Cheap & Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Transform your home into a winter wonderland without breaking the bank with these Christmas decorating ideas on a budget. Explore cheap and easy ways to add a touch of coziness to your home this holiday season.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #1: Reuse & Repurpose

Reusing and repurposing decor you already have is the perfect way to save money and is less wasteful. Each year, I might style something a little differently or use a piece in a new way.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #2: Create a Dried Orange Garland

Dried oranges are an easy Christmas decoration, and they cost only pennies to make. I love how the oranges add a pop of color and a nice natural touch to the faux garland beneath.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #3: Tie a Ribbon On It

Ribbon adds a fun, whimsical touch for Christmas and dresses up just about anything. I love to use velvet or satin ribbon for the holidays in either a thin or thick width.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #4: Use Spices Like Star Anise

I took a gold hoop, hot glued whole star anise to that, and then attached that to a faux juniper wreath I had in storage. I hung that from the pegs in our kitchen.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #5: Make a Popcorn Garland

I had not made a popcorn garland in many years, but decided to give it a try this holiday season. This will definitely become a yearly tradition for me, I loved the childhood memories it evoked.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #6: Use Wrapped Gifts as Decorations

You’ve spent all that money on Christmas gifts so why not use those gifts as part of your decor?! Christmas is the one time of year I believe the outside of the package is just as important as what’s on the inside.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #7: Decorate With Everyday Items

My family loves pomegranates, so we always have an abundance of them this time of year. Not only are they delicious, they also make great Christmas countertop decor!

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #8: Mix  New & Old Decor

This is my favorite way to decorate all year long. I love a combination of old vintage pieces mixed with new pieces in our home decor. Decorating this way adds character and a story that only our home can tell.

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #9: Use Nature in Holiday Decor

Natural elements will add a cozy, freshness to your home for the holidays. And really, is there any better scent than freshly cut evergreen?!

Cheap Christmas Decor Idea #10: Download Free Printables

Who doesn’t love free?! I love finding free Christmas printables on Pinterest that I can use in our home. There are beautiful signs, tags, lists, and so much more that are free to download and use.

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