How to Make  an Easy Halloween Garland in Minutes

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Learn how to make an easy DIY halloween garland in minutes with only a few supplies. This ghost garland is the perfect craft to add cute spookiness wherever it is hung!

– Quick & Easy: Making this Halloween garland takes mere minutes. – Customizable: Crafting your own garland is an easy way to express your creativity.  – Affordable: With just a few affordable materials, you can create Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank.

Why You'll Want to Make This DIY Halloween Garland

Supplies for Halloween Garland

– Fabric Halloween Picks – Roll of Black Twine or  Black Yarn – Pair of Scissors – Measuring Tape – Hot Glue Gun

DIY Halloween Garland Step #1:

To start your own halloween garland, you will need to remove the stick on the bottom of each ghost. 

DIY Halloween Garland Step #2:

Roll out the twine into a straight line on a flat surface. Place your first ghost on the piece of twine, measure out about 12 inches from the first ghost, and then place your next ghost. 

DIY Halloween Garland Step #3:

Flip your first ghost over and place a small dollop of hot glue on the back of the ghosts head. Quickly and carefully place the black twine into the hot glue. 

DIY Halloween Garland Step #4:

Continue hot gluing each ghost to the twine. Measuring about 12 inches between each ghost.

DIY Halloween Garland Step #5:

Add a small loop to both ends of the twine tied in a double knot to finish the garland. The finished garland will be about 6 1/2" in length.

Where to Hang Your Halloween Garland

It can be hung in various areas to infuse your space with cute, festive, and spooky ambiance. – Fireplace Mantel – Front Porch – Staircase – Doorway – Party Decor

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