Spring Simmer Pot

What is a  simmer pot?

A simmer pot is essentially a pot of water filled with various ingredients (typically a mix of herbs, spices, fruits, or flowers) simmering on the stove, creating a fragrant aroma that will fill your home. Simmer pots are actually a great way to use up old fruit & herbs that may be past their prime.

How to Make

What You need for a Spring Simmer Pot


1. Water 2. Lemons 3. Rosemary 4. Chamomile 5. Dutch Oven

Thinly Slice Lemons


Thinly slice lemons. Then remove the chamomile buds from their stems by pinching the place where the bottom of the bud meets the stem.

Fill Dutch Oven With Water


Fill dutch oven with 4 cups of water, and turn stove to medium heat. Place sliced lemons, sprigs of rosemary, and chamomile buds in the pot.

Simmer on the Stove


When the pot begins to simmer, turn the stove down to low heat. Continue to simmer, uncovered for up to 2 hours.

Replenish Water

Replenish water as needed to avoid the stovetop potpourri from drying out. Enjoy the fresh scents of spring all day long!

The Perfect Gift Idea!

To transform the spring simmer pot into a gift, all you need is a mason jar along with some ribbon. Add everything to the jar, and your gift is ready for giving!