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Hot Cocoa Station

Hot Cocoa Station

Tis the season for hot cocoa! Warm up and embrace the Christmas season by creating a customizable hot cocoa station in your home with a decadent slow cooker hot cocoa recipe.

What are the holidays without a cup of rich, decadent hot cocoa?! It’s a beverage synonymous with Christmas, and perfect for those cold snowy days of winter. One sip, warms the soul and makes you feel instantly cozy inside.

As much as I love a cup of hot cocoa, it may be the hot cocoa toppings that are the best part of this winter drink.

So, I thought I would share with you how to create a hot cocoa station that includes not just the delicious hot cocoa, but all the toppings too! It’s a fun way to serve hot cocoa for family movie night, a Christmas party, children’s birthday party, or even an adult holiday gathering. I promise you, adults will love this just as much as the kids!

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How to Set Up a Hot Cocoa Station

The Hot Cocoa Station Base

I began creating our hot cocoa station, by starting with a base. I placed a plaid red & white table runner down on the counter, and then placed an old vintage wooden sled on top of that. The sled helped to add height to our station, and added cute Christmas nostalgia to the hot cocoa station as well!

Pro Tip: After bringing the sled out of storage, I did make sure to clean the wooden sled with hot soapy water a couple of times, since food was being placed on and around it.

Cups for Drinking Hot Cocoa

For your hot cocoa station, you can choose to use disposable hot paper cups, regular coffee mugs, or maybe a combination of both. I have disposable hot paper cups next to our hot cocoa but I also have coffee mugs on the shelf above it.

Disposable paper cups are convenient because guests can easily throw them away when done, and most importantly…you won’t have to wash a bunch of dishes after the party. There are really cute disposable Christmas hot paper cups available. I found our disposable hot cocoa cups at the Target dollar spot for only $3.

These disposable hot paper cups would be a cute addition to a hot cocoa station as well.

The Hot Cocoa

The most important part of a hot cocoa station, the hot cocoa!

Now, you could have instant hot cocoa at your station with hot water available to guests to make their own, instant hot chocolate. However, I have the easiest and most delicious hot cocoa recipe that literally takes minutes to mix together, cooks for a few hours in the crock pot, and tastes absolutely incredible.

You and your guests will love this decadent hot cocoa recipe. Recipe included at the end of this blog post!

I placed our crockpot full of hot cocoa on one side of the sled, next to the cups for serving. Guests can easily fill their cups with a soup ladle placed in the hot chocolate filled crockpot.

Hot Cocoa Toppings

The most fun part of any hot cocoa station is the toppings! The hot cocoa toppings you serve are completely customizable to what you and your guests love to add on top of the hot cocoa.

Topping Ideas for Hot Cocoa Station

Supplies Needed for Displaying Hot Cocoa Toppings

How to Display Hot Cocoa Toppings

Tie red & white baker’s twine around the top of each jar. I circled the twine around each jar about 4 times, to ensure a full red & white affect. Pull the twine taut and tie a knot. Make sure to leave long ends to be able to tie a tag to the jar.

Download and print your free hot cocoa topping tags here!

Cut out printable tags, and then punch a hole in each tag to thread twine through. Place a tag on each jar, tying a bow around the tag with the twine for a whimsical touch. Trim twine ends for a finished look.

Add toppings to corresponding jars.

Pro Tip: Use the tall canning jars for taller toppings, and the shorter jars for smaller topping pieces.

Arrange the topping filled jars on and around the sled, keeping shorter jars at closer reach for little hands.

Add scoops or spoons to the jars for scooping or place them off to the side for people to easily grab and scoop toppings.

You can even add some fun holiday Christmas lights to your station for an even more fun and whimsical touch! The little Christmas tree lights added such a festive glow, and I loved the little pop of green they provided! Here’s a similar strand of lights you could use at your hot chocolate station.

Hot Cocoa Station Sign or Banner

A hot cocoa station is not complete without a sign or banner!

I found this adorable “Cocoa” banner at Target which I hung from peg hooks above our hot cocoa station.

Here are some other super cute banners that would be the perfect addition to your hot cocoa station.

More Christmas Inspiration

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Crockpot Hot Cocoa

Course: BeverageCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


Prep Time


Cooking Time




Total time





Rich & decadent hot cocoa made with only 6 ingredients and slow cooked to perfection in the crockpot.


  • 6 cups 1% Milk

  • 2 cups Heavy cream

  • 1/2 cup Granulated sugar

  • 8 ounces dark chocolate, chopped

  • 1/4 cup Unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 2 teaspoons Pure vanilla extract


  • In a bowl, whisk together milk, heavy cream, sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract.
  • Pour milk mixture into crockpot.
  • Add chopped chocolate to crockpot.
  • Turn crockpot to low, and set for 5-6 hours.
  • Stir hot cocoa about every hour to ensure chocolate does not stick to the bottom of crockpot and burn.
  • Once hot cocoa is done turn crockpot to the warm setting to keep warm for drinking.
  • Use ladle to pour hot cocoa into cups. Enjoy!


  • Whole or 2% milk can be substituted for 1% milk.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate can be used in place of dark chocolate.
  • Add fun toppings to the top for even more delicious cup of hot cocoa!

Christmas Entertaining Inspiration

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