How to Decorate a Long & Narrow Living Room to Make it Feel Cozy

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Learn the secrets on how to decorate a long narrow living room with a fireplace to make it feel cozy and inviting.  With the right approach, you can transform this challenging room into a cozy space that embraces its unique dimensions.

Define the Area With a Throw Rug

An area rug adds a layer of softness and visually delineates this portion of our downstairs into it's own room.

Use Symmetry to Create Balance

The wonderful thing about symmetry is that it not only promotes a sense of order but also helps create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Select the Right Sized Furniture

Select furniture that is proportionate to the length and width of the room. Avoid overly large or petite pieces that will disrupt harmony and flow.

Add Coziness With Textures & Fabrics

Elevate the comfort and warmth of your living room by incorporating textures and fabrics that invite touch and relaxation.

Make Sure to Have Cozy Lighting

We currently only have the chandelier but we definitely need some softer, more targeted light in here.

Have a Statement Fireplace

No matter your style whether you love a sleek modern design, a rustic brick facade, or a classic mantelpiece; the addition of a fireplace serves as a focal point that anchors the room.

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