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10 Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom for Summer

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Refresh your bedroom this summer with these 10 tips to turn your bedroom into a cool, cozy, relaxing retreat.

Here are a few simple tips to turn your bedroom into a cozy, peaceful, relaxing retreat. These tips are completely customizable to your home and to your style!

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #1:

Change Your Sheets

Refresh your sheets to stay cool & comfortable while sleeping. Cotton or linen fabrics are perfect for summer because of their breathability.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #2:

Remove Heavy Bedding

Store away heavy comforters and blankets. Add lighter duvets and quilts to your bed for the summer, they are  perfect on a chilly night.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #3:


Spring is not the only cleaning season! At the start of each season, I like to go through our home and deep clean. Summer is no exception.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #4:

Store Away Winter Clothes

Take those heavy winter clothes and store them away! Bring those summer clothes to the forefront of your closet and dresser.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #5:

Add Fresh Flowers & Greens

This tip goes for every room in our home! I love having fresh flowers and greenery throughout our entire home.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #6:

Remove Heavy Curtains

Consider adding sheer or cotton panels for the summer. Thick curtains (velvets, polyesters, silks) can make your bedroom feel heavy.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #7:

Make Your Bed

There is nothing better than crawling into a bed that’s been made at the end of a long day!

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #8:

Clean Off Nightstands

Each morning I clean off our nightstands. I clean off any drinks, stow away chargers, and throw away any tissues or trash from the previous night.

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #9:

Ditch the Throw Pillows

Think about ditching the bedroom throw pillows! I did this years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Summer Bedroom Refresh Tip #10:

Turn Off the Television

Turn off the television to create a relaxing, calming bedroom.

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