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Learn How to  Transform Glass Into a DIY Antique Mirror

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Transform a plain piece of glass into a beautiful and unique DIY antique mirror. Your creation will not only serve as a functional mirror but also become a unique conversation piece that adds character and nostalgia to your home.

– Frame With Clear Glass – Distilled White Vinegar – Clean Empty Spray Bottle – Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint – Matte Black Spray Paint – Lint Free Soft Cloth

The Supplies You'll Need:

DIY Antique Mirror Step #1:

Prepare the Frame & Glass

Remove the glass from the frame and clean with glass cleaner or vinegar.

DIY Antique Mirror Step #2:

Spray Black Spray Paint

In a well ventilated area paint the back side of the glass (choose one side as the back) with the black spray paint.

DIY Antique Mirror Step #3:

Spray on Distilled Vinegar

Spray  a mist of distilled white vinegar on the glass. Focus the vinegar mist on the outer edges for a realistic antique mirror look.

DIY Antique Mirror Step #4:

Spray on Mirror Paint

Spray the mirror paint directly over the vinegar, with several thin coats making sure all of the glass has the reflective coating.

DIY Antique Mirror Step #5:

Dab the Vinegar

Give the mirror paint a couple of seconds to dry, and then using a lint free cloth, lightly dab up the vinegar on areas where you want to distress the mirror paint.

DIY Antique Mirror Step #6:

Hang Your Mirror

Once your DIY antique mirror is done and you are happy with the result, it’s time to hang it!

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