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How to Make Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Get ready to add farmhouse charm to your tree with these rustic DIY farmhouse Christmas ornaments. They’re inexpensive and easy to make with clip on candle holders & small bottle brush trees.

Materials You'll Need to Make These DIY Ornaments:

– Small Gold Clip-on Christmas Tree Candle Holders – 4" Natural Bottle Brush Trees – Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks – Small Pliers

DIY Farmhouse Ornaments Step #1:

Begin by plugging in your hot glue gun and allowing it to heat up so it’s ready when you are ready to begin attaching the trees to the candle holders.

DIY Farmhouse Ornaments Step #2:

Using pliers, carefully cut off the wooden bottom from each bottle brush tree. This will allow you to easily attach the bottom of the tree to the candle holder.

DIY Farmhouse Ornaments Step #3:

Next, gently press down the metal spokes at the center of each candle clip. This creates the space for hot gluing the bottle brush trees securely inside.

DIY Farmhouse Ornaments Step #4:

Carefully but quickly insert the glued end of the bottle brush tree inside the candle clip. Repeat these steps for each tree until all are securely attached to the clips.

DIY Farmhouse Ornaments Step #5:

With the hot glue set, your charming DIY ornaments are ready to be clipped to the Christmas tree!

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