Fun & Easy to Make DIY Fall Garland  With Acorns

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Create the perfect blend of rustic elegance in your autumn home decor with this step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY fall garland using collected acorns, natural twine, and green cardstock. 

Crafting your own fall garland is an opportunity to decorate your home with the spirit of autumn, while also remaining budget friendly and environmentally conscious.

Why You'll Want to Make This DIY Acorn Garland

Supplies for This DIY Fall Garland With Acorns

– Real Acorns – Kitchen Twine or Jute String – Cardstock – Leaf Templates – Pencil – Scissors – Hole Punch – European Gold Rub ‘n Buff (optional)

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #1: Collect Acorns

Before you start crafting, take a walk through your local park or woods to collect acorns. Look for ones with intact caps and larger stems.

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #2: Prep Acorns

Once you’ve gathered a sufficient quantity, clean them by rinsing in warm, soapy water and allowing them to dry completely. 

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #3: Cut Out Paper Oak Leaves

Using your chosen oak leaf template, trace and cut out oak leaves from the cardstock.

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #4: Crinkle Paper Oak Leaves

Once the leaves are cut out, fold and crinkle them to create a more realistic looking fall leaf. 

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #5: Rub 'n Buff Paper Oak Leaves

Use an old brush to apply a small amount of gold Rub ‘n Buff to the paper leaves. Finally, use a hole punch to add a small hole at the top of each leaf for threading onto the twine.

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #6: Thread the Garland

Cut a length of twine or jute string to your desired garland length, leaving some extra on each end for hanging. Begin threading 1-2 oak leaves onto the twine.

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #7: Tie the Acorns to the Garland

Then, place an acorn on top of the oak leaves and tie the twine around the acorn and leaves securing them into place with a double knot.

DIY Fall Garland With Acorns Step #8: Hang the Garland

With all your oak leaves and acorns securely in place, find the perfect spot to display your DIY fall garland!

Can I use artificial acorns if I can't find real ones for this garland?

Yes, you can certainly use artificial ones if you prefer or can’t find real acorns. They often require less maintenance and won’t change in appearance over time, making them a durable option for seasonal decor.

How long will this DIY acorn garland last?

With proper care and storage in a dry place, your garland can last for several seasons. However, keep in mind that real acorns may change in color and texture over time, which I actually think adds to their charm.

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