DIY Fridge Magnets With Vintage Plates

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Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to easily add style, personality, and functionality to your kitchen decor with these creative DIY fridge magnets using vintage plates.

I’ve been looking for ways to beautify the right side of our fridge that is an exposed eyesore in our otherwise lovely kitchen. If you have a similar fridge dilemma these vintage plate magnets are the answer.

Supplies for These DIY Fridge Magnets

– Small Vintage Plates – Flat Ceramic Magnets With Double Sided Adhesive – Rubbing Alcohol – Sandpaper (optional)

DIY Fridge Magnets Step #1: Prepare the Plates

Begin by cleaning your vintage plates thoroughly. Use warm soapy water to remove any dust, grime, or residue from years of use. Let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.

DIY Fridge Magnets Step #2: Attach the Magnets

Place one side of the double sided adhesive to one side of the magnet. Stick the other side of the adhesive to the back of the plate. Press firmly to fully adhere the adhesive to the plate.

DIY Fridge Magnets Step #3: Display Your Magnets

Display your vintage magnets on the front or side of your refrigerator or any magnetic surface in your kitchen. Have fun arranging them in a way that complements your kitchen’s style and color scheme!

Where can I find vintage plates for this DIY?

You can find small vintage plates or butter pat dishes in thrift stores, flea markets, online on websites like Etsy, or you can find them in your own kitchen cabinet.

What kind of magnets can I use for this project?

It’s best to use flat ceramic magnets or neodymium magnets. These magnets provide strong adhesion while maintaining a low profile on the back of the plates.

Can I remove the magnets without damaging the fridge's surface?

Vintage plate magnets are easy to remove without damaging the fridge’s surface. Gently slide the magnet off the surface rather than pulling it.

DIY Fridge Magnets are Functional Kitchen Decor

These DIY magnets not only add a personal touch to your kitchen but also serve as functional tools for staying organized and keeping important items within easy reach.

Here’s a list of common items that these magnets can securely grip:

– Photos – Shopping Lists – Recipes – Notes & Messages – Art Prints – Inspirational Quotes – Travel Keepsakes – Holiday Cards

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