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5 Creative Ideas for Decorating With Baskets

Baskets are a must for keeping a home organized and functional. They add texture and personality to any room they are placed in.

Here are 5 creative ideas for decorating with baskets that will add coziness & organization to your home.

Choosing the Right Basket

- Material - Shape & Size - Color & Pattern - Functionality

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the style of basket to add to your home.

Now that you've chosen the right basket, let's look at 5 creative ideas on how to decorate with baskets in your home.


Creative Idea #1:

Baskets on a Bookshelf

Decorating with baskets on a bookshelf  not only corrals your items but will add charm & character to your  space too.

Creative Idea #2:

Create a Vignette

Creating a vignette of similar items is a fun way to utilize baskets. You simply gather items you want to style together and group them within a basket.

Creative Idea #3:

Use Baskets in the Kitchen

Decorating with baskets in the kitchen is such a wonderful way to incorporate warmth & coziness into the room that is probably the most used in any home.

A Few Examples of Items You Can Store in a Basket in the Kitchen

– Fruits & Vegetables – Utensils – Greenery – Kitchen Linens – Cookbooks – Spices – Keys, Wallets, Phone Chargers


Creative Idea #4:

Add Greenery to Baskets

This is such a simple way to add a touch of nature to your home along with a pop of texture from the basket.

Creative Idea #5:

Decorate With Baskets on the Counter

Style fresh flowers or even fruits & vegetables on the counter for a fresh organic look.

For more creative ideas on how to use baskets in your home

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I believe that if you fill your home with things you love,  love will fill your home.