Easter Home Decor on a Budget

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Celebrate Easter with these budget friendly Easter home decor ideas! From DIY Easter napkins to naturally dyed Easter eggs, I’m sharing 8 ways to decorate your home for Easter on a budget.

Cottage farmhouse decor at Eleanor Rose Home.

With Easter less than one month away, now is the time to embrace the season and begin adding touches of Easter to your home’s decor.

If you are someone who doesn’t normally do much decorating for Easter, I challenge you to try adding a couple of my budget friendly Easter home decor ideas to your home. Changing out seasonal pieces of decor throughout the year will make your home feel fresh and new, and Easter decor is just that. It’s the perfect way to welcome a holiday and season that symbolizes rebirth & new beginnings.

Green accents in a cottage farmhouse kitchen for Easter.

Easter decor doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. In fact, my favorite Easter decor pieces are the ones that I made myself or ones that include fresh flowers. Today, I’m taking you on a little tour of our home to show you how to decorate your home with inexpensive Easter decor that is beautiful and won’t break the bank.

Fresh spring flower arrangement with hydrangeas.

Bloggers’ Best Spring Home Tours

I, along with 29 blogging friends are opening our doors all week long to give you a glimpse into our homes styled for spring and Easter! A huge thank you to Kelly of The Tattered Pew for including me in this blog hop. Continue reading to the end of this post where you will find links to all the gorgeous spring home tours, I promise, there is loads of inspiration!

If you are coming here from The Ponds Farmhouse, welcome! Rachel’s spring home tour is beautiful and her blog is inspirational.

The family of Eleanor Rose Home in their cottage farmhouse living room.

If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Heidi, the creative mind behind the decor & lifestyle blog, Eleanor Rose Home. I’m a wife & mother who loves creating a cozy home for my family with new & vintage home decor, comfort food recipes, and DIY’s. 

You can learn more about me, my family, and Eleanor Rose Home, here.

You can take a peek of our first 2023 spring home tour, here. In this home tour, I shared how to decorate for spring using decor that is functional, nostalgic, and cozy.

For this home tour, let me show you how I styled our home for Easter with inexpensive Easter home decor.

Things to Remember When Shopping for Budget Friendly Easter Home Decor

Here are some basic things to remember when shopping for inexpensive Easter home decor.

  • Purchase pieces that can be used for multiple seasons & years. It may cost more upfront, but the savings in the long run will be worth it.
  • Don’t purchase a bunch of random things at the dollar store just because it’s cute & cheap. You’ll probably end up throwing most of those random things away. Only invest in things you really love & will use in your home.
  • Use & repurpose what you already have. Maybe you have a wreath you loved years ago but feel it’s outdated now? Repurpose it! Remove the decorations from it and add new ones, you will be surprised at how you can make something old new again.
  • DIY it. See Easter decor you love but it’s too expensive? Try making it yourself. Some of my favorite Easter home decor pieces are the ones I made myself.
  • Don’t buy something because it’s trendy or in style this season. Purchase pieces you love and will be proud to display in your home for years to come.
Garden caddy arrangement in cottage farmhouse kitchen.

Inexpensive Easter Home Decor Ideas

Easter Garland DIY

This DIY Easter garland is my favorite craft that I’ve created this season for multiple reasons. First, it cost me less than $3 to create this super cute Easter bunny garland. Yes, you read that right…$3! Second, it took less than 15 minutes to put together (that includes time to drill the holes). And thirdly, it’s so adorable!

DIY Easter bunny garland hanging on farmhouse kitchen shelf.

I found these little wooden rabbits with pom pom tails at the dollar store and knew I had to create a garland as soon as I saw them!

Mr. ERH drilled holes in the bunnies ears for me to string bakers twine through. I strung 14 bunnies (each pack comes with 12 bunnies) on a 5′ piece of bakers twine, and then tied the ends of the twine into a bow.

Easter rabbit garland DIY with wooden rabbits and twine.

To make this craft even easier, you could simply hot glue the rabbits to the bakers twine. Either way this simple craft is a great example of how you can create budget friendly Easter home decor for just a couple of dollars!

Cottage farmhouse kitchen decorated for spring & Easter.

I hung our DIY Easter garland on the pegs on our open kitchen shelf. I love how the wooden bunnies pop against the white beadboard! This garland would also be adorable hung on a mantle or from a shelf as well.

For more details on how to create this garland, visit this DIY Easter Garland blog post.

Easter Egg Tree

Easter egg tree in the dining room for cozy spring decor.

