Tips & Tricks  to Create a Beautiful Hydrangea Centerpiece

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

Cut hydrangeas need lots of water, but they don't necessarily like to drink it. Here are tips & tricks  for getting your cut hydrangeas to last their longest in a centerpiece.

Immediately Place Cut Hydrangea Stems  in Water

Whether your cutting stems from your yard or purchasing hydrangeas from your local market, place stems in water as soon as you can to avoid them becoming stressed.

Remove All Leaves from Hydrangea Stems

The leaves require water so by removing them, the hydrangea flowers will be able to soak up more water and will stay fresher longer.

Give the Hydrangea Stems a Fresh Cut

Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle, then cut up the stem about an inch from the bottom. This allows the hydrangea stem to drink as much water as possible.

With the cut hydrangeas prepared, they are now ready for to be added to a centerpiece. Here are my secrets for creating a beautiful, fresh hydrangea centerpiece.

Decide on a Vessel & Add a Tape Grid

Choose the vessel for your hydrangea centerpiece, then add a grid with scotch tape to the top of the vessel which will help to keep the hydrangeas in place.

Place the Hydrangeas into the Vessel

Add your hydrangeas to the vessel, filling vessel full of the voluminous hydrangea blooms.

Keep Centerpiece Well Watered

Your centerpiece should stay well watered (add fresh water daily) to keep the hydrangea flowers fresh and full.

Enjoy Your Hydrangea Centerpiece

Enjoy your beautiful hydrangea centerpiece on the counter or on a table or shelf.

If your cut hydrangeas begin to wilt in your centerpiece, fill your sink with cold tap water, and submerge the hydrangea stem & bloom under the cold water. Let soak for a couple of hours. You will be shocked that your hydrangea blooms will look full & voluminous again!

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Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home