How to Make an Anthropologie Dupe Moss Wreath

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Have you ever seen something you love online but it's outside of your budget? This Anthropologie dupe moss wreath can be made at home for a fraction of the cost you'll pay online and you will love that you made it yourself!

– 1 package Basil Reindeer Moss – 1 package Chartreuse Reindeer Moss – 2 packages Forest Moss – 2 packages Moss Variety Pack – 2 packages Natural Dried Forest Moss – 18" Straw Wreath – Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue – Vacuum (A must for this project!)

Moss Wreath Supplies

Step One:

Place the different mosses in piles so that you can easily grab them when making the wreath.

Place Moss in Piles

Step Two:

Select any one of the mosses and begin gluing it to the straw wreath. I found that adding the glue to the backside of the moss was the best way to attach it to the wreath.

Attach Moss to Wreath

Step Three:

Add the moss in about 4" sections to the wreath. Adding the moss to the wreath will resemble a jigsaw puzzle. You will want to piece the chunks of moss together just like a puzzle.

Add Moss in 4" Sections

Step Four:

Continue adding moss around the wreath. I alternated forest moss & reindeer moss, and alternated the colors of the different mosses as well.

Continue Adding Moss

Step Five:

Once the straw wreath is covered with moss, your moss wreath is complete! Hang it from a hook, on a wall or mantle, or from a door for beautiful, organic decor.

Enjoy Your DIY Moss Wreath

– Your moss wreath will shed so you can seal it to prevent further shedding.  – Give yourself plenty of room to spread out the moss and a space you don’t mind getting dirty. – Keep a vacuum on hand. – Alternate the different moss varieties & colors to create a wreath that is chunky and visually appealing. – Add a bow or other embellishments for more character & whimsy.

DIY Moss Wreath  Tips & Tricks

This moss wreath would look beautiful hung on a door, hook, or mantle.I do not recommend hanging this wreath outdoors. In the elements, this wreath may come apart or mold since it’s made with all organic materials.

Where can I hang my moss wreath?

Follow along for more DIY wreath tips, tricks, & secrets.

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home