How to Make DIY  No Sew Cafe Curtains Using Kitchen Towels

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Elevate your kitchen decor with this simple curtains DIY using kitchen towels. With this tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to create stylish cafe curtains with no sewing required.

Materials You'll Need to Make No Sew Cafe Curtains:

– Kitchen Towels – Cafe Curtain Rod – Curtain Clip Rings – Tape Measure – Iron

DIY Cafe Curtains Step #1:  Select the Right Kitchen Towel

The first thing is to raid your kitchen linen collection for towels that match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

DIY Cafe Curtains Step #2:  Measure the Window

Measure the length and width of the window to determine the appropriate size for your curtains. Keep in mind that cafe curtains typically cover only the lower half of the window.

DIY Cafe Curtains Step #3:  Attach Curtain Clip Rings

Lay your kitchen towels on a flat surface, and evenly space ring clips along the top edge.

DIY Cafe Curtains Step #3:  Attach Curtain Clip Rings

To make your curtains resemble the look of pinch pleat curtains, pinch the fabric together on the folded edge, gently open the clips, and attach them securely to the fabric.

DIY Cafe Curtains Step #4:  Hang Curtains on Curtain Rod

Install a cafe curtain rod in the middle (or about 2/3’s of the way up) of your kitchen window and slide the curtain rings holding the curtains onto the curtain rod.

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