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Cozy Fall Kitchen & Entryway Decorating Ideas

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Here’s your invitation to take a virtual tour of our home to find beautiful fall kitchen and entryway decorating ideas that will inspire coziness, warmth, and gratitude for the autumn season ahead.

My fall decor philosophy took a mindful turn this year towards minimalism, sustainability, and affordability. I’ve decided to embrace the beauty of simplicity by using minimalist fall decor that focuses more on quality over quantity.

Fall Entryway Decor: Front Door Wreath

The easiest way to begin decorating your home for any season is by simply switching the wreath on your front door. It welcomes guests and serves as a delightful preview of  what’s inside.

Fall Entryway Decor: Fall Inspired Shelf

This shelf in our entryway is a fun little spot to style. It’s too narrow to be functional, which means I can use it for displaying decor!

Fall Entryway Decor: Fall Scented Candle

I’m all about smells when I enter someone else’s home, so I always try to make sure our house smells good by leaving a fall-scented candle without a lid by the front door.

Fall Entryway Decor: Fall Artwork

I hung these adorable fall inspired framed prints in the entryway. Updating wall art is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to incorporate the essence of the season into your home’s decor.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Kitchen Island

While the island is inherently functional, it’s one of the first things you see when you enter our home, so I like to elevate it with seasonal decor.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Kitchen Island

I’ve been obsessed with acorns this season, so this little acorn bud vase was the perfect addition to finish this kitchen island centerpiece.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Open Kitchen Shelf

To keep with the minimalist fall decor theme I needed to be really mindful of the elements I chose to incorporate texture, warmth, character into the kitchen.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Open Kitchen Shelf

In the middle of the shelf I added a vintage trophy which I filled with dried seeded eucalyptus stems. I adore the wild textures and simple beauty of seeded eucalyptus.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Open Kitchen Shelf

To the right of the silver trophy I placed a stack of plates, a small pedestal, and a faux lopsided pumpkin for a whimsical autumn touch.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Open Kitchen Shelf

And to the left, I added a couple of cookbooks and three tea cups.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Open Kitchen Shelf

On the pegs hanging below the shelf, I hung seasonal linens.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Kitchen Countertops

I think the amount of decor on your kitchen counter or lack there of depends on your style and how big or small your kitchen is.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Kitchen Countertops

It’s essential to remember that personal style plays a pivotal role in kitchen counter decor, and what might feel cluttered to some can be seen as cozy and inviting to others.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Kitchen Countertops

The presence of a lamp, vintage dishes, and a white pitcher with wooden spoons not only adds character to our space but also enhances the practicality of my kitchen.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Side Kitchen Entrance

Our side kitchen entrance, the coziest place that encompasses the heartwarming essence of autumn with a canvas banner and basket of apples.

Fall Kitchen Decor: Side Kitchen Entrance

This corner of our home is a small but meaningful tribute to the joys of the season and a reminder that the magic of autumn can be celebrated in the smallest of gestures.

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