Mother’s Day Table Decorations

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Surprise mom this Mother’s Day with Mother’s Day table decorations made with fresh herbs & terracotta pots for a natural, organic tablescape.

Mother's Day table decorations with potted herbs.

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, are you ready?! If not, I’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day table decorations for a natural & organic tablescape!

Last week, I shared gift ideas from some of my favorite retailers, you can read that post here. However, this week I wanted to share with you an inexpensive and easy way to decorate a table for Mother’s Day with a DIY gift idea that little ones can help with and one that mom will love.

Fresh herbs planted in aged terracotta pots are a lovely gift idea and make the perfect table decor for Mother’s Day.

Each Mother’s Day, I ask Dave for herbs to plant in our planter we have on our back deck right next to the kitchen. I love having fresh herbs all summer long that I can easily access while I’m cooking. I use them in everything from salad dressings to sauces to marinades for meat & poultry, and even ice cream! (You can find my rosemary ice cream recipe, here.)

Fresh herbs are a great gift for mom so she can use them in her farmhouse kitchen.

One of the other great things about growing herbs is the delicious scents that eminent from them and the wonderful aromas that fill your home!

Mother’s Day Table Decorations

Aging Terracotta Pots & Transplanting the Herbs

Instead of gifting mom an herb in the ugly plastic container that comes from the store with the ugly plastic plant label…let’s make it special by transplanting the herbs into beautiful aged terracotta pots (that we aged ourselves!) and adding super cute wooden plant labels!

I had aged terracotta pots a few weeks ago for our front porch (read that post here) and had such a fun time doing that, I thought I would age more pots for this herb tablescape & Mother’s Day gift idea.

Some other fun ideas to dress up a basic terracotta pots besides aging them would be painting with acrylic paints or decoupaging (littles would have so much fun helping with any of these techniques!). Aging terracotta is super easy technique I found on Liz Marie Blog.

Aging terracotta pots is easy with lime & water and make the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Step 1

To age terracotta pots you only need a few supplies. Organic garden lime, water, clay pots (for the herbs I bought 4″ pots), matching clay saucer, bowl for mixing, and a paint brush.

To make the aging mixture, add 1 cup of lime to bowl and mix with 1 cup of water (ratio is 1:1). Stir until lime fully dissolves in water, mixture will resemble mud.

Herbs in terracotta pots make the prettiest centerpieces for Mother's Day table decorations.

Step 2

To apply the lime mixture, use a paint brush to brush the mixture onto the clay pots & saucers, making sure to coat pot evenly. Allow to fully dry and if desired, apply 1 to 2 more coats (I applied 3 coats to the pots pictured here).

Step 3

Once your clay pots are fully dried from the aging process (should only take an hour or so), transplant your herbs into their new pots.

You can use any herbs that you or mom like for this DIY. I purchased rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, chives, and mint.

Note: You may need a handful or two of potting soil when transplanting (we like to use Miracle-Gro Potting Soil). Once you’ve transplanted your herbs, water in, and add the wooden herb tag. You can purchase the tags I used here (I also like these), or you can also make your own with popsicle sticks!

Your DIY herb pots are now ready for gifting to mom, how easy was that! Let’s not stop there though…

Mother's Day table decorations include fresh herbs & aged terracotta pots.

Fresh Herb Mother’s Day Table Decorations

I took the herb pots and made a tablescape with them! If you’re hosting a Mother’s Day breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner this would be the perfect tablescape to display your potted herb gifts and then have mom take the centerpiece when done!

Mother's Day table decorations include fresh herbs, candlelight, and linen napkins.

For the Mother’s Day table decorations on this tablescape, I started by adding a runner to the center of the table. Then, I centered two of the herb pots in the middle of the table and the runner.

I placed three mason jars on either side of the herb pots using a large, medium, and small mason jars on either side of the centered herb pots with a votive candle inside each mason jar. Then, I added another two herb pots on either end of the table (other side of mason jars) to complete the center of our tablescape.

I kept the place settings simple for this tablescape with white plates, clear drinking glasses, and gold utensils. I used a napkin that matched the table runner which I then tied with a simple twine bow and inserted an extra wooden plant tag into each napkin.

Mother's Day table decorations include linen napkins & herb makers.

Light the candles and mom will love your Mother’s Day table decorations!

Mother's Day table featuring potted herbs & linen napkins.

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Mother's Day table decorations with potted herbs & aged terracotta pots.

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