Easy DIY Christmas Chair Decorations Using Wreaths

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Add festive holiday cheer to your kitchen counter stools with these DIY Christmas chair decorations using small wreaths and Christmas ribbon. It’s a simple and elegant way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home, without the fuss of floral wire or command hooks.

Supplies You'll Need Christmas Chair Decorations:

– Small Evergreen Wreaths: The focal point of your chair decorations. – Ribbon: Choose a ribbon that complements your holiday color palette. – Scissors: For cutting the ribbon to the desired length.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #1: Decide on Your Ribbon & Wreaths

Choose a ribbon that matches your holiday decor and pair it with small evergreen wreaths.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #2:  Cut Ribbon to Desired Lengths

Using scissors, cut pieces of ribbon to your preferred length. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to tie around the top of each wreath and chair with some excess for hanging.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #3:  Pull Ribbon Through Wreath

Take one piece of ribbon and pull it through the top, center of the wreath making sure the end of the ribbon is even on both sides.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #4:  Loop Ribbon Over Back of Chair & Knot

Simply loop the ribbon over the top of the chair. Tie the ribbon in a knot at your desired height to keep the wreath securely in place.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #5:  Repeat for Each Chair

Repeat the process on the back of each chair, ensuring the ribbon lengths are consistent for a cohesive look.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #6:  Finishing the Ribbon

Fold the bottom of each ribbon tail in half lengthwise, and cut an upside down “V”. This gives a finished, polished look to the ribbon that most people don’t do.

Christmas Chair Decorations Step #7: Adjust the Bows

Finally, adjust the bows on the wreaths as needed to achieve a visually pleasing decoration.

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