The Do's & Don'ts on Choosing Throw Pillows for Your Sofa

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Master the art of choosing throw pillows for your sofa with these expert tips. Discover the do’s and don’ts of selecting the right pillows to elevate your home decor.

Don’t: Buy Throw Pillows Without Removable Covers

Removable pillow covers can be washed. When your pillow gets dirty, you can easily remove the cover, and toss it into the washing machine to keep the cover looking fresh & inviting.

Do: Embrace Variety

Mix and match different sizes, shapes, textures, and patterns to create visual interest and depth.

Don’t: Overcrowd Your Couch

Think less is more here. Overcrowding your sofa with too many pillows can make it look cluttered and unwelcoming.

Do: Consider the Color & Style of Your Sofa

If you have a light, neutral colored sofa, stay away from plain white pillows and instead use throw pillows with pops of color and patterns.

Don’t: Forget About Comfort

Yes, throw pillows are used for decorative purposes, but they are also about comfort! After all, you want your sofa to be a cozy spot for lounging and relaxing, right?!

Do: Size Up Pillow Inserts

While it may be tempting to choose inserts that match the dimensions of your pillow covers, look for inserts that are slightly larger to enhance the look and feel of your throw pillows.

Don’t: Neglect Proportion

Use square pillows that are at least 20? in size or larger for a more substantial and balanced look on your couch.

Do: Mix Textures & Patterns

One of the easiest ways to add visual interest and depth to your sofa is by mixing different textures and patterns in your throw pillows.

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