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Easy No Sew  Kitchen Towel DIY

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Create your own personalized kitchen decor with this step by step guide to a no sew kitchen towel DIY using an ink pad and rubber stamps.

Stamps are a fun way to imprint intricate designs, unique patterns, or even personalized messages onto a variety of surfaces. With rubber stamps, your creativity knows no bounds, which is perfect for these kitchen tea towels.

Why rubber stamps for this kitchen towel DIY?

Supplies for Stamped Kitchen Towels

– New Tea Towels – Rubber Stamps – Ink Pad – Iron – Fabric Scraps

No Sew Kitchen Towels Step #1:  Plan Your Design

Before you begin stamping, visualize your design and how you want it to appear on the towel.

No Sew Kitchen Towels Step #2:  Stamping

Begin stamping your designs onto the towel using your chosen ink color. Ultimately, the design and pattern you decide upon is completely up to you!

No Sew Kitchen Towels Step #3:  Let the Towel Dry

Allow the ink to dry completely, which should take 1-2 hours or you can allow to dry overnight.

No Sew Kitchen Towels Step #4:  Iron to Seal

On the highest iron setting with steam, iron your kitchen towel on the side with the stamped design. This will set the ink to the towel.

No Sew Kitchen Towels Step #5:  Hanging Your Towel

Hanging your finished DIY kitchen towels is the final step to proudly displaying your creative masterpiece.

Why should I use 100% cotton fabric or linen tea towels for this DIY?

These light weight fabrics possess excellent ink adherence, ensuring your stamped designs maintain their vibrancy after multiple washes.

Can you actually use these DIY kitchen towels or are they just for decoration?

Absolutely, you can definitely use the flour sack towels that you created with rubber stamps! One of the great aspects of this project is that the towel remains functional in addition to being a decorative piece.

DIY Kitchen Towels Make Great Gifts

DIY tea towels with rubber stamp designs are not just a great idea for your home, they make thoughtful, handmade gifts for various occasions as well.

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