Adding an Easter egg tree to our Easter home decor is one of my favorite traditions that I carry on from my childhood. Every year at Easter time, my mom would bring a branch in from the outdoors, and then we would decorate the branches with colorful eggs hanging from delicate ribbons.

Branches with egg ornaments to create an Easter egg tree.

Did you know the Easter egg tree tradition actually started in Germany centuries ago?! In Germany the Easter egg tree is called, Ostereierbaum. Ostereierbaum is a tree or shrub decorated with hanging Easter eggs. Some families even keep their trees out past Easter, decorating them for other holidays throughout the year.

How to create an Easter egg tree with a pitcher, moss, and eggs.

To create your own Ostereierbaum or Easter egg tree, find a small branch (any branch without leaves will do), place inside of a vessel, fill vessel with stone or another medium to keep the branches standing erect, then cover with moss. Fill the branches with hanging Easter eggs. And viola, you have the easiest, inexpensive Easter decor!

I found these pretty Easter egg ornaments at Michael’s, however any Easter ornament will do.

Cozy cottage farmhouse dining room & living room for spring.

Garden Caddy Flower Arrangement

This may be the most expensive, inexpensive Easter decor idea in this blog post! However, this garden caddy arrangement could be used for not just Easter but for other holidays & seasons as well…think spring, summer, Mother’s Day.

Cottage farmhouse decor at Eleanor Rose Home.

To create this arrangement, I took this green Hearth & Hand garden caddy and instead of filling it with tools & supplies, I placed glass vessels inside each compartment, and then added fresh flowers.

How to create a garden caddy centerpiece for spring.

These square glass vessels fit perfectly inside each compartment and were perfect in keeping the flowers in place as I arranged them.

Spring flowers in a garden caddy for Easter home decor.

My original thought was to fill this caddy entirely with white hydrangea blooms. However, I could only find a couple at our local grocery store (and they are not in currently in season here). So, I placed the heavy hydrangea blooms on either end of the arrangement, and then filled in the rest of the caddy with an assortment of lilies, roses, St. John’s wort, stock, wax flowers, and green leaf stems.

I plan on using this green garden caddy for many things around the house, so the $34.99 investment for this was worth it (this garden caddy is really cute too). Instead of investing in a new caddy though, use one you already have! Any tool or garden caddy would work for this Easter arrangement.

Garden caddy arrangement in cottage farmhouse kitchen.

To make this arrangement even more cost effective, use flowers or greenery from your yard or lower priced flowers from the grocery store like mums, daisies, eucalyptus, or carnations. Faux flowers are another great option! Those can be used year after year after making the initial investment.

Country farmhouse decor in the kitchen for spring and easter.

I styled our garden caddy arrangement on our kitchen console table. However, this arrangement would like gorgeous in the center of an Easter table or on a kitchen island.

Easter Eggs in Easter Home Decor

Let’s think about this…what other time of the year is it acceptable to decorate your home with eggs?! I love embracing the uniqueness of each holiday, and Easter is no different!

Cottage farmhouse entryway styled for Easter and spring.

Fill bowls or baskets with faux Easter eggs and display them around your home. I filled a basket with natural Easter grass and then placed plastic speckled decorative eggs inside. Easy, cute, and inexpensive!

Basket of eggs in a cottage farmhouse kitchen for spring.

Naturally dyed Easter eggs are another great budget friendly Easter home decor option because they’re made with ingredients already in your pantry & refrigerator, and the pastel color of these eggs are beautiful displayed in a bowl on the counter.

Naturally dyed Easter eggs are a budget friendly Easter home decor option.

This is a fun Easter craft that the kiddos will love helping with! And, if you’re a fan of hard boiled eggs you can eat them or use them in egg salad once you are done decorating with them. (My family is not of fan of hard boiled eggs so Eleanor is lucky enough to get a little hard boiled egg added to her dog food once Easter is over.)

Naturally dyed Easter eggs are beautiful displayed on a kitchen counter.

Save money by creating your own natural Easter egg dye, you can find the tutorial on how I easily made mine here in this blog post.

Rabbit Figurines

I love adding rabbit figurines to our decor not only for Easter but for spring as well. And if I’m being honest, rabbit figurines could really show up at any time of the year here at ERH!

Spring kitchen decor including greenery, Easter rabbits, and white accents.

White ceramic rabbits like these are great investments because they are classic & neutral, which means you can reuse them year after year. I found these ceramic white rabbits at the Target Dollar Spot for $5 each, a steal since I’ll be using these for years to come.

