Cheap DIY  Plant Labels for Your Garden


Add character & whimsy to your vegetable, herb, or flower gardens this year with these affordable scrabble tile DIY plant labels.

Let me show you how!

"To plant a garden  is to dream of tomorrow."


Supplies  You'll Need

Scrabble Tiles Bamboo Sticks Hot Glue

Place a bamboo stick on a flat surface.


Add a dab of hot glue at the top of the stick. Carefully & quickly adhere a scrabble tile to the dab. Press down for 10 seconds to secure the tile.

Continue adding scrabble tiles.


Spelling out the name of your plant. Place the scrabble tiles one on top of the other (leaving no space between each tile).

Trim the bamboo sticks.


Depending on where you are placing your DIY herb markers, you can trim the end of the bamboo stick if it’s too long.

Place your plant labels in the garden.


Place your plant labels in the garden next to its corresponding plant & enjoy the charm your homemade labels add to the garden.

For more details on these DIY plant labels, visit the blog.

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