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Spring is the perfect time to refresh & brighten our homes and that includes in the bedroom! Here’s a roundup of beautiful spring bedding ideas that include everything from simple & neutral options to bright floral or gingham patterns.

French country primary bedroom with floral wallpaper & spring bedding.

This was our primary bedroom last spring. Current state of our primary bedroom…disaster! With home office renovations going on right next door to our bedroom, our upstairs is a mess. However, this current messy situation is not stopping my dreams of a cozy & fresh, spring bedroom.

So, for this blog post I thought I would share what I’ve been daydreaming about…an organized bedroom and spring bedding. I love to change our bedding each season for a fresh look, especially for spring. I remove the heavy blankets & flannel sheets from winter and add light cottony bedding for spring. Changing out our bedding makes our bedroom feel fresh & new, lighter & brighter. Just as spring should feel!

If you’re looking to refresh your bed & bedroom this spring, here are some of my favorite spring bedding ideas for this season.

Spring Bedding Shopping Tips

Before I share the spring bedding I’m loving this season, here a few tips and things I look for in bedding for spring before hitting checkout.

  • Opt for lighter hues in spring bedding that won’t absorb heat. Whites, yellows, blues, and pinks are great spring color options.
  • Cotton & linen are great fabric choices for bedding to keep a light & airy feeling in the bedroom.
  • The best, coziest sheets are ones with thread counts between 200 to 600.
  • Expensive bedding doesn’t always mean better! Less expensive options can be just as good as their more expensive counterparts.
French country spring bedroom with flowers & cozy bedding.

Spring Bedding Options

I broke spring bedding options down into two categories; neutral spring bedding & patterned spring bedding in hopes this makes it easier for you to shop. I love a combinations of neutral & patterned so feel free to mix & match both options!

Also, I tried to include a wide variety of price points in these bedding options. Everyone’s budget is different, so my hope is that you are able to find a bedding option with a price point that works with your wallet.

Shop all bedding options by simply clicking the photos below or by visiting our Shop tab.

Neutral Spring Bedding

Neutral spring bedding will coordinate with any bedroom decor regardless of your bedrooms style or patterns that may already be prevalent in your room.

Remember a color doesn’t have to be light to be considered neutral. The combination of colors is more important than the individual ones. The key to any color palette is balance & cohesion.

Here are a few of my favorite neutral bedding options perfect for spring.

Green melange duvet for spring is perfect for refreshing a bedroom.
Muslin Duvet is cozy & fresh for warm weather sleeping.
Cozy bedding for spring that will refresh & brighten the bedroom.
White bedding with yellow accents for a cozy bedroom.
Green cotton ruffled sheets for a cozy French country bedroom.
Linen sheets are ideal for a good nights in warmer weather.
Blue & white cotton sheets for a cozy cottage bedroom.
Cozy neutral spring bedding that is fresh & new for spring.
White cotton bedding for spring that's cozy & comfortable.
Lace trimmed sheets that are beautiful in a cottage farmhouse bedroom.
Basic neutral bedding that will coordinate with any style bedroom.
Pink comforter for a cozy cottage bedroom.
Cozy bedding for a spring bedroom that is cool & comfortable.
White scalloped bedding is beautiful in a cottage style bedroom.
White cotton sheets will coordinate with any neutral or patterned bedding.

Patterned Spring Bedding

I love adding pattern to our bedroom with bedding. Even though we have the bold floral wallpaper on the wall behind our bed, I like to add more pattern to our bedroom to accent the wallpaper for texture, depth, and more coziness.

Mixing patterns is not easy and can be challenging. Too many and you overwhelm your bedroom, yet a pattern-free room feels cold and lacks personality.

Here are a few tips when adding patterned bedding to your bedroom:

  • Plan: Decide on the atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. Examples: Romantic, Modern, Traditional, Bohemian
  • Chose a Color Palette: Decide on a color palette ahead of time. Select colors you love and that feel warm, cozy, and inviting to you.
  • Start With a Statement Piece: Start with this item and use it as the focal point around which you build the rest of your bedroom.
  • Keep Color Palette Simple: Mix patterns of the same color, or patterns that share a common color. This will give your bedroom cohesion, even if the patterns are completely different.
  • Use Contrast to Create Balance: All prints and patterns exist on a scale; small scale to large scale. Pair items on contrasting ends of the scale to create a bedroom that looks balanced. I love to have a ditsy floral print in our bedding because it contrasts so well with the large floral wallpaper on the wall.
  • Have Fun: Always remember it’s your bedroom your decorating. Have fun with the patterns you select, and if something doesn’t match…it’s not the end of the world!

These are a few patterned spring bedding options I am loving this spring.

Floral duvet from Anthropologie that is charming & whimsical.
Blue dot cotton sheets are cozy spring bedding.
Gingham bedding is beautiful for any season of the year.
Tulip sheets are so cute in a cottage farmhouse bedroom for spring.
Striped cotton sheets for a cozy spring bedroom.
Neutral spring bedding for a cottage farmhouse bedroom.
The coziest spring bedding for a cottage farmhouse bedroom.
Light blue checked bedding that would be perfect for spring.
Cozy inexpensive spring bedding from Target.
Ruffled striped bedding for a cozy farmhouse bedroom.
Blue & white toile bedding for a fresh & colorful bedroom.
Toile sheets add pattern & coziness to a spring bedroom.
Blue & white gingham duvet for a fresh spring bedroom.
Striped bedding from Pottery Barn for a cozy spring bedroom.
Neutral gingham bedding for a country farmhouse bedroom.
Blue floral comforter for a cottage farmhouse bedroom.
Soft & cozy striped cotton sheets in a cottage farmhouse bedroom.

Where to Shop for Spring Bedding

These are a few of the places I love to shop for bedding. Use the shopping tips I provided at the beginning of this blog post to find the perfect bedding for your spring bedroom.

French country primary bedroom with floral wallpaper & spring bedding.

Which spring bedding will you be adding to your bedroom this spring? Neutral, patterned, or a combination of both?

More Bedroom Inspiration

Check out our primary bedroom styled for late winter/early spring, in our spring home tour.

Our farmhouse cottage bedroom got a summer refresh last year, read more here.

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xoxo, heidi

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Spring bedding ideas for a fresh look in the bedroom for spring.

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  1. Hi Traci! Thank you for telling me! I just went through and changed a few things, so you should be able to shop the photos now. So sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. I’m unable to access any links for the bedding. Am I missing something? When I click on each individual picture it only enlarges the picture instead of taking to a direct link. I also tried through your shopping link but none of the bedding is shown.

  3. Even though at my age it is alot of work I love the finished effect of changing over our bedding in the spring. Of course we always get a few more surprise chilly nights and I keep a warm throw handy for these.
    Another thing I like to do is add some pretty spring flowers from my garden to my bedside table. Right now it is some white Tulips and is so nice to see them when I wake up.
    Happy Spring to you and your family.

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