Farmhouse Cottage Bedroom: Summer Refresh

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Refresh your farmhouse cottage bedroom this summer with these 10 tips to turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat.

French country bedroom with floral wallpaper and cozy bedding.

It’s summer and that means it’s time to refresh your bedroom!

Summer decorating is at it’s finest when it’s simplified, relaxed, airy, and peaceful. This is especially true for the room we spend about a third of our lives in, the bedroom.

Our summer bedroom continues the same decorating theme as the rest of our home, cozy minimalism. Less equals more.

Remove the heavy blankets, flannel sheets, store away the winter clothes, and your bedroom will begin to feel cooler, calmer, and more collected. Your bedroom will become the perfect space for enjoying a restful night’s sleep on a hot summer night.

Pink and white floral bedding for a cozy summer sleep.

Whenever I think of summer, I am brought back to the summer I had turned sixteen and traveled to Iowa.

I am originally from Iowa, and was sent to Iowa to de-tassel corn. That year, the weather had other ideas. Instead of working, I had a 4 week vacation that left me with lasting memories of time spent with extended family.

One of the memories that sticks out in my mind the most, was a night spent at my maternal grandmother’s. It was an incredibly hot and sticky night in Iowa. The only guest bedroom was on the second floor which was essentially an attic with two bedrooms that were used by my mother and her siblings growing up.

As I think back on that night, I don’t remember the heat. What I do remember, is how cozy and peaceful I felt.

I distinctly remember the smell of my grandparents home, the sound of the cicadas through the open windows, the curtains billowing in the breeze, and the texture of the knobby quilt that I laid underneath. These are the things I remember and that cozy, peaceful feeling is what I try to evoke in our bedroom.

Summer bedroom refresh with a quilt and lightweight bedding.

10 Tips for a Refreshing Summer Bedroom

Here are a few simple tips that I use to turn our farmhouse cottage bedroom into a cozy, peaceful, relaxing retreat. Simply use these tips as a guide. These tips are completely customizable to your home and to your style!

#1: Change Your Sheets

Refresh your sheets to stay cool & comfortable while sleeping.

For the summer, swap out your thick, winter flannel sheets with light, breathable cotton or linen sheets. Cotton or linen fabrics are perfect for summer because of their breathability.

Cottage farmhouse bedding for a summer refresh.

Cotton/linen sheets are available at all price points. We currently have these these inexpensive sheets from Target on our bed. These cotton sheets from the Casaluna line at Target look heavenly. And, how amazing do these sheets look from Pottery Barn.

Pro Tip: When making an online purchase, verify the material of the sheets before placing your order!

White cotton bedding is ideal for summer and hot nights.

#2: Remove Heavy Bedding

Store away heavy comforters and blankets until next fall. Add lighter duvets and quilts to your bed for the summer. A lightweight duvet or quilt is perfect on a chilly night.

Lightweight summer bedding in a farmhouse cottage bedroom.

Have fun with your summer bedding!

Summer is the perfect time to try out a new print or maybe a fun pop of color (pops of blue are perfect for summer).

I added this block print/stripped quilt in pink and white to our bed. I love the block print of the quilt with the large floral wallpaper on our bedroom walls.

Floral summer bedroom in a cottage farmhouse style home.

This quilt is so fun, and something a little different than I normally would have in our bedroom!

#3: Declutter

Spring is not the only cleaning season! At the start of each season, I like to go through our home and deep clean. Summer is no exception.

Use the new season as a reason to declutter your bedroom.

Clean up the pile of winter clothes that’s been hanging out in a corner of the room, dust furniture, vacuum under the bed, clean out sock & underwear drawers, go through your closet and purge old clothes that you don’t wear or that don’t fit anymore.

Remove clutter from a summer bedroom to make it feel fresh & airy.

Declutter and get rid of the things you don’t need, your bedroom will begin to feel lighter and brighter!

For more tips on organizing your home, check out this blog post.

#4: Store Away Winter Clothes

Take those heavy winter clothes and store them away! Bring those summer clothes to the forefront of your closet and dresser.

Keep decor to a minimum in a summer bedroom refresh.

