Gift Basket for Mom This Mother’s Day


A tea & cookie gift basket for mom is the perfect way to show mom you appreciate and love her this Mother’s Day.

Give mom the gift of tea & cookies this Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can show mom how much she means to you.

One thoughtful and practical idea is a gift basket for mom this Mother’s Day. Gift baskets are a great way to combine several small gifts into one, and are sure to make mom feel appreciated and loved.

For this gift basket for mom blog post, I’m sharing a cozy way to show mom you care with a basket filled with everything she needs for tea & cookies. Not only is this gift basket thoughtful and delicious, but it’s also something mom can enjoy all on her own or share with family & friends.

Mother's Day gift basket with tea & cookies for mom.

While there are many gifts you could choose from to give mom this Mother’s Day, a tea and cookies gift basket is an excellent choice. Mom will appreciate the love & effort you put into creating this special gift, and you will love that a gift basket for mom is completely customizable from the items you add, to the amount of money you want to spend.

Let me show you how to create the perfect tea & cookies gift basket for mom this Mother’s Day!

Cozy gifts for mom this Mother's Day with everything she needs for tea & cookies.

The Cozy Creative Collaborative

Welcome to the 2nd Cozy Creative Collaborative blog hop! For those of you who weren’t here last month, the Cozy Creative Collaborative is a group of blogging friends who gather together once a month to share seasonal inspiration and ideas with you on the blog.

This month’s Cozy Creative Collaborative theme is a Mother’s Day DIY. Continue reading to the end of this post for links to all the creative Mother’s Day DIY’s & ideas from this group of lovely ladies!

Show mom you care with a customized Mother's Day gift basket.

If this is your first time stopping by Eleanor Rose Home, I am so happy you are here! I’m a wife & mother who loves creating a cozy home for my family with new & vintage home decor, comfort food recipes, and DIY’s.

You can learn more about me, my family, and Eleanor Rose Home, here.

If you’re coming here from Our Tiny Nest, welcome! Nicolle shared the most delicious looking strawberry lemonade mimosa for Mother’s Day, and I can’t wait to try it!

Tea & cookie gift basket for mom this Mother's Day.

Tea & Cookies Gift Basket for Mom

By including a variety of items that your mom will love, you can create a gift that is both personalized and practical. Here are some things to remember to when creating a tea & cookie gift basket for mom.

Choose the Right Tea: The first step to creating the perfect tea and cookies gift basket for mom is to choose the right tea. If your mom is a tea lover, this step might be easy. If not, you can’t go wrong with a classic black tea or a herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint. Be sure to choose high-quality tea that mom will love and that comes in an attractive package.

Select Delicious Cookies: Next, you’ll need to select delicious cookies to include in your gift basket. You can either include a cookie mix in a jar with a recipe or cookbook like I did, bake the cookies yourself, or buy them from a bakery. Some great cookie options for a gift basket include chocolate chip, shortbread, oatmeal raisin, and ginger snaps.

Mother's Day gift basket accessories to show mom you care.

Add Accessories: To make the gift basket extra special, add accessories like a pretty tea cup or mug, measuring spoons, and a spatula for mixing. You could also include a cookbook, tea towel, and an apron. These items will make your gift basket more complete and show your mom that you put thought into every aspect of the gift.

Personalize the Gift Basket: To make the gift basket for mom feel even more personalized, consider adding a handwritten note or a Mother’s Day card. You can also include a bouquet of mom’s favorite flowers or a small plant to the basket. By adding a personal touch, you’ll make your mom feel extra special!

You can completely customize the items you add to the tea & cookies gift basket for mom based on your budget & what your mom loves. These are the items I used (and links to purchase) in my Mother’s Day gift basket.

Everything you need to create a tea & cookie gift basket for mom.

One stop shop! You can shop all of the supplies you need for this tea & cookie Mother’s Day gift basket in one location by clicking here or by visiting our Shop Our Home page.

Gift ideas for mom this Mother's Day that are cozy & sweet.
  • Tea Infuser
  • Honey
  • Teaspoons
  • Measuring Cups
  • Recipe Box
  • Recipe Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Tea Cozy
  • Vanilla Extract

How to Put Together a Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Once you have gathered all the items for the gift basket for mom, it’s time to put it together.

A country basket with handles is perfect for this Mother's Day gift basket.

First, select a basket that your mom can reuse or repurpose. Use a basket that isn’t too deep or too big, select a basket that nicely displays the items you place inside of it.

It took me a couple of tries to find the ideal sized basket, but this basket seemed to be just the right size and I liked that it had handles for easy carrying too.

Start a gift basket for mom with shredded paper.

Then, add some shredded paper or tissue paper to the bottom of the basket to provide a cushion. I used a combination of this natural excelsior and this shredded paper for the base of this Mother’s Day gift basket.

Arrange items in a Mother's Day gift basket in a visually pleasing way.

Arrange the items in a visually pleasing way, with taller items in the back and smaller items towards the front. You can also add some ribbon or bows to make the items in the basket look even more special.

How to assemble a Mother's Day gift basket for mom.

Within minutes you have a basket filled with items mom will love, perfect for gift giving this Mother’s Day!

Other Gift Basket Ideas for Mom

Maybe you love the idea of a gift basket for mom this Mother’s Day but a tea & cookie gift basket isn’t necessarily mom’s cup of tea. Here are a few other Mother’s Day gift basket themes that mom might enjoy instead.

Spa Day Basket: If mom loves to pamper herself, a spa day basket may be the perfect gift. Fill the basket with luxurious items like lavender shower melts, body scrubs, and linen sprays. You can also add in some scented candles, a fluffy robe, and a plush towel. And don’t forget to include a gift certificate for a spa treatment or massage to make her feel extra special.

Craft Basket: If your mom is crafty, a craft basket is a thoughtful and creative gift. You can include some art supplies like paints, brushes, and canvases. You can also add in some knitting or crochet supplies, or even a scrapbooking kit.

Book Lovers Basket: If your mom loves to read, a book lover’s basket is a great choice. You can include some of her favorite books (here are a few of my favorite books for giving), a bookmark, and a reading light. You can also add in a cozy blanket and some gourmet tea or coffee for the ultimate reading experience.

Gardening Basket: For the green-thumbed mom, a gardening basket is a thoughtful and practical gift. You can include some gardening tools like gloves, a trowel, pruning shears, and a few homemade plant markers. You can also add in some seeds or bulbs, and a gardening book or magazine for inspiration.

Tea & cookies gift basket idea for Mother's Day.

No matter which gift basket you decide to make mom this Mother’s Day, she will appreciate the love, effort, & thoughtfulness you put into creating a special gift just for her. Indulge mom this Mother’s Day…she deserves it!

More Mother’s Day Inspiration

I’ve got more Mother’s Day DIY’s & ideas for you on the blog! Be sure to check out these blog posts for more inspiration.

Now that you’ve seen my Cozy Creative Collaborative Mother’s Day gift basket idea, be sure to head over to Mornings on Macedonia where Charity is sharing an adorable DIY flower pot for Mother’s Day.

For links to all the Cozy Creative Collaborative Mother’s Day ideas, continue to the end of this blog post.

Give mom the gift of tea & cookies this Mother's Day.

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Gift basket idea for mom this Mother's Day with tea & cookies.

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