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8 Tips for Styling  Open Kitchen Shelving  Like a Pro

Styling open kitchen shelving can be a difficult & time consuming task to achieve balanced, visually appealing shelves. These tips & tricks will save you time & frustration when it comes to styling shelves in the kitchen.

Here are my 8 simple shelf styling tips:

The basics of shelf styling:

-Combine old and new objects. -Use items of varying heights. -Add layers to create depth. -Stick to a color palette. -Add natural elements. -Mix materials. 

Shelf Styling Tips:

1. Find Anchor Pieces

Anchors are items that first catch your eye, they are usually the largest objects, and they help to create balance on the shelf.

Shelf Styling Tips:

2. Keep to a Color Scheme

No matter  your personal preference, stick to a color scheme to keep your shelves looking neat and cohesive.

Shelf Styling Tips:

3. Create Depth &  Add Height

Create depth on a shelf by layering pieces together. Include items of varying heights on a shelf.

Shelf Styling Tips:

4. Mix Materials

Add materials that compliment one another on open kitchen shelving. Wood, glass, metal, linens are just a few examples.

Shelf Styling Tips:

5. Use Groups of Odd Numbers

It is scientifically proven that our eyes are drawn to groups of odd numbers!

Shelf Styling Tips:

6. Decorate With Natural Elements

Natural elements are super simple way to add texture and visual interest to open kitchen shelving.

Shelf Styling Tips:

7. Make it Cozy

Create cozy kitchen shelving by adding new and vintage pieces to the shelves as well as decorating with pieces that are special to your family.

Shelf Styling Tips:

8. Step Back & Take a Break

If you feel frustrated styling your shelves step back & take break. This will allow you to clear your mind & come back to your shelf with a fresh outlook.

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