Mother’s Day Table Setting

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Show mom how much you care & appreciate her with a beautiful Mother’s Day table setting for brunch. This gorgeous display filled with fresh oranges and pops of blue & white will leave mom feeling appreciated & cherished this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day table setting with fresh citrus and pops of blue.

As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us are searching for the perfect way to show our appreciation for the amazing women in our lives. This year, why not create a beautiful tablescape at home that is both visually stunning and filled with love?

Using fresh oranges and pops of blue, you can create a fresh & vibrant Mother’s Day table setting that will leave your mother feeling loved & appreciated.

Simple is key when it comes to creating tablescapes in my opinion, and this orange & blue table setting is no exception. With just a few supplies (you most likely already have on hand), you can create a Mother’s Day table setting mom will remember for years to come.

So, instead of heading to brunch at a local restaurant for Mother’s Day this year, stay home. Treat mom to a delicious home cooked meal at a beautifully set table. You’ll create memories & feelings around a table at home that will last much longer.

Spring tablescape for mom this Mother's Day with oranges & pops of blue.

A Mother’s Day table setting with fresh oranges & pops of blue is such a beautiful & easy way to show mom just how much you care.

Tips & Tricks to Creating a Simple & Beautiful Mother’s Day Table Setting

  • Keep it Simple: Remember, less is often more. You don’t need to go overboard with decorations to create a beautiful Mother’s Day or spring tablescape. Sometimes, a few carefully chosen items are all it takes to make a statement. Focus on the details, and let the beauty of your display shine through.
  • Choose a Color Scheme: A color scheme is an excellent starting point for your tablescape. For this Mother’s Day table setting I knew I wanted to incorporate oranges, blues, & whites which made putting the entire tablescape together much easier.
  • Play with Textures: Textures are a fantastic way to add interest and depth to your tablescape. Consider using different fabrics for your napkins and tablecloths. You can also add texture by incorporating different materials like wood, glass, or metal into your display.
  • Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match your plates, glasses, and utensils. Combining different styles and patterns can add a unique touch to your tablescape. You can also experiment with different plate sizes and shapes for a more visually interesting display.
  • Use Fresh Flowers & Fresh Fruit: Fresh flowers & fruit are a beautiful addition to any tablescape. You can use them as a centerpiece, place them right on the plate at each place setting, or a combination of both.
Fresh oranges are the perfect addition to a Mother's Day table setting.

How To Create an Orange & Blue Mother’s Day Table Setting

Table Linens

The first step in creating a Mother’s Day tablescape is choosing the right linens for the table. Decide whether you’re using a tablecloth, table runner, or both.

For this table setting, I knew I wanted a blue & white tablecloth as the backdrop to the fresh oranges I would be placing down the center of the table. I found this blue & white striped tablecloth at Target and thought it would work well with it’s clean & crisp straight lines.

Spring tablescape for a Mother's Day brunch outdoors.

I love the look of tablecloths draping over the sides of a table, so I always purchase tablecloths that are larger than the size of our table. You can see the tablecloth I used was long enough that it draped over the sides of the table, which feels so much cozier when creating a tablescape to me!

With the striped tablecloth and vibrancy of the oranges, I chose plain white napkins with a lace edge for this Mother’s Day table setting. I liked the simplicity of these all white napkins, but I also loved the delicate lace edge of the napkins which helped to soften the look of this entire table setting.

An outdoor table to celebrate any holiday or occasion this spring.

The napkins were tied in a knot and placed at each place setting.

Pro Tip: Iron all table linens before placing on the table. This includes the tablecloth, table runner, and napkins. Ironed linens will help to create a tablescape that looks fresh, clean, and crisp.

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Spring floral arrangement with hydrangeas & tulips.

Floral Centerpiece

Once the tablecloth was on the table, the next step in creating a Mother’s Day table setting is the centerpiece.

For the floral centerpiece, I wanted to keep it very simple well because…the oranges are the star of the show! So for the flower arrangement, I used this glass vase and simply added white & blue hydrangeas, and sprinkled in a few white peony tulips.

A hydrangea & tulip centerpiece for a spring table for mom.

Hydrangeas are a wonderful flower to create arrangements with. Their big blooms make it easy to fill up a vase with only a few stems, (which also means you will spend less on flowers…less is more!).

For tips on how to create a hydrangea centerpiece and how to get those blooms to last longer, check out this blog post.

Oranges & flowers create a beautiful centerpiece on a spring table.

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Mother’s Day Table Setting With Fresh Oranges

Fresh oranges are the star of this spring tablescape! I just love the bright, vibrant colors the fresh citrus added to the table.

Fresh citrus fruit creates a beautiful Mother's Day tablescape.

After placing the floral centerpiece in the center of the Mother’s Day table setting, I then began adding the fresh citrus on either side of the arrangement going down the table in a semi straight line (remember imperfection is perfection).

I began by placing the larger citrus fruit down the center of the table first and then continued on to the smaller fruit. I layered grapefruit, then navel oranges, then mandarin oranges, and finally gooseberries.

Gooseberries are not a citrus fruit but I could not resist adding them to the table! They look so cute and just like miniature oranges.

Citrus fruit is fresh & vibrant spring decor option.

Pro Tip: To help create depth & visual interest to the table, slice some of the fruit in half and layer the sliced fruit among the whole citrus fruit.

Adding the citrus fruit to the table is the fun part! This is where you can let your creativity run and create a centerpiece down the middle of the table that is organic & free flowing. Just keep moving & adjusting the citrus fruit until you achieve the look you desire!

Oranges with pops of blue creates a spring setting that is fresh & cozy.


The final step in creating your Mother’s Day table setting is the tableware.

Creat a unique place setting with oranges and ranunculus.

Since the theme of this table is fresh oranges with pops of blue & white, I wanted to keep the tableware simple & neutral.

White dishes are a great neutral option in a spring setting.

The plates I chose to use in this Mother’s Day tablescape were dishes we received at our wedding almost 20 years ago. I love using these dishes because they have special meaning to us. If you have dishes that have sentimental value to you or that you may have received from your mother or grandmother those would be a great addition to your table.

Ribbed glasses & gold silverware add charm & character to a spring table.

I used these gold utensils at the table for a little pop of color & texture against the blue & white tablecloth.

These juice glasses were an inexpensive find from Target. I loved the ribbed detail and I thought they added charm & character to the entire look of the table.

Pro Tip: Mix & match tableware for a unique touch to your Mother’s Day table setting. You can also experiment with different plate sizes and shapes for a more visually interesting display.

A cottage farmhouse style outdoor brunch with oranges and pops of blue.

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Create the feeling of spring with fresh citrus fruit with a blue & white tablecloth.

Brunch Recipes

We can’t forget the best part of any brunch…the food! I’ll be sharing a delicious orange brunch recipe soon that would be excellent served on this Mother’s Day table setting.

Here are a few other brunch recipe ideas that mom will love:

Fresh oranges are the perfect addition to a Mother's Day table setting.

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day That Mom Will Love

Mother's Day table setting with fresh citrus and pops of blue.

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Mother's Day tablescape idea filled with colors of orange, blue, & white.

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