Anthropologie Dupe Wreath

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An Anthropologie dupe wreath with an evergreen base, miniature wooden houses, and small bottle brush trees made to look like the original snowy village wreath, but at a fraction of the cost.

Anthropologie Dupe Wreath

I am not a person to normally jump on a trend but every so often there is one that tickles my fancy and one I just can’t resist jumping on! The Anthropologie snowy village wreath became somewhat of an internet sensation, and I understand why. A wreath with miniature wooden houses, small bottle brush trees, along with a little fake snow…SOLD!

Anthropologie Snow Village Wreath
The OG Anthropologie Snowy Village Wreath

However, when I saw the price tag of the OG Anthropologie wreath (um hello….$198!) I knew that was well outside my Christmas décor budget. So, when I saw Liz Marie Blog’s version of the Anthropologie dupe wreath, I knew I had (not want, had) to make one too!

Anthropologie Dupe Wreath
Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog

This wreath is incredibly easy and affordable to create in your own home with only 5 supplies needed. This wreath cost me less than $30 to make…well below the $198 price tag of the original!

So…are you going to jump on the Anthropologie dupe wreath bandwagon and make one of your own? I really hope you will join me! This is one of my most favorite DIY’s to date and quite possible my favorite piece of Christmas décor this season.

Anthropologie Dupe Wreath

Anthropologie Dupe Wreath Supplies

  • Artificial Evergreen Wreath: If you have an old evergreen wreath just sitting in your closet (like I did), use that for the base of the wreath. Remove any embellishments on your old wreath to start your new wreath with a clean slate. If you don’t have any old evergreen wreaths lying around, this one from Michael’s is exactly what you will for the base of the wreath.
  • Spray Paint: This is used to create a faux flocked look on the wreath. We used this chalk spray paint for a thicker, slightly off white, matte look. You can use regular white spray paint as well (I do suggest using a matte finish though as opposed to shiny).
  • Miniature Wooden Houses: The houses used in my wreath came from the Target Dollar Spot. These houses have become very hard to find (because of the popularity of this dupe), so I will link some other house options further down.
  • Bottle Brush Trees: Small to medium sized neutral bottle brush trees are ideal for this wreath. I used ones that we’ve had for years. You can find bottle brush trees at your local craft store, antique store, as well as Target.
  • Floral Wire: I used 24 gauge green floral wire to attach the houses to the wreath.
  • Hot Glue
Anthro Dupe Wreath

How to Make the Anthropologie Dupe Wreath

Spray paint your faux evergreen wreath in a well ventilated area. The amount of spray paint you use will depend on how white or flocked you want your wreath to look. We added about 2 coats of spray paint to achieve the look I wanted. This allowed some of the green of the evergreen to still poke through, giving it a flocked look.

Allow the wreath to fully dry (I let our wreath dry for about 24 hours).

Once the wreath is fully dry, place the houses around the wreath to see exactly where you want them. This will give you a good idea on placement before securing.

Take about a 12″ long piece of floral wire and thread that through the back windows of your houses. Pull the wire tight. Thread the wire through the front of the wreath and to the back (making sure floral wire is between the wire base of the wreath). Take both ends of the wire, and tie the wire tightly at the back of the wreath, so that the house is secure.

You could use hot glue to secure the houses to the wreath. I personally liked how I could manipulate the position of the houses a little easier with the wire.

With the houses in place, use hot glue to glue the bottle brush trees around the wreath.

That’s it! Hang your Anthropologie dupe wreath from a hook or above a mantle and enjoy all Christmas long!

Anthropologie Dupe Wreath

House Options for the Wreath

The little wooden houses on our wreath have been extremely hard to come by. So, if you do not see them at your local Target Dollar Spot, don’t be discouraged! Here are some other little house options that you could easily paint (or not!) and use to create this wreath.

Anthro Dupe Wreath

Can I hang my Anthropologie Dupe Wreath outside?

I do not suggest hanging your wreath outside unless under a covered porch. The houses and bottle brush trees will deteriorate in the elements. Keeping the wreath indoors will keep your wreath looking it’s best and you will have it for years to come.

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Anthro Dupe Wreath

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Anthropologie Dupe Wreath
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