Faux Potted Plants for Winter & Spring 2023


Don’t let your brown thumb stop you from adding greenery to your home. Faux potted plants are a great alternative to the real thing. Here are the best faux potted plants for winter & spring 2023.

Faux Potted Plants

Greenery is a great way to make your home feel calm, peaceful, fresh, and cozy. However, if you have a brown thumb like me, keeping fresh greenery alive in your home can be challenging and downright impossible. In all honesty, I am not a good plant mom, like at all. I feel so horrible when I purchase a beautiful new green plant, only to kill it days or weeks later.

The solution? Faux greenery and faux potted plants!

Faux greenery has come a long way in recent years. It’s widely available from many high to low end retailers, it is more realistic looking than ever before, faux plants are relatively inexpensive (depending on size & retailer), and they last for years.

Faux potted plants are perfect for styling on shelves, bookshelves, or small nooks where real greenery may not be able to thrive. They require no water or sunlight and will stay exactly the same for many years to come!

Don’t let a brown thumb discourage you from adding greenery in your home; faux plants are an easy to care for alternative.

The Best Faux Potted Plants

I’ve searched the internet for the best faux potted plants that are perfect for the winter months but will also transition nicely to spring. Shop faux plants by clicking the photos below or by visiting the Shop Our Home tab.

What to Look for When Buying Faux Potted Plants

  • Quality: Choose faux plants that are hard to differentiate from a live plant. Faux plants made with quality materials will look and even feel like live plants.
  • Realism: Avoid plants that have a plasticky shine to them. The best faux plants are ones that resemble what you would find in nature. Choose plants that have gradient colors and stems of varying lengths & textures.
  • Nothing in Nature is Perfect: So don’t purchase the “perfect” looking plant. Look for plants that are not symmetrical and have varying colors & textures.

How to Make Faux Plants Look More Realistic

If you’re hesitant about adding faux plants to your home because well, they’re fake, there are a couple of things you can do to make a faux plant look more realistic.

Place the faux potted plant into a vessel you love. This allows you to customize the faux plant to your homes décor style.

Add natural elements to the base of the faux plant. Use real soil, moss, rocks, or sand to create realism and organic texture.

While faux plants are easy to care for, they do require a small amount of TLC. Don’t forget to dust the leaves & flowers to keep your faux potted plants looking real & fresh.

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Faux Potted Plants

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