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5 Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas to Create  a Cozy Entrance

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

The entryway is one of the most important spaces in any home because it's the first thing guests see. It doesn’t matter how big or small your entryway is (ours is tiny!). All you need are a few cozy essentials to express big hospitality in a small space.

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #1:  Versatile Doormats

A doormat is not just for wiping dirty shoes and feet. It’s also a great way to dress up the entrance of a home. A doormat should be practical and stylish; matching the aesthetic of your home.

A Couple of Things to Consider When Shopping for a Doormat

– Consider where the doormat will be used.  – Check the size.  – Layer your doormats. 

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #2:  Seasonal Wreaths

I love to change the wreaths on our outside doors seasonally; it’s a fun & relatively inexpensive way to change up the outside of our home.

Wreath Pro Tip:

Make sure when shopping for a wreath that will hang on the outside of your front door, that the wreath is weather resistant. Good quality, weather resistant wreaths can be used and repurposed for many years.

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #3:  Wicker Baskets

Baskets offer a creative solution to declutter while adding storage to the entryway of a home. They can used to hold shoes, hats, mail, dog accessories, keys, winter apparel, or even firewood. So versatile, right?!

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #3:  Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can be placed anywhere in an entryway from hanging from hooks, to tucked under benches, or even hung on walls.

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #4:  A Spot to Sit

Make sure to have a spot in your entryway for guests to be able to sit down to remove  or put on their shoes and jackets.

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #5:  Autumn Inspired Artwork

The entryway sets the tone of your home and reflects your taste & personality. Adding artwork to your entryway tells guests who you are and what you love.

For more on how to add fall accents to create a cozy entryway..

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