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8 Ways to Create a Functional & Beautiful Kitchen for Summer

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Summer is the perfect time to infuse your cooking space with functional kitchen decor that’s not only practical but also looks beautiful and makes your life easier & more enjoyable during the season.

Here are 8 ideas on how to add functional kitchen decor to your cooking space that will add simplicity, functionality, and style without much effort. 

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #1:

Display Canisters on Your Counters

Having essential ingredients within easy reach can streamline your cooking process and add a touch of charm to your kitchen.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #2:

Pitchers for Drinks & Decor

Pitchers are a versatile & stylish addition to your kitchen decor for summer, serving multiple purposes beyond their use for serving drinks.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #3:

Create Vignettes

Creating vignettes in your kitchen is a wonderful way to enhance kitchen decor for the summer months and elevate your space for summer entertaining.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #4:

Fresh Herb Garden

A fresh herb window box garden is a delightful addition to your functional kitchen decor for the summer season.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #5:

Swap Out Kitchen Linens

One of my favorite and easiest ways to change the decor in our home seasonally is by swapping out our kitchen linens.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #6:

Use Cookbooks as Decor

Cookbooks are not only valuable sources of culinary inspiration but also versatile elements to incorporate into your functional kitchen decor.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #7:

Seasonal Foods

Summer foods have the remarkable ability to serve as both nourishment & functional kitchen decor, bringing a delightful aesthetic to your cooking space.

Functional Kitchen Decor Idea #8:

Decorate With Items You Use Everyday

Incorporating everyday items into your  kitchen decor can extend beyond the  space itself, adding convenience & style to adjacent areas.

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