Neutral Christmas Décor & A Vintage Dresser

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Simple neutral Christmas décor ideas for your home that will create a cozy space for the holidays with seasonal pieces and natural elements.

Neutral Christmas Décor

On a recent trip to Target, as I was perusing the long aisles of Christmas décor (this is in my top 5 of favorite things to do fyi), I came across this beautifully, cozy noel wall hanging. It was love at first sight between it’s rough wooly texture, adorable green pom-pom border, neutral colors, and the sweet embroidered wreath surrounding the word, “Noel”. And so, this wall hanging became the inspiration for the neutral Christmas décor in this cozy corner of our home.

Knowing I wanted to hang the noel wall hanging above our vintage living room dresser, made picking the other pieces I styled here fairly easy. I knew I wanted to incorporate greenery to mimic the greenery embroidered in the wreath and I also wanted to utilize pieces with neutral colors to match the colors of the wall hanging.

Neutral Christmas Décor

The great thing about decorating with neutral Christmas décor is that it will easily work with the décor you already have in your home and your other Christmas décor pieces.

I always like to remind myself and others that the term “neutral” doesn’t necessarily mean light, white or cream colors. It’s more about the combination of colors than individual ones. The neutral colors in this cozy space are creams, taupes, tans, and greens. The key to any color palette is always balance and cohesion.

Christmas Décor

Neutral Christmas Décor: Noel Wall Hanging

The noel wall hanging that inspired this space was a little to small to hang on it’s own behind our vintage dresser. So, I simply hung the wall hanging on top of the mirror that was already above the dresser. I love this layered look for the holidays!

Neutral Christmas Décor

To hang the wall hanging on top of the mirror, I placed a suction cup with wreath hook to the top center of the mirror. I then hung the Noel wall hanging from that (making sure the suction cup was secure to the mirror). You could also use ribbon to hang the wall hanging from the top of the mirror.

Velvet ribbon is huge in our home’s Christmas décor this year. So, I tied a simple bow on the wreath hook with a thin green velvet ribbon to add charm and a little extra coziness. The pop of the green ribbon looks so pretty with the shades of green within the wreath on the wall hanging!

Neutral Christmas Décor

Neutral Christmas Décor: Greenery

With the Noel wall hanging up, I then began to add greenery to the top of the dresser.

I love to use fresh flowers and greenery throughout the year, however I prefer to use faux greenery for the holidays. Our home is extremely dry during the winter months so utilizing faux greens in our Christmas décor is much more cost effective (and saves me sanity from not having to constantly pick up a ton of pine needles).

Neutral Christmas Décor

I started by adding a faux pine garland to the top of the dresser. Remember, just because it’s faux doesn’t mean it has to look that way! Fluff and style your faux greenery to resemble how it would look naturally.

Once the pine garland was fluffed, I then incorporated a faux seeded eucalyptus garland into that. I weaved the eucalyptus garland in and around the pine garland, so they appear as one. Continue fluffing and styling the garlands until they are full, realistic, and nautral looking.

Christmas Garland

I styled the garlands so they flowed over one side of our dresser, however you could style the garlands to flow over both sides.

Then, I sprinkled small white wired baubles throughout the garlands. I liked how they resembled holly berries, but kept with the neutral Christmas décor theme. My baubles were purchased from Anthropologie a couple of years ago and are no longer available. These white ornaments could be used instead or these picks would be a great option as well.

Christmas Decorations

The garlands I used to style this space are no longer available. Here are some other great garland options for neutral Christmas décor.

Pine & Eucalyptus Garlands

Neutral Christmas Décor: Candles

Candles are a must all year in my book. With the days extremely short in the northeast during the winter months, they are essential for creating ambiance and coziness in our home.

Neutral Christmas Décor

Brass candlestick holders are one of my favorite things to shop for when antiquing and utilize in our neutral Christmas décor. They are an easy piece to style and add the perfect amount of warmth to any space.

I placed our brass candlestick holders throughout the garlands making sure to mix the varying heights & styles of the candlestick holders on top of the dresser.

Neutral Christmas Décor

I added these candles to the candlestick holders. These beeswax candles are all natural, and I love their tan color which I think looks so pretty in this space.

Neutral Christmas Décor: Ribbon

I would hang a ribbon from everything at Christmastime if I could! It adds such a beautiful, magical touch.

Christmas Ribbon

As I said previously, velvet ribbon is all throughout our Christmas décor this year. This space is no exception! I added the green velvet ribbon to the wall hanging, but I also added more velvet ribbon to one of the dresser knobs.

I actually did this in the fall with a satin ribbon (check that out here) and I loved it so much, I decided to add ribbon here again. On the knob, I tied another simple bow with this khaki velvet ribbon.

Neutral Christmas Décor

Neutral Christmas Décor: Winter Basket

To finish this cozy space, I placed a handled seagrass basket filled with birch logs and greenery next to the dresser.

Winter Basket

Here is how you can create a similar winter basket.

Winter Basket Supplies

Amount of supplies you will need will depend on the size of your basket. The basket I used is 14” high x 18” wide x 10” deep.

Winter Basket

How to Put Together a Winter Basket

Place the blanket on one side of the basket. Style the blanket so it is flowing out of the basket.

On the other side of the basket, stack the birch logs (so they stick out of the basket). I added 6 birch logs about 2′ long and 2.5″ in diameter.

Between the blanket and birch logs, fill in the basket with greenery (I used faux pine & cedar stems). Continue adding stems until the basket appears full, making sure to have some of the greenery flowing over the sides of the basket. This helps faux stems appear real!

Finally, I placed two large pinecones to the center of the basket.

This could also be something you use for outdoor winter décor, however I would use a weather proof vessel and I would not include the blanket. For outdoor décor, you could use real pine stems instead of faux!

Neutral Christmas Décor

More Neutral Christmas Décor Inspiration

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Neutral Christmas Décor

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Neutral Christmas Décor

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Neutral Christmas Décor
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