DIY Easter Garland

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Create your very own adorable DIY Easter garland for under $5 with wooden bunny cut outs from the Dollar Tree and a roll of bakers twine.

DIY Easter garland in farmhouse kitchen made with bunny cut outs.

This DIY Easter garland is so easy & inexpensive to make it’s almost silly! However, when I shared a few views of this space last week in my Easter Home Decor on a Budget post, I received so many positive comments on this bunny garland, I knew it deserved it’s own dedicated blog post.

One of the things I love the most about our open kitchen shelf is the pegs below it. I love the ability to hang garlands from the pegs to style this space according to the season. I made this DIY ghost garland for Halloween and it looked absolutely adorable hanging in our kitchen, so I knew I wanted to make more DIY garlands for other holidays as well.

Can you believe this DIY Easter garland only required 2 things (well 3 if you include the drill) cost me less than $5 to make, and took less than 15 minutes to create?! Once you make this bunny garland you’ll think twice about purchasing one from the store. Yours will be so much cuter and will cost you a fraction of what you would pay for an Easter garland at the store.

DIY Garland for Easter is an inexpensive craft perfect for a farmhouse style home.

How to Make a DIY Easter Garland

Easter Garland Supplies

These are the exact counts & sizes of the materials I used for this garland. You can make a shorter or longer Easter garland by adjusting the amount of bunnies & length of twine. You could also place the bunnies closer together on the garland, which would require more wooden cut outs. Here’s what you’ll need:

Mr. ERH drilled the holes in the bunnies ears to string the twine through. If you are not comfortable drilling holes (or don’t know how to like me) you could also use hot glue to adhere the wooden bunny cut outs to the twine.

A craft for the holiday with rabbit cutouts & bakers twine.

Creating a DIY Easter Garland

Step 1

Determine the amount of the twine you will need for your garland, then determine how far apart you want the bunny cut outs spaced on the garland. This will tell you how many wooden cut outs you will need for your Easter garland.

For my DIY garland, I used 5″ of twine & 14 bunny cut outs.

A DIY garland made with wooden rabbit cut outs and pink bakers twine.

Step 2

Drill the 3/32 holes into the wooden rabbits ears.

This size hole was the ideal size with the twine I used. It wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small. We drilled the holes somewhere in the middle of the ears. This step does not need to be perfect, just eyeball each hole you drill so they are somewhat similar.

If you don’t have a drill or don’t know how to drill, skip this step and just use hot glue instead. Place a dab of hot glue on the backside of the wooden bunny cut out, and secure that to the twine evenly spacing the bunny cut outs.

A holiday garland for a cozy cottage farmhouse home decorated for spring.

Step 3

With holes drilled into all of the bunnies, begin threading one end of the twine through one side of the bunny ear and into the other.

Pull the bunnies all the way down to the other end of the twine, leaving a couple of extra inches at the end of the twine.

Continue adding the bunnies until all are on the DIY Easter garland.

An Easter garland is easy to make with wooden rabbit cut outs & twine.

Step 4

Once all the bunnies have been added to the twine. Pull the twine so it’s in a straight line on a flat surface. Now begin evenly spacing the bunny cut outs.

I left about 1-2″ between each bunny. Again, you can space out the bunnies as close or as far apart as you want.

Homemade craft hanging in a neutral cozy cottage farmhouse kitchen.

Step 5

Tie a knot and then a bow at each end of the twine to finish the DIY Easter garland.

Your DIY bunny garland is ready for hanging!

DIY Easter garland hung in a cottage farmhouse kitchen.

DIY Easter Garland Tips & Tricks

  • Instead of drilling holes into the wooden bunny cut outs use hot glue to adhere the bunnies to the twine.
  • Paint the wooden cut outs instead of leaving them raw wood.
  • Use your favorite Easter ribbon instead of twine to create this DIY Easter garland (you may need to drill bigger holes depending on the thickness of the ribbon you use).
  • String the bunnies closer together or further apart for a different look to this DIY garland.
  • Try using other wooden or fabric shapes like chicks or eggs for a completely different Easter garland.
Farmhouse decor for spring with neutral colors, wooden rabbit cut outs, and tea towels.

Where can I hang an Easter garland?

I love this DIY Easter garland hanging in our kitchen. It adds the perfect amount of festive Easter decor without being too over the top.

This DIY garland would also look cute hanging from a mantle or shelf, on a wall or hooks, or even draped across the center of an Easter tablescape. The possibilities on where you could hang this garland are endless, just use your imagination!

Farmhouse kitchen with neutral colors, seasonal decor, cookbooks, and vintage pieces.

More Easter Ideas

These DIY Easter candy jars have been a favorite here on the blog & social media. They are easy to make and are a great Easter gift idea.

This bunny bait is a delicious Easter treat and perfect for catching the Easter bunny.

Check out how I styled this Easter pillow in every room of our house!

Cottage farmhouse kitchen decorated for spring & Easter.

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DIY Easter bunny garland for inexpensive Easter decor.

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