In our home, we do not have a lot of storage space. What I like to do is move the winter clothes to the back of the closet and push my summer clothes to the front. This allows me to only focus on the clothes I can wear now.

#5: Add Fresh Flowers & Greenery to Your Bedroom

This tip goes for every room in our home! I love having fresh flowers and greenery throughout our entire home.

They add a brightness and happiness to our bedroom! The best part about summer flowers and greenery, is that you don’t have to run to the grocery store. Head out to your backyard! You can prune greenery and flowers in your own landscape and bring them in.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful accent in a summer bedroom.

Some of my favorite greens to cut are from along our woodline. I love clipping weeds & wildflowers in our yard as well and filling vases with those. We snipped these wild roses from our woods!

Fresh cut wildflowers are great decor in a summer home.

Weeds & wildflowers can be just as beautiful styled in a vase as the more popular flowers.

#6: Remove Heavy Curtains

We do not have curtains in our bedroom. I like the bright, open feel our bedroom has without them.

We opted for blinds that can be opened or closed for privacy instead.

If you do have curtains hanging in your bedroom, consider adding sheer or cotton panels for the summer. Thick curtains (velvets, polyesters, silks) can make your bedroom feel heavy.

Summer home with quilts, fresh flowers, and no curtains.

Remember, a summer bedroom should feel light and airy!

#7: Make Your Bed

There is nothing better than crawling into a bed that’s been made at the end of a long day!

Breathable summer bedding creates a light & airy space for sleeping.

I highly encourage (if you do not already) to get into the habit of making your bed each and every morning! Your room will look neat during the day and you will enjoy getting into a cool, crisp bed at night.

#8: Clean Off Nightstands

Each morning, after I make our bed, I clean off our nightstands. I clean off any drinks, stow away chargers, and throw away any tissues or trash from the previous night.

Keeping your nightstand clean provides a fresh surface each night you go to bed.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful accent in a summer bedroom.

The décor on your nightstands do not need to match. I love the look of mismatched nightstands. Style your nightstands based on who is sleeping on that side of the bed.

Keep decor to a minimum in a summer bedroom refresh.

#9: Ditch the Bedroom Throw Pillows

Think about ditching the bedroom throw pillows!

I did this years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Farmhouse bedding with floral wallpaper in a cottage farmhouse home.

I was spending way too much time in the morning styling the throw pillows on our bed only to have hubby throw them off like rag dolls. Now I can take those couple of minutes in the morning and work on something else!

#10: Turn Off the Television in the Bedroom

Turn off the television to create a relaxing, calming bedroom.

Floral wallpaper & country farmhouse bed for summer.

I struggle with this one. We have a tv in our bedroom and there are many nights where I get sucked into a television show.

The nights I enjoy the most are ones that I leave the tv off and simply read a book. I fall asleep faster and have a much more restful night’s sleep.

Farmhouse bedroom with floral wallpaper.

View my google web story, 10 Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom for Summer.

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10 Tips for a Summer Bedroom Refresh

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  1. That makes me so happy! I am glad my blog post resonated with you. I love a nice cool bed to crawl into on a hot summer’s night!

  2. Hi Elena! Our headboard is from Jordyn’s Furniture. It is a furniture store local to Massachusetts. I am not sure they would have it anymore, we have had it for about 4-5 years. Thank you reading the bedroom summer refresh blog, it means so much to me!!!

  3. Heidi, I love all the tips about creating a beautiful summer bedroom space! I am currently at our mountain cabin but we are having warm weather (too warm which is unusual) and I am so ready to throw off all the covers and pillows. Your post is timely as I will definitely do your suggestions here. Thank you for sharing. Your bedroom is just beautiful.

  4. Love your bedroom. Where did you get your beautiful headboard? I’m moving to a condo and it’s tme to decorate for just me!

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  6. Your bedroom is beautifully styled, Heidi!! I LOVE The colors that you chose to use. It truly does feel light and airy…even through just looking at the photos!! I truly enjoyed your story at the beginning of your post about Iowa. What a cool memory that is!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I love the new bedding!! It looks perfect in your beautiful bedroom! It makes me want to add a little color to my bedding! Such great tips for a summer bedroom refresh! Everything in this space looks perfect!!!

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