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6 Simple & Festive  Summer Patriotic Home Decor Ideas

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Patriotic decor  does not need to be over the top to be impactful. A simple addition of a blue ribbon, or a red flower, or an old historical book are all you need to decorate your home for summer.

Summer Patriotic Decor Idea #1:

Patriotic Wreath

Make the entrance of your home patriotic with a homemade wreath to welcome guests into your home.

Summer Patriotic Decor Idea #2:


The simplest way to add summer patriotic decor to any home is with the flags. So simple and easy, right?!

Summer Patriotic Decor Idea #3:

Seasonal Flowers

Add flowers in shades of red, white, and blue to your inside & outdoor decor for simple patriotic decor.

Summer Patriotic Decor Idea #4:

Use Ribbon

Transform any object into patriotic decor with patriotic ribbon like this white & blue stripped one.

Summer Patriotic Decor Idea #5:

Old Books

Vintage books are a great addition to summer decor for that historical, patriotic feel.

Summer Patriotic Decor Idea #6:

Patriotic Food

Don't forget  summer is the perfect time to serve food that include the colors red, white, and blue!

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