Easy Red, White, & Blue DIY Patriotic Ribbon Garland

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Creating a DIY patriotic ribbon garland is a fun, simple way to celebrate patriotism and add a touch of homemade charm to your home decor.

Red, white, and blue ribbon made into a garland for a patriotic celebration.
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It’s no secret around here that I love simple DIY’s, ribbon, and anything that adds a charming, seasonal touch to my decor.

And so, the fact that I haven’t crafted a DIY ribbon garland before now, is surprising!

It combines everything that brings me joy when crafting; simplicity, versatility, and the ability to bring a little festive flair to just about any space.

This easy to make garland is a great way to add a little touch of red, white, and blue to your home decor as we gear up for summer and patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.

With just red striped ribbon, cream ribbon, blue ribbon, cotton string, and scissors, you can whip up the most adorable garland in literally less than 10 minutes.

Let’s dive into the simple steps to craft your very own DIY patriotic ribbon garland for the summer season!

Red, white, and blue ribbon garland that can be hung for summer and for any patriotic celebrations.

Why you’ll love this project

  • All you need are a few basic supplies and a little time to create a beautiful garland without any complicated steps or techniques.
  • You can complete this DIY in less than 10 minutes allowing you to quickly add a festive touch to your home without spending hours crafting.
  • The garland can be easily customized to fit your style and decor. You can choose different ribbon patterns, textures, widths, and lengths to create a unique look that perfectly complements your home decor.
  • Ribbons, string, and scissors are all the only materials you’ll need for this affordable DIY project.
  • Hang this garland anywhere in your home where you’re looking to add a splash of patriotic color.

Materials You’ll Need for a Patriotic Ribbon Garland

The simplicity of this project means you won’t need many supplies, just ribbons, string, and scissors.

Kitchen twine, red ribbon, blue ribbon, and cream ribbon are the materials you'll need to make a patriotic garland.


Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Ribbon Garland

Follow this simple step by step tutorial and you’ll have a charming DIY decoration in less than 10 minutes!

1. Cut the Ribbon

The first step is cutting the blue, cream, and red striped ribbons into equal lengths.

Patriotic ribbon to make a DIY garland for simple home decor during the summer season.

Each piece should be around 36″ inches long, but feel free to adjust the length based on your preference and the look you want to achieve.

For our garland, I ended up using 5 lengths of the red & blue ribbon, and 4 lengths of the cream colored ribbon.

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2. Cut the String

Measure and cut your cotton string or kitchen twine to the desired length of your garland.

Add a little extra length on both ends for easy hanging.

A good starting point is around 5-6 feet (our garland is 5′ long), but this can be adjusted depending on where you plan to hang your garland.

3. Tie the Ribbons

This is the fun part!

Take one piece of ribbon at a time and tie it onto the string in a simple bow, just like you would a shoelace.

Red striped ribbon tied into a bow on a DIY garland for 4th of July.

Start by folding the ribbon in half to find the center, place it under the string, and then tie a basic bow.

Repeat this process, alternating between the blue, cream, and red striped ribbons about every 4″ or so.

Remember, you’re not aiming for perfection here so don’t worry if the bows are not evenly spaced or tied all the same.

The charm of this garland lies in it’s uniqueness!

Note: For a cozy look, aim for floppy bows on your garland rather than stiff, rigid looking ones. Adjust each bow by gently tugging and fluffing the loops to ensure they drape beautifully along the string.

4. Make Adjustments

Once all your ribbons are tied, take a moment to adjust and fluff each bow.

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Then, take the end of a ribbon and fold it in half lengthwise.

Using your scissors, cut the ribbon at an angle, starting from the bottom and cutting upwards towards the fold. This will create a clean, inverted “V” shape on the end of the ribbon for a polished look.

Repeat this process for the ends of each ribbon tied to your garland.

5. Hang Your Garland & Enjoy

Your patriotic ribbon garland is now ready to be displayed on pegs, across a mantel, draped over a doorway, or wherever you decide to enjoy it!

Red, white, and blue ribbon made into a garland for a patriotic celebration.


  • Before you start, decide where you want to hang your garland. This will help determine the right length and the number of bows you’ll need.
  • Incorporate both narrow and wide ribbons to add depth and interest to your garland.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match ribbons with different textures and patterns. You can also use a mix of solid or striped ribbons for a fun, yet cohesive look.
  • For a fuller look, space the bows closely together (I found around 4″ was a good amount of space for my garland). If you prefer a more minimalist look, you can space them further apart.

Can I use wired ribbon for my DIY garland?

Yes, you can certainly use wired ribbon for this DIY project.

However, it’s important to note that wired ribbon will have a stiffer appearance compared to non-wired ribbon.

The wire in the ribbon will help maintain the shape of the bows, but it will result in a less relaxed and floppy look overall.

If you prefer a cozier aesthetic with soft, draping bows like I do, I suggest non-wired ribbon instead.

A homemade 4th of July garland you can hang for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day & Labor Day.

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Can I use different colors of ribbon for this garland?


While the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme is perfect for patriotic occasions, feel free to get creative with your color choices.

I’ve already been dreaming about how I can make this ribbon garland for other seasons and holidays!

Patriotic kitchen decorations with a DIY garland for the Fourth of July.

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Red, white, and blue ribbon made into a garland for a patriotic celebration.
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