Ghost Garland for Halloween

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A spooky ghost garland is the perfect addition to cozy Halloween décor.

Ghostly Halloween Décor

As a fan of all things cozy, the Halloween décor in our home tends to be on the spooky side rather than scary.

When I saw these adorable fabric stuffed ghost picks at Michael’s, I knew they would be the perfect, spooky addition to our Halloween décor. I bought every single ghost pick they had in the store (in full transparency there was only 6 lol!).

My vision for these adorable stuffed ghosts…a ghost garland!


Before we discuss the ghost garland, can we take a second and talk about why I am obsessed these little stuffed ghosts? There is a lot to love about these little guys between their small size, puffy shape, and adorable ghostly faces. But what I love the most about them…the rick-rack edges! Can you stand the cuteness?? It’s the cutest & coziest detail to these adorable, spooky little ghosts.

Ghost Pick

Now that we’ve established how much I adore these little guys, let’s turn them into an easy to make, spooky ghost garland.

Ghost Garland

What You Will Need to Make a Ghost Garland

Ghost Pick & Twine

How to Make a Ghost Garland

To start your ghost garland, you will need to remove the stick on the bottom of each ghost. Twist and turn the stick until it becomes loose enough to easily remove.

Ghost Picks

If the stick is hard to remove, you can take a wire cutter and cut the stick as close to the ghost as possible. Then, either remove the rest of the stick from the ghost or push the rest of the stick inside of the ghost further until it disappears.

Ghost Garland
Measuring Out the Ghosts

Roll out the twine into a straight line on a flat surface. Leave about 1 foot of extra twine at the start of your garland. Place your first ghost on the twine, measure out about 12 inches from the first ghost, and then place your next ghost. This will give you an idea of where you want to glue your ghosts to the twine. I liked spacing the ghosts 12 inches apart, but you could certainly place the ghosts closer or further apart.

Ghost Décor

Flip your first ghost over and place a small dollop of hot glue on the back of the ghosts head. Quickly and carefully place the black twine into the hot glue. Using the end of the hot glue gun, smudge the hot glue so the twine is fully emerged into the glue. Allow glue to fully dry (takes just a minute or two) before moving onto the next ghost.

Hot Glue on Ghost

Continue hot gluing each ghost to the twine. Measuring about 12 inches between each ghost.

Ghost Garland

Once you have hot glued the sixth and final ghost to the twine, leave about 1 foot of additional twine at the end of the garland.

Ghost Garland

Add a small loop to both ends of the twine to finish the garland. The finished garland will be about 6 1/2′ in length.

Ghost Garland

Where to Hang a Ghost Garland

I hung our ghost garland on our peg rail in the kitchen. The garland looks so cute & cozy hanging with our Halloween hand towels!

Halloween Décor in the Kitchen

This garland would look adorable hung on a Halloween mantle, hung on hooks in an entryway, incorporated into a Halloween tablescape, or could even be hung in a children’s bedroom since it’s not too scary.

Ghost Garland

Other Ideas for a Halloween Garland

You can make this garland with other Halloween shapes too. Here are a few fun & festive ideas:

You can also change the color of the twine for a different look. White, yellow, orange, or purple are other twine color options that would be perfect for a Halloween garland.

Ghost Garland

Ghostly Halloween Home Décor

Looking for more ghostly Halloween home décor?! Shop some of my ghoulish favorites, here.

Ghostly Halloween Décor

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Ghost Garland for Halloween

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Ghost Garland for Halloween
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  1. Heidi, this is so adorable! I’m going to see if my Michaels still have the little ghosties (as I call them) Of course your kitchen is so precious without them!

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