Spring open kitchen shelf styling in a cottage farmhouse home.

Here’s a look at the other side of our open kitchen shelf where I placed another ceramic rabbit inside a cloche.

Gold rabbit figurines are another great investment for Easter home decor. Gold is classic and won’t go out of style, so just like those white ceramic rabbits, you can use gold figurines for years to come.

Bronze bunny holding eggs in a cozy farmhouse kitchen.
Cozy farmhouse kitchen decorated for spring with greenery & neutral colors.

This gold rabbit figurine holding a bowl next to the sink is a favorite piece of mine to decorate with for Easter and all year long. He can be utilized for so many purposes, I think I’ve styled him in every room of our home!

Easter home decor with gold rabbit figurines in a farmhouse home.

I placed a couple of gold rabbit figurines on top of this dresser in our living room along with a rabbit pillow & a hanging rabbit sign for simple Easter decor.

Budget friendly Easter decor with rabbits & Easter lilies.

Lilies in Easter Home Decor

A cozy home should appeal to all 5 senses, and that includes the sense of smell. Did you know the sense of smell can trigger nostalgia from a past experience? That’s what the scent of Easter lilies do for me!

The fragrance of Easter lilies bring me back to my childhood and church on Easter morning. I love that just the scent of these beautiful flowers evokes fond memories of when I was younger.

Easter lilies in farmhouse living room for Easter.

I added a small vase of lilies to our living room, and let me tell you…the scent is intoxicating!

Cottage farmhouse living with budget friendly Easter decor.

Many grocery stores sell potted lilies this time of year for Easter. Those are beautiful styled indoors, and once the lilies expire you can plant the bulb outdoors. Then you can enjoy lilies in your garden for years to come!

DIY Stamped Easter Napkins

I made these stamped Easter napkins last year, and I am so excited to use them in our Easter decor again this year!

Budget friendly easter home decor with DIY stamped Easter napkins.

These napkins were so easy to create with just a few supplies, and cost less than $30 for 12 Easter napkins.

DIY Easter napkins are inexpensive and easy to make.

Stamped easter napkins are budget friendly Easter decor and are an adorable addition to an Easter tablescape.

A spring centerpiece that includes fresh flowers, lemons, & lemonade.

For the tutorial on how to make these DIY Easter napkins, check out this blog post for all the instructions.

Easter Candy Jars

These DIY Easter candy jars are the cutest addition to our home this year, and are the perfect example of inexpensive Easter decor.

Easter decorations from Eleanor Rose Home to create a well loved home.

I made these candy jars with upcycled glass jars, chicken & geese figurines from the Target Dollar Spot, along with gold spray paint we had leftover from another project. All in all these candy jars cost me less than $20 to make.

These little guys are the ideal size to style on a kitchen or bathroom shelf and can be used for so much more than candy. They can be filled with tea bags or coffee, cotton balls or Q-tips. But I do love the idea of a golden goose or chicken laying candy eggs for Easter!

Easter candy in a glass jar for an easy & simple DIY.

Easter candy jars can also be used in place settings on an Easter table or given as Easter gifts to friends & family. However you chose to use these candy jars, they are a great budget friendly Easter home decor option.

For more on how to make these DIY Easter candy jars, check out this blog post.

Cozy cottage farmhouse Easter décor at Eleanor Rose Home.

The Best Places to Shop for Inexpensive Easter Home Decor

Here are the retailers I love to shop for inexpensive Easter home decor. These widely accessible retailers offer reasonable prices for high quality Easter products (for the most part!).

  • Target
  • H&M
  • Michael’s
  • Hobby Lobby
  • World Market
  • Amazon
  • Home Goods
Inexpensive Easter decor on a budget for a cozy home.

The Spring Home Tours Continue

Thank you for stopping by to tour our home styled for Easter! I hope you found my budget friendly Easter decor ideas helpful. Don’t forget to become an Eleanor Rose Home insider to receive exclusive content, newsletters, and to never miss a blog post! You can sign up here to join the community.

Now head on over to Shiplap & Shells! Kim’s home & gardens are gorgeous and you will love her spring cottage home tour decorating ideas blog post.

Keep reading to the end of this blog post for links to all the tours in this bloggers’ best spring home tour event.

Cottage farmhouse decor at Eleanor Rose Home.

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xoxo, heidi

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Budget friendly Easter home decor for a cottage farmhouse home.

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