our kitchen countertops is an absolute must! I’ve had so much fun styling our countertops lately since we installed quartz counters with a bead board backsplash.

If you’re new here, check out our old counters and backsplash. Big difference, right?! Our kitchen is so much lighter and brighter now!

Farmhouse Kitchen

When organizing, styling, and choosing what stays on our kitchen counters, I like to ask myself these questions. This helps me decide what can stay on the counters and what has to go.

  • Is this something that we use daily?
  • Does this have a home somewhere else?
  • Will keeping this item on the counter affect the functionality of our kitchen?
Fall Kitchen Décor

Once you know what can to stay on your kitchen counters, you can begin the fun part. Styling your countertops and adding seasonal countertop décor!

There are three things to keep in mind when styling kitchen countertop décor; intentionality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Fall Kitchen Décor

What is decorating with intention?

You are probably asking yourself, what does she mean decorating with intention? Decorating with intention is simply decorating with purpose. Choosing pieces that bring out the purpose of the room to create a cozy, authentic space that reflects your personality and home.

That’s it!

It’s something I have started being more mindful of when decorating our home and when making home décor purchases.

Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen
Kitchen Counter Styling

Tips for Styling Kitchen Countertops

For this blog post, I want to share with you the countertops in this corner of our kitchen and the tips I use to add countertop décor to our counters for fall or any season. These tips are universal and can be applied to any kitchen countertop including the kitchen island.

Kitchen Counter Décor

Start With a Base for Countertop Décor

When filling empty counter space (like this corner of our kitchen) or creating a vignette on your countertop, start by choosing a base or anchor piece. This could be a cutting board, bread board, basket, or even a large platter. The base you chose should be an item that you would use in the kitchen. Remember, we are decorating with intention!

Fall Kitchen Décor

By adding countertop décor to a base, your décor will look collected & cohesive instead of messy & cluttered.

On our kitchen counter, I chose a marble & wood cutting board as the base of the vignette. I then added items to create a group on top of the cutting board. I love how the texture of the wood, marble, and silver create visual appeal and depth to this corner of our kitchen.

Cozy Kitchen Corner

Bring in a Little Nature

Mother nature makes everything feel just a little cozier! I always love to have a bouquet of flowers or cut stems from the yard in our kitchen to create a warm, welcoming space.

Faux Olive Stems

Faux or dried stems are another great option to add a little nature to countertop décor because they last so much longer (especially in a kitchen corner)! For fall, I love to fill vessels with faux olive branches. The muted green leaves with the brown olive berries are the perfect transitional stems from summer to fall.

Fall Kitchen Décor

I love how these olive stems are flowing out of the vintage silver trophy. It looks organic and adds a little brightness to an otherwise dark kitchen corner.

You could also add a bowl of seasonal fruit or pumpkins here for a little touch of nature too!

Kitchen Countertops

Add Seasonal Pieces

Seasonal countertop décor can be fun and also functional.

Countertop Décor for Fall

I love ironstone all year long but for fall, I love to include antique brown transferware ironstone pieces into my décor. Here, I placed an old ironstone soup tureen. The dish adds vintage coziness and a little pop of brown to the countertop décor. With the lid off the soup tureen could be filled with apples, pumpkins, artichokes, the options are endless!

Vintage Ironestone
Fall Countertop Décor

For another seasonal touch to our kitchen countertop décor, I added my favorite fall sign from Joyfully Said. It fits perfectly under our kitchen cabinets. I simply leaned the sign against the wall behind the cutting board. This square Plaid About You sign would look beautiful as countertop décor, this We Love You Fall sign is adorable, and how gorgeous is this Fall Floral sign.

Kitchen Countertops

Love those fall wooden signs as much as I do from Joyfully Said? Use code eleanorrosehome at checkout for 15% off your sign purchase!

Cozy Kitchen

The last seasonal piece I added here was a cream colored ceramic pumpkin. This is one of my most favorite fall pieces I have ever purchased! Target no longer carries this exact ceramic pumpkin however, they do have this large cream ceramic gourd or this rust ceramic pumpkin both of which would look really pretty styled on a kitchen counter as well!

Ceramic Pumpkin

Instead of ceramic pumpkins you could also add a faux pumpkin (see some of my favs here) or a real pumpkin once those are in season.

Fall Décor in the Kitchen

Group Objects Together

For visually appealing countertop décor, group objects together. This tip can actually be applied to any area you are styling whether it’s countertop décor, a shelf, mantle, or even a tablescape. Our eyes are drawn to groups of odd numbered objects. I like to group things in groups of 3’s or 5’s but any odd number of objects will work.

Seasonal Décor

On the cutting board base, I added three objects (salt shaker, pepper shaker, & ironstone pot) and grouped them together. The salt & pepper shakers are used everyday in our kitchen so by adding them here we are decorating with intention.

I added the old English ironstone pot to this group because I loved the contrast of the ironstone with the wooden shakers.

Cozy Kitchen Décor

Keep Countertop Décor Minimal & Functional

Remember to keep your countertop décor minimal and functional! Your kitchen countertops are valuable real estate and the décor you add to your counters should not interfere with the functionality of your kitchen.

Corner of the Kitchen

Be intentional with what you leave on your kitchen counters. Keep items you use all the time on your countertops and remove what you don’t.

Removing clutter from your counters and adding intentional, seasonal, beautiful countertop décor will make your kitchen feel organized and cozy.

Fall Kitchen Décor

More Fall Inspiration

Now that you’ve added cozy fall countertop décor to your kitchen, head on over to Truemans Treasures for 10 fall decor ideas for your entryway. Kylie’s home is beautiful and I know you will love her ideas for styling your entryway for fall.

Countertop Décor for the Kitchen

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Fall Décor in the Kitchen

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Kitchen Counters

I look forward to sharing more of my home with you and inspiring you to have a well loved home! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and

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Neutral Fall Decor

Neutral Fall Décor Ideas

Neutral fall décor is one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to decorate your home for the season.

Fall Artwork

Decorating our home for fall is my absolute favorite! For me, fall equals warmth and coziness. I love to incorporate that cozy feeling into our home when I decorate for fall with lots of textures, natural elements, and warm tones. Neutral fall décor is effortless, timeless, and easily fits into an already existing color palette.

Fall Artwork

What is neutral fall décor?

Neutral fall décor is cozy, inviting, and comforting. It includes rich textures, natural elements, warm earthy tones, along with spicy autumnal scents. Fall décor should engage each of the five senses to create the coziest fall atmosphere.

Yes, fall décor should also include the sense of taste and smell! My family loves comfort food in the fall (this is a family favorite recipe) and the scent of fall is so delicious with a crock pot potpourri simmering on the kitchen counter.

Fall Farmhouse

5 Neutral Fall Décor Ideas

Here are five simple ways to decorate your home for the season using neutral fall décor.

Neutral Fall Décor

Real or Faux Pumpkins

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins! I love to add pumpkins not only to our outdoor décor but inside as well. They add that natural, organic element that I adore.

Olive Branches & Pumpkins

My favorite way to style real or faux pumpkins is by stacking them. It’s a little early in our area for real pumpkins so I stacked a couple of faux pumpkins from Michael’s at this side entrance to our home. Don’t be afraid of using faux natural elements! Faux pumpkins have come a long way over the years. There are some really nice, affordable, realistic looking pumpkins available these days.

Fall Entryway

My favorite real pumpkins to search for are Cinderella pumpkins. They are flatter and a little wider than the traditional Halloween pumpkin. I like to search for pumpkins that are a little misshapen (nothing in nature is perfect, right?!) with long curly stems. These faux ones reminded me of some of my favorite real pumpkins!

Pumpkins & Rain Boots

Typically I prefer white pumpkins, but I loved the shades of greens & yellows in these pumpkins! The colors worked well with the other neutral fall décor in our home.

Neutral Fall Entryway

To stack faux pumpkins, simply remove the stem from the pumpkin on the bottom of the stack. Easily remove the stem by gently twisting & pulling until the glue on the stem releases from the pumpkin. When you want to add the stem back on, just pop it right back in the hole with a little dollop of hot glue. So easy! You can watch the video I created of this pumpkin hack on Pinterest.

Neutral Fall Decor
Family Room

Cozy Throw Pillows

Transforming your living room into a comfy, relaxing space for fall is easy with the addition of cozy throw pillows.

Cozy Throw Pillows

I prefer to purchase pillow covers, instead of the entire throw pillow. This way, I can change the look and feel of our couch throughout the year without having to store pillows when they are not in use. I simply change the pillow cover and continuously reuse the same insert (my favorite down insert is linked here). Perfect for a home with the limited closet space!

Couch With Throw Pillows

Mix pillows of different sizes, patterns, and textures for extra coziness. I love to add thicker, textured pillow covers like this faux fur pillow cover and this oversized woven plaid pillow to our neutral fall décor. Thicker textured fabrics makes the house feel just a little bit warmer on the coolest of autumn days.

Pottery Barn Pumpkin Pillow

How adorable is this plush pumpkin pillow?! It is the perfect, cozy addition to our living room for fall.

And how cute is this smaller pumpkin pillow too…

Window Seat & Bookshelves

Amber Glass Bottles & Vases

Amber glass adds deep, rich, warm tones to neutral fall décor with it’s beautiful gold-brown color. Antique amber glass bottles & vases add character to fall décor with their unique shapes and distinctive lettering.

Amber Glass Collection

My love of amber glass and specifically amber glass bottles started a little over a year ago. As I was strolling through an antique store, I noticed beautiful brown glass jars. Each jar unique in it’s own way with stories I could dream up of why and how these brown glass jars were used previously. And thus, my love and collection of amber glass began.

Amber Glass

I styled my small collection of antique amber glass bottles along with these new amber glass vases from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia on our sofa table. In some of the antique amber glass bottles I added candles. And in the new amber glass vases, I added bouquets of seasonal flowers.

This created a beautiful, charming centerpiece on our sofa console table perfect for the transition from summer to fall.

Neutral Fall Décor
Fall Flowers

These bottles filled with flowers and candles would make a great centerpiece on a fall tablescape as well!

Neutral Fall Decor

Copper Pots

Copper is a beautiful metal to decorate with all year, especially in the fall. It adds metallic texture and warm tones which mix in seamlessly with neutral fall décor.

Kitchen Shelf

I added a small copper pot to the shelf in our kitchen. The rich copper color pops against the white shelf and white walls.

Copper Pot
Fall Kitchen Shelf

I styled the copper pot very simply by placing on a stack of white dishes with the lid placed on top.

Neutral Fall Decor

There are so many fun & creative ways to style a copper pot. Leave the lid off and fill with fresh greens (seeded eucalyptus would look beautiful in this!), fresh seasonal fruit or veggies, or even add a collection of wooden spoons.

Neutral Fall Décor

Neutral Fall Artwork

Add fall artwork to your walls and shelves with scenes that depict fall landscapes or fall images.

Fall Artwork
Fall Cottage Farmhouse

I added fall artwork to this small wall in our home located between the kitchen and living room. I love the warm fall tones this print & the gold frame add to this area.

Neutral Fall Décor Farmhouse

Framed art does not need to cost a fortune. The framed art hung here was purchased at Target a couple of years ago. This new framed pear & apple art available at Target is a favorite of mine, both pieces extremely inexpensive.

Another inexpensive way to add artwork to your home is by purchasing a digital download, printing the print yourself, and then adding the art to a frame you already have in your home. My favorite online digital print store is BFF Print Shop. They have a large variety of prints to download and all are available for $20 or less. It’s such an easy, inexpensive way to change the art in your home throughout the seasons!

Artwork for Fall

Want to hang artwork a little differently?!

I decided to hang our fall framed art from a brown satin ribbon. I am loving how it looks! It adds a fun, whimsical touch to this wall.

Fall Cottage Farmhouse

To recreate this look, add two eye hooks to the left and right side of the back of your frame. Tie one piece of ribbon to the left eye hook, and another piece of ribbon to the right eye hook. Meet the ribbon ends in the middle of the print and tie in a knot. Hang from a nail. Then, tie another piece of ribbon around the nail and tie into a bow. Cut the tail ends of the ribbon in an upside down “V”.

A simple touch but so beautiful!

Neutral Fall Decor

Other Neutral Fall Décor Ideas

Some of my other favorite ways to decorate our home with neutral fall décor:

Neutral Fall Decor

Fall Inspiration on Pinterest

For even more neutral fall décor ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I am pinning fall inspiration daily, check out my fall décor board for more!

Neutral Fall Decor

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5 Neutral Fall Décor Ideas
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