Ghost in a Cloche Halloween Pottery Barn Dupe

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Create a charming Pottery Barn dupe for Halloween with this ghost in a cloche! It’s easy to make, budget friendly, and you’ll love that you created your own spooky masterpiece that looks just like the Pottery Barn original.

Here’s my easy step by step tutorial on how you can make your own ghost in a cloche that looks similar to the original from Pottery Barn without spending a fortune.

Supplies You'll Need to Make a Ghost in a Cloche:

– Glass Cloche – Cheesecloth – Mod Podge – Small Foam Balls – Wooden Skewers – Styrofoam – Black Felt – Fairy Lights

Making the Cheesecloth Ghost Step #1:

Insert the wooden skewers into the styrofoam. Place a styrofoam ball on top of the skewer to form the head of the ghost. To make the shape of arms, add more skewers at shorter heights.

Making the Cheesecloth Ghost Step #2:

Mix together two parts Mod Podge to one part water to create a thin glue mixture. More Mod Podge can be added to the solution if the mixture is too runny.

Making the Cheesecloth Ghost Step #3:

Cut a rectangle of cheesecloth to your desired length, then dredge the cheesecloth in the glue solution until it fully absorbs the glue. Wring out the fabric completely and drape over the ghost structure.

Making the Cheesecloth Ghost Step #4:

To add a little character to your cheesecloth ghosts, add small felt eyes and mouth with fabric or hot glue.

Add Fairy Lights to the Inside of Ghost

Before you place the ghost in the cloche, take the fairy lights and place them up and inside the ghost leaving the battery pack exposed (that will stay outside of the cloche).

Displaying Your Ghost in a Cloche

Find the perfect spot to display your DIY ghost in a cloche whether it’s on your dining table, mantelpiece, or entryway. This spooky centerpiece will be the star of your Halloween decor!

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