Simple & Festive Cinco de Mayo Decorations

Whether you’re having a cozy date night at home or hosting a crowd for Cinco de Mayo, these flower arrangements are the perfect addition to any Mexican celebration!

What You Will Need:

1. Empty Cans of Mexican Ingredients 2. Fresh Vibrant Flowers 3. Water

Enchilada Sauce Chipotle Peppers Pinto or Navy Beans Hominy Canned Tomatoes Diced Peppers Refried Beans

Can Ideas for Cinco de Mayo Decorations

Chamomile Craspedia Gerber Daisy Veronica Ranunculas Pea Shoots Green Dragon Aster Purple Filler Flower

Flowers for  Cinco de Mayo Decorations

What to do:

Thoroughly clean the inside of the cans by washing with hot, soapy water. Once cans are clean, fill with fresh, clean water.

Clean the Cans

What to do:

Arrange the flowers in each can making sure there is a variety of colors & textures in each arrangement.

Arrange the Flowers

Style your arrangements on your Cinco de Mayo table and enjoy the beauty & vibrancy of your Mexican fiesta decorations!

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