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4 Unique & Creative Ideas to Use Fresh Rosemary

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Fresh cut rosemary is a versatile herb that can add a delightful touch to a wide range of culinary dishes as well as other areas of your kitchen & home. 

Here are 4 unique & creative ideas to utilize fresh cut rosemary beyond the traditional cooking methods.

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #1:

This unique frozen delight combines the creamy richness of ice cream with the aromatic essence of fresh rosemary.

Rosemary Ice Cream

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #1:

Infused with a subtle pine like fragrance, this velvety ice cream is a refreshing and unexpected treat.

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #2:

Simmer Pots are a great alternative to lighting candles, air fresheners, room sprays, or diffusers.

Simmer Pots

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #2:

Once you start simmering your own homemade potpourri, you will love the pleasant aroma that will permeate your home.

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #3:

Simple and easy to make, DIY lemon & herb citronella candles are made with all natural ingredients & no harsh chemicals.

DIY Citronella Candles

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #3:

These candles are the perfect way to ward off summer’s unwanted biting insects the all-natural way.

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #4:

Add rustic, natural beauty to your home with this quick & easy DIY rosemary wreath using herbs snipped right from your garden.

DIY Rosemary Wreath

Fresh Rosemary Creative Idea #4:

You’ll not only love the charm of this wreath but also it’s fresh, earthy fragrance